Technocracy: The Ultimate Revolution

Technocracy is a method by scientific experts to control the public via advanced scientific methods in: Biology, physiology, and psychology.  The end goal is to social engineer the public into a ‘stable’ mode of being, using controlled scientific disciplines.  Three basic principles will be applied to reach this stability model, this includes operant conditioning and intense drugging from a young age, the development of a system where everyone is taught to ‘know their place’, and define clear differences, basically the assignment of jobs early on in life by the government, an acceptable mainstream drug would be introduced that would alleviate anxiety at any given time so reality is not too overwhelming, and finally a concrete form of eugenics that would create a legitimate actualized ‘caste system’ where there would be literally different levels of humans co-existing in society; the regular humans, and ‘sub-humans’.  We are seeing an innovative form of eugenics in the form of the popularized movement of Trans Humanism.

Proponents of this philosophy assert the inevitable phenomenon of man merging with machines, during what is referred to as ‘The Singularity’.  There would exist two classes of humans after the alleged ‘singularity’, one super-class of humans who accepted electronic augmentations and a second class of humans who were left behind, because as Ray Kurzweil stated, there will come a time when biological evolution will be too slow compared to the technological self-propelled evolution, post singularity.

These augmentations are not simply chips implanted in the brain to cure Alzheimer’s disease, exoskeletons to cure paralysis, or bionic eyes for the blind, but these electronic extras are already being implemented in subtle ways into our lives via social media, and continuously improved electronic devices—nothing more than sophisticated tracking devices—such as smartphones. These are methods of causing people to become accustomed to living their lives through these social media outlets, and convenient devices, while forgetting their external real lives, consequently detaching themselves from their destiny.  These devices appear to be the precursor for the goals outlined on the Project2045 website.  The first step of the process is to develop an avatar of oneself to complete mundane tasks, and eventually a person’s consciousness could be uploaded into the avatar.

Aldous Huxley, in his book Brave New World wrote of a new scientific dictatorship where the citizens would learn to love their servitude.  He illustrates this concept by explaining the likelihood of a future ‘controlled society’ where children are raised by the state, and conditioned to accept abhorrent circumstances, they will have an unbreakable loyalty to it.

In the past, Huxley recounts, mankind was dominated by religious institutions that claimed to guarantee man’s salvation if only they could be in charge of society, but ultimately man was won over by progress and science, and the old ways of stifling dissent were too inefficient, which paved the way for the creation of a new totalitarian government ruled by scientific experts, who eliminated the possibility of rebellion by eradicating the personality type that would first conceive the notion of going astray from the herd.  This new scientific dictatorship, a new decree of ‘social stability’, which formed as a result of the confusion from a series of fast-paced scientific innovations– what Brzezinski referred to in his book, Between Two Ages as ‘the war of the three Americas’—the rural, the industrial, and the dawning hi-tech scientific elites, or Technocrats.

Modern day aspects of this prophesy are manifesting in the form of giant pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertising, and the creation of new forms of behavioral problems by the psychiatric institutions.  There is an increased justification to medicate all young children with the intent to treat issues such as ‘attention deficit disorder’, which according to a recent psychiatric whistleblower, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, in a death bed confession admitted that ADHD is a ‘fictitious disease’. According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, in America, 20 million children are prescribed drugs for ADHD and other fantasy illnesses of Big Pharma, and 1 million children have been admittedly misdiagnosed with a fake behavioral condition.

There are also new ‘anxiety vaccines’ which are being introduced as a way to live a healthy life, but these are nothing more than modern day lobotomies, literally brain-eating viruses that destroy areas of the brain thought to cause stress and anxiety, which along with fear are key components of survival.

Other aspects reflecting the story outlined by Huxley in his famous dystopian novel Brave New World are the removal of children from the family unit,  what they call ‘blood surrogates’ or their biological parents is a taboo concept. .  In this society the idea of a ‘home’ is strange, and the concept of family is perverse.  Chilling similarities to this dystopia novel are manifesting around the world, like in France where the terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are being banned.  Everyone is a test tube baby, they are conditioned from childhood to unconditionally accept their slavery, they are taught to despise anything that would nurture their creative desires or instincts for self-sufficiency.  The scientific dictatorship, the ultimate revolution ensured that they would love their servitude.


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