Scientific Dictatorship and the New Slavery

We must keep in mind the warnings of President Eisenhower during his final speech to the nation when he warned of the growing influence of the military-industrial complex and the rise of a scientific dictatorship that would destroy America.

We are entering a time when there is a very overt attempt to destroy the Constitutional Republic, first by gradually eroding the civil liberties, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.  An example of eradicating civil liberties through what former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson referred to as ‘administrative legislation’ is the current process of enforcing gun control not by an act of congress, but by eliminating the process of acquiring the firearms through an administrative process such as drying up the supply through bulk purchases of weapons and ammunition.  So far, bills have been rejected by the Senate to restrict clips for certain guns.

There has been cases of confiscation in California, and Louisiana, also Connecticut instituted a gun registry, with citizens mindful of their second amendment rights actively reisisting. There have also been many instances of children being expelled or suspended from school for having colored toy guns, drawing pictures of guns, and playing cops and robbers. There have been cases of people reporting neighbors in possession of firearms—not because they were illegal, but because they ‘felt’ scared.  A recent case in Utah, where open-carry is legal, a man had a gun in public and was arrested, not for anything dangerous, but because the police ‘didn’t know what he was going to do’.

This is an obvious case of projecting what Orwell called: ‘thought crimes’ onto the public.  Senator Dianne Feinstein has openly stated her desire to confiscate all guns.  President Obama has declared that he will exercise his right to executive orders to further his ‘unilateral agenda’ on guns, since he was unable to affect gun control through the legislative process.  Recently a New York Mayor, John C. Tkazyik withdrew his membership from the Mayors Against Illegal Firearms, because he discovered their agenda to confiscate all guns.  He admitted that New York’s strict gun laws did nothing to decrease violence, and in fact left citizens vulnerable to violent attacks.  He stated:

“I don’t believe, never have believed and never will believe that public safety is enhanced by encroaching on our right to bear arms and I will not be a part of any organization that does.”

However, in the meantime, there are plans to reduce access to firearms by making the manufacturing process virtually impossible.  One recent move to decrease ammunition came in the form of a concern for ‘global warming’ when reference was made to the lead content of the bullets.

Fear mongering has become more prevalent in the corporate controlled mainstream media since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  Statistically you are more likely to get struck by lightning than die in a terrorist attack, but nonetheless the media hypes the terror threat to a fever-pitched level.

Legislation for increased security measures like the ‘naked body scanners’ which were rolled out after the 2009 Christmas day underwear bomber fiasco are presented conveniently after a terrorist attempt, it has been proven many times that almost all these alleged terrorists are informants who have intelligence connections, either to the FBI, CIA, or MI6 British intelligence.

In a recent Foreign Affairs article entitled, “The Rand Paul Bubble” by Colin Dueck, Senator Rand Paul was criticized for his ‘isolationist’ attitude, the idea of refraining from foreign entanglements, imperialism and nation-building.  Dueck makes a reference to the speech Senator Paul gave to the Center for the National Interest about diplomacy and making dialogue a primary concern for Syria, Iran, and North Korea, ‘’dialogue is always preferable to war,’’ he stated.

Dueck points out how he should be referred to as a ‘Jeffersonian’ or someone who wants to avoid military interventions; Dueck then continues to say that although ‘Jeffersonians’ are quite popular right now in the Republican party, that doesn’t matter because they usually have a tendency to ‘Jacksonianism’ which he describes as: a nationalist who takes pride in the US military, values sovereignty, honor, well-being, and security in a dangerous world—these types, he claims tend to have an inherent mistrust for ‘elite-sponsored legal, multi-lateral, and idealistic plans for global improvements’, but once their country is attacked they are ‘relentless’ and ‘unyielding’.

Senator Paul wants to cut military spending, strategic disentanglements, foreign aid, and scaling back the national security state—including the targeting of and surveillance of suspected terrorists—this last point is obviously intended as a blow below the belt to imply Senator Paul is soft on terrorism, or that he is indifferent to the threat.

What Dueck fails to point out is the loosely defined term of ‘terrorist’ and how concepts like: ‘the enemy combatant’ can be easily manipulated to include American citizens.  The term seems to be used to demonize political enemies.

According to the 2009 Department of Homeland Security report:  ‘Right-Wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalizing and Recruitment’, the new terrorists are gun owners, veterans, anti-war protestors, immigration protestors and those suspicious of the federal government; this report repeatedly combines what it refers to as ‘right-wing extremists’ with white supremacist groups.

