Uncanny Exploits of the Oligarchy

The political spectrum in the United States has effectively become the Twighlight Zone. An outright attack on concepts with legitimate value has been made, reinforcing a strong sense of apathy amongst the public, and a general fatalism.
This did not happen overnight, and cannot readily be seen, however it can be analyzed in the empirical fashion much like a disease can’t be seen but can be shown to exist based on the apparent symptoms, there has been a clever and contrived effort to master all linguistic mechanisms through various means such as through ‘political correctness’, and a plain and simple degradation of terms to express concrete ideologies such as specific political party affiliations—

the terms in current use are meaningless(terms everyone are familiar with like, ‘Republican’ and ‘Democrat’, but these ideas fall apart when scrutinized intensely, because the words have been raised up above inflated concepts and have become vehicles to produce specific emotional responses Well-reasoned arguments have become reduced to sanitized ‘talking points’ and emotionally-charged ‘hot topics’ based on buzz-word stimuli: ‘freedom’, ‘values’, ‘social justice’, ‘equality’, and many more which resonate deeply within the public, clouding the underlining issue, while obscuring one’s judgment, but contributing relatively nothing in the grand scheme of things), hence a board interpretation may be applied to appeal to a larger group of people, who wouldn’t normally subscribe to a certain party’s ideas, but become victims to the theme of accomplishing something ‘for the greater good’ even if that ‘good’ is not defined in the context of their personal struggles, their demographic, the members of the party in question, or even their fellow countrymen, but some elite group with the sole intent of domination.

The technocrats have engineered, through the financial systems, economic prisons to increase control of the people, who they see as nothing more than mere ‘carbon units’, they are not free individuals, who have god-given inalienable rights, encouraged to participate in a free market economy.

The United States is one of the best example of a Laissez faire system. The discussion on economic matters has turned into ‘capitalism’ verses ‘socialism’. The argument easily gets compromised based on the public’s ignorance of the concepts themselves. Wall Street corruption often gets used as an example of why capitalism doesn’t work.

Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism are used to demonize capitalism, and examples are used by the corporate-controlled media, intent on destroying systems, which produce wealth through a competitive paradigm, of why free markets simply don’t work, and why a collectivist system would benefit humanity more. This neglects, the historical fact that collectivist systems have been used by elites in the past to exercise control over the people, and the fact that the neo-liberal policies endorsed by many US administrations are antithetical to a free market system.

Michael Moore, the filmmaker, who has stock in pharmaceutical, oil, and defense contracting companies, has a film: “Capitalism, a Love Affair.” He takes great pains to express the many ills of capitalism, and then offers socialism as a viable alternative. Nowhere in the film does he point out that the same corporate fat cats who he demonizes are in bed with the supposed “liberal”, “progressive” and “socialist” individuals who hold various offices.

Moore is creating a distraction when there is a real and present danger lurking in the darkness. Obviously there is rampant corruption in the corporate sector whether it be pharmaceutical, industry, or financial. There is a blatant false debate presented to the public–one either supports the ‘free market’ or one supports social welfare. The American system has become a criminal Fascist state. Fascism is the government working with corporations. The concept of Fascism, or what Mussolini called: ‘Corporatism’ is neglected. The American Capitalist system is supposed to eliminate the class system, which existed under other economic systems. Ideally with a free market this would be the case, but corrupt business interests have maintained monopolies through administrative legislation,

for example making the production of Hemp illegal to ensure cotton investments would remain intact. Hemp is a plant that has been uses, it would be able to compete in any industry, and yet an unfounded prejudice rules the mentality of the population. The standard business practice in this country has been for government and corporate interests to profit from a black market of vice, killing healthy competition that would lower prices across the board.

The Monsanto Protection Act, the 2008 banker bailout which led to bank and insurance company nationalism, are all clear signs of Fascism. This law eliminates prosecution against the Monsanto Corporation and protects their interests by letting them claim seeds as intellectual property, and avoid any criminal prosecution against them.

Foreign oligarchs have manipulated interest rates in the market, in turn affecting how banks proceed with operations, overall this impacts the whole world. The Libor banking scandal is an example of technocrat controlled economy where they have hedged their bets in an international casino. Libor London inter-banking lending rate affecting trillions in loans and contracts was misrepresented by 16 banks including JP Morgan, Barclays, Deusche Bank, HSBC, Chase, Citigroup, and more were found guilty of manipulating interest rates to increase profits and ease markets.

Capital controls have become a common practice in this country’s financial system. This includes closely scrutinized account activity, fees on withdrawals, restrictions on withdrawals, and restrictions on international wire transfers. In Colorado and Washington Marijuana dispensaries suffered from the inability to conduct business with banks, because of a general prejudice toward the newly legalized drug, even though banks like HSBC and Wells Fargo have been caught laundering drug money for Mexican cartels.