It constantly refers to an ‘anti-government’ attitude, disgruntled people obsessed with the new African American President, and those angered over the increasing immigrant population—libertarian constitutionalists are also categorized with all of the above.  Anyone who makes reference to a ‘new world order’ or a ‘north American union’ are also suspects of terrorism.

According to the leaked 2009 MIAC Strategic Report on the Modern Militia Movement, those who are critical of the federal government, the corporate Federal Reserve, libertarians, constitutionalists, Christians, those who support third party candidates, and citizens concerned with sovereignty or ‘common law’ are considered terrorists.

The Foreign Affairs article continued to criticize the patriotic nationalism espoused by conservatives and the Senator’s lack of ‘internationalist’ ideals.  He is further marginalized for his ‘anti-establishment’ attitude, and he is reduced to nothing more than an idealistic dreamer with no chance of being elected.

Political think tanks like The Club of Rome promote concepts like: ‘global governance paradigms’, ‘changing outmoded practices like capitalism and democracy.’

On the Atlantic Council website, there is an article by Harlan Ullman, stresses the point of the elite losing their control, and he emphasizes the main goal to eliminate threats to the power structure:  ‘eliminating the empowered individual’.

The article goes on to lump whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning with terrorists, and he goes on to suggest the further overt implementation of the Hegelian dialectic, the problem, reaction, solution model of creating a crisis and offering a solution to the public in the midst of wide spread panic.  Ullman states:

“Without an extraordinary crisis, little is likely to be done to reverse or limit the damage imposed by failed or failing governance.”

Ullman continues by insisting civil liberties and sovereignty are the menace:

“In essence, the 365 year-old Westphalian system that placed sovereign states as the centerpieces of international politics is being tested and in some cases made obsolete by the empowerment of individuals and non-state actors.”

It is obvious that various liberties are being stripped away with the justification of security.  The fourth amendment is being decimated with:  DUI checkpoints, seatbelt checkpoints, random blood-draw/mouth-swab checkpoints, eating-while-driving checkpoints, and also the increasing use of warrantless wiretapping on a massive scale.

The NSA monitors 200 million text messages a day, storing all phone calls, monitoring all internet searches and emails, and installing chips in all new electronic devices to enable them to transmit a signal allowing constant access to that device regardless if it is turned on or not.  These are just a few of the gross abuses of the fourth amendment that have been leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The second amendment is under attack with ‘common sense’ gun measures put into place to make everyone ‘safe’ and soon the right to bear arms will be destroyed completely with tight regulations on clips and ‘gun-free zones’ put into place on school and military grounds.

The absurdity of restricting citizens’ rights to bear arms is worse when one considers the links that President Obama has with many terrorist organizations:  The Weather Underground, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-Qaeda (Al-CIA-da).  In 2013 Obama waived section 40 and 40a of the Arms Export Control Act to supply ‘Al-Qaeda freedom fighters’ in Syria with weapons. The government has demonized the purchase of firearms, while simultaneously the DHS purchased 1.6 billion of rounds of hollow point rounds for ‘practice’ (despite the fact experts have pointed out the absurdity of using hollow point bullets for practice), and there was also a purchase of paper targets depicting civilians:  pregnant women, children, elderly, and more.

Mass surveillance on the population is justified by the supposed ‘war on terror’ launched in the wake of the attacks of 9/11.  No instance can be presented demonstrating how this intrusive omnipresent surveillance system has prevented terror attacks, but it remains in place, and in fact, continues to grow.  There is much evidence that actually points out that there was a plethora of evidence warning of inevitable attacks on buildings with commercial aircraft used as weapons prior to 9/11 from various intelligence agencies, plus multiple foreign intelligence agencies.  There were specific warnings about the Al-Qaeda (Al-CIA-ada) terrorist organization, and Osama Bin Laden before the attacks going all the way back to the Clinton administration.  Warnings to the Bush administration about radical islamists fell on deaf ears.