There is also a cognitive dissonance in matters concerning the power structure. It is apparent that each president carries out the same agenda of war and exploitation of third world countries by creating a strategy of tension with the civilian populations, and by placing puppet dictators who are willingly to comply with the hegemonic needs of the Oligarchy.

There is a link between Secret Societies and many influential people in government and corporations. There is an ever present aristocracy in Washington making the decisions with an apathetic public none the wiser. Government politics has become nothing more than theater to the masses. A fantasy world has been created for the people, one made with ‘talking points’ and scandals conveniently cropping up to serve as distractions.

There are organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, whose stated purpose is to end American sovereignty, and who can be attributed to influencing key policy decisions in Washington. Their goals and membership is published, but the interior workings of the group are kept secret. Many presidential appointments are Wall Street executives, CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderburg members. Dick Cheney the former vice president under George W. Bush joked about purposely not mentioning his CFR membership because of negative association with it.

The Trilateral Commission, similar to the Council on Foreign Relations, is the lesser known equally powerful organization which has many of the same people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Its mission statement is to maintain cooperative relations with the United States, Europe, and Asia.

A well-known group, but often neglected organization by the corporate mainstream media in the United States is the Bilderburg Group. They have been meeting since 1954. It started as a way for heads of state and representatives of finance, industry, labor, education, and the media to meet together to discuss world events; there are also many CFR and Trilateral members who attend. Membership and meetings are secret, they typically meet in a five star hotel with a perimeter of armed guards around the property. There is often a mainstream media blackout when the Bilderburg club meets. Alternative media coverage is also stifled quite aggressively with reporters being harassed.

Government officials, corporate heads, and royalty all attend the meetings violating The Logan Act, a US federal law which prohibits officials from discussing changes in foreign policy without authorization from the executive branch of the US government; It was formed in 1799 to prevent others for speaking for the government and possibly exacerbating a situation where tensions between countries were high.

Discussion of these topics is deliberately stifled through various means. The only exception and saving grace is the internet, which provides millions of people with an alternative to the mainstream state propaganda.

There is a false progressive movement in this country, and the corporate mainstream media has the means to increase its influence upon the majority, to give a specific scripted message, but it is far from presenting an unbiased, and objective message; they continue to be good at controlling what the people think about, rather than giving them balanced ideas to debate about.

These above-the-law technocrats have hijacked liberalism as a mechanism for control through various proposals, for example Maurice Strong, former United Nations’ Under Secretary General, one of the pioneers of the environmental movement proposed the collapse of industrial society to save the planet;

Any type of counter-argument can be proactively suppressed by prohibiting the means for said discussion to arise in the first place by eliminating the initial articulation of the problem. For example everyone is focused on the next presidential scandal, and not the treasonous TPP, secret trade agreement which could potentially end the internet as we know it, and destroy sovereignty, while protecting corporate interests.

The illusory differences in the dominant political parties has been significantly reduced to the visual model of ‘red states’ verses ‘blue states’. This is supposed to signify whether a state is more ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ but it is just another example of the individual being crushed under the deadly weight of the collective. Political debate becomes impossible because the terms have been swallowed in an endless semantic distraction designed to ensnare critical thought.

The false political paradigm of ‘left’ and ‘right’ almost ensures the elite’s success; this allows them to control the political debates using politicians and pundits to distract the average citizen, to keep them from realizing the potential of a covert takeover. There is an unfolding drama that has been propped up before them, a ridiculous piece of constant political theatre to maintain their focus on a narrow scope of issues, i.e., ‘the government shutdown’, ‘the national debt’, and ‘healthcare.gov’ and the embarrassingly horrible ‘affordable health care act’ meanwhile diverting them from the slow demise of their rights. These issues are important, but the manner they were presented was vague and biased, also the context has been stripped away to undermine the constitution.

There is a lot of money in politics, and the business of distributing information, hence the average person is kept in ignorance on the vast amounts of money behind these powerhouses of propaganda, and the exact nature of the Fascism at work. It is very difficult to comprehend the vast amount of money obtained by these trans-nationalist, neo colonialist, and hegemonic technocrats, who have conditioned the public to embrace their slavery through the subtle implementation of a scientific dictatorship.

Banking and Government interests’ are making the founding fathers of this country rollover in their graves. The public’s attention is misplaced in the political sphere. All of the corporate media attention is focused on what the president’s actions (insert current scandal or dilemma)are and not on actual issues. The Executive Branch of the government is important, but what about the Legislative, and the Judicial? There is a balance of power, and the President’s role is to enforce the laws passed by Congress, and the Judicial ensures laws are constitutional. It is clear that the majority of politician’s decisions are based on the influence from lobbyists. Real change in Washington will come when financial influence is reduced significantly.


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