The increased surveillance system and police state has become more pervasive in everyone’s lives.  President Obama said in a PBS interview that US persons don’t have their telephone calls listened to and their emails read.  James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, perjured himself when he denied to Representative Ron Wydnen of Oregon who asked directly if there was NSA spying on Americans.  It has been revealed that not only is there massive spying to an obscene level, but the data from search engines and financial transactions is being stored to sell to corporations to better forecast economic climates, create consumer profiles, and strategize the most effective methods to advertise to customer’s individually based on past purchases, and interests.  After it was revealed that there was an on-going system of illegal data collection and spying, President Obama came out with a cool attitude claiming it wasn’t a big deal, Paul Revere, he claimed, did the same thing, and these NSA agents, he reminded us, are our friends and neighbors.

This is a blatant violation of the fourth amendment, the right be secure in one’s person, house, papers, and effects.  The above mentioned actions are a complete disregard for the tradition of the presumption of innocence.  Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden are being condemned and linked with terrorism for revealing the government’s illegal actions.  President Obama stated recently that Snowden’s revelations about the NSA spying on the American people will have severe consequences that will not fully understand for years to come.

With the rise of the surveillance state, the public is being conditioned to accept omnipresent voyeuristic behavior, a panopticon, much like the world of Orwell’s 1984 where everyone must be perpetually cognizant of Big Brother’s gaze.  Gradually, over time, and through subtle means the once high valued individual liberties will be compromised and expectations of privacy will diminish.   The methods employed to gain unquestioned power are classic psychological techniques used to control the public through means of operant conditioning; for example the collection of meta data, in the ever emerging science of ‘neuroeconomics’ is claimed to not violate the public’s fourth amendment rights while information called ‘meta-data’ is retrieved through financial transactions and internet searches, tracking every customer’s behavior, which determines the most effective ways to promote various products to them, like Amazon’s new ‘preemptive packaging program’ that claims to predict what customers will order before they know it themselves.

The tech giants at the heads of the major corporations are developing devices sold to ‘make life easier’ or more ‘convenient’—to empower the population in ways never before seen.  With new devices like Google Glass, a product that allows one to access the internet via hi-tech glasses, also now available in contact lenses.

Electronic enhancements have already been immersed into our culture, and will continue to become more commonplace.  The advancement in these electronic prosthetics will undoubtedly increase the value of life for many people, and it will be easy to justify diminishing privacy rights with claims that the ‘antiquated constitution’ wasn’t written with such advanced technology in mind so a rationale will inevitably be created to modify the laws already in place.

RFID chips are slowly making their way into our lives, soon they will no longer have the negative stigma attached to them.  They are installed in various products for demographic tracking purposes, they are in almost all credit cards, they are being introduced in some areas of employment by both government and private corporate agencies as a way to track workers.

New Samsung Galaxy phones with biometric analysis iris scanning software, or Iphones with thumb print scanning, social media venues such as Facebook provide the most accurate biometric data bases in the world with all the necessary information to identify anyone at any time.

All these so-called elements of technological progress are being sold as means for empowerment, but given the nature of such pervasive tools we must be wary of the potential loss of privacy, and the possibility of a new type of slavery.  It is important to note the psychological technique of ‘operant conditioning’ at this point, because it fits the scenario described accurately.  With operant conditioning, the subject in question can be trained in a sense to react to certain stimuli, and eventually over time a desired behavior will take over through means of positive and negative reinforcement.  Think of a reward system for good behavior that you want to encourage. To train an animal, the negative behavior is not acknowledged, but something good like a correct response to a certain command is rewarded with a treat.  The famous example is Doctor B.F. Skinner, who trained dogs to salivate when they heard the sound of a bell.  They associated the ringing from the bell with the acquisition of food.  After a time, the food was removed and the stimulus of the bell caused the anticipatory salivation.  One can increase their average of positive outcomes based on reinforcing selective behavior.   It is a very gradual process, and difficult to detect on a large scale unless you know what to look for.

The Transportation Security Agency is a perfect example of how the public has had its behavior modified over time.  Naked body scanners, pods that lock a person inside until they are ‘cleared’, checkpoints with random blood draws and saliva swabs, the New York stop and frisk policy, and now the suggestion of cavity searches did not appear overnight.

All of these examples of guilty until proven innocent would not have been accepted right away after September 11th 2001.  Compare the security that was introduced after the terrorist attacks, and fast forward to the attitudes and concerns about the violations of the fourth amendment with our current state of affairs—the complete invasive procedures designed to condition the public into accepting their predisposition to guilt.

With the elimination of the sovereign nation state, the dissolution of the individual—the biggest minority—into the collective ‘for the greater good’, and the prevalence of ‘global governance paradigms’, this is the beginning of the new slavery.


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