Delicious Delirium

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

There is the feeling that we have to be silent or we’ll be put on some kind of list.  Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that the government has flexed its tyrannical muscles to an obscene extent.  The intent is to flood the public’s collective consciousness with a wave of depravity which will ultimately demoralize and, drown them in the ice-cold dark waters of apathy.

The status of the private citizen has to be examined honestly, the ‘private citizen’ is a dying breed as everyone is tracked numerically, and every action is catalogued into a massive database.  These hideous government love goggles have to be removed, and a brutal reality check is urgent.  Warnings of the country falling into the fatal throes of ‘collectivism’ with the advent of ‘obamacare’, have to be considered with the hard fact that the US is already, and has for a long time been a socialist nation.  The people have long since succumbed to what the religious folk have warned of for centuries, becoming enslaved to ‘the beast’.

The on-going illusory reality matrix propped up in media, what the public has already been conditioned to accept is the technocratic agenda unfolding unmolested, the theatrics of continual progress.  Presented, are historical narratives that pose as examples of the blatant disparity between our current ‘enlightened’ time and the old ‘slave-ridden’ dark age times of the past.  Many of these accounts have been manipulated, and sanitized for public consumption, the public standards have been degraded long ago, and what would be considered ‘normal’ has been contrived to an extent, the brute reality of past circumstances would shock and dismay the vast majority of individuals to the point of utter disbelief, and radical denial of facts presented, even with a plethora of documented evidence from multiple sources.

The ‘official’ corporate controlled media story is rarely questioned, and anything that contradicts their presentation of ‘facts’ is immediately discarded, the defense mechanism of laughter is applied, and the inconvenient idea injected into the ignorant perspective, accustomed to corporate-controlled propaganda is forgotten, down the memory hole.

The intelligent skeptic, who through their own determination, did research, and examined studies, but all this is mocked with guarded nervous laughter–‘oh, I have to hear this!  studies?  you have studies?’ and the person–thought criminal, who dared to come to their own conclusion about a matter is considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the vapid, sardonic, mindless loon who will believe anything a government official tells them.

The police forces across the country are becoming more militarized, and intelligence-based entities, which operate much like the US agencies, CIA, or FBI with increased informants, incessant tracking of citizens, and the postulating of where potential threats exist based on their own arbitrary concepts, the urgent need to fill quotas, and manufactured political dissident propaganda, or outdated laws of what is considered criminal activity.

According to Lt. Col. Prouty’s book, The Secret Team, the CIA operates independent of the US government, acting in accordance with its own policies, the utmost in secrecy and black budgets justified by ‘national security’.  Col. Prouty, a retired air force CIA contractor with a host of classified information outlines the details of the shadow government, which operates through various other government organizations to achieve its goals, which seemed based on established an unquestioned international hegemony, rather than intent to protect the citizens of the United States from foreign threats. Col. Prouty provides a detailed account of CIA, and NSA surveillance, which ultimately became expanded to not only monitor foreign governments, but US citizens as well.  Col. Prouty explains that the operations of the CIA started as ways to infiltrate and control communist groups to gather intelligence, and dismember their capabilities, inhibiting their abilities.  This initial mission statement became grossly perverted over time as the group extracted more power by playing the system that began to grow indifferent to its operations out of fear and ignorance of the wider agenda.

One of the most venomous aspects of such an organization is that it is so large and complex that for all parties involved, information is presented to individuals on a need-to-know basis, the right hand literally does not know what the left hand is doing, a consequence of the plausible deniability and ultra secret conditions of the agency itself.  A military operation could be launched, with multiple undercover CIA agents in one unit and none of them would know that it was  a covert operation, or who the other agents were taking part in the operation.

The increasing deployment of intelligence-led policing, which thrives on a corrupt agenda of rooting out criminals(i.e. creating criminals), rather than serving the public, e.g., the recent announcement that police departments will not be monitoring social media venues like Facebook to stifle free speech by detecting political protests, coupled with the rapid advancement of autonomous policing apparatuses like drones, the grand surveillance grid being expanded to the roads to track the traveling of ‘private’ citizens, or robot police units–all this combined with the emerging prospect of an internet system exclusively for the police, called ‘Firstnet’, which will be used to justify nefarious agendas ‘for the greater good’.

The cost of remaining silent in the midst of such blatant oppression could cost more in the long run than the initial attempt to alert others,  taking local political action, which could cost freedom in the short term through injury via police brutality, or unjust imprisonment for some political deviation.  The corporate-controlled mainstream media is a feverish monster plagued with an obvious case of necrosis.  The people of the world are no longer satisfied with pre-packaged stories with nauseating trite scripts narrated by the same moron fawning bloated hypocrites mistakenly referred to as ‘journalists’.

There is a definite moral imperative to warn others of the impending doom threatening to transform this republic and other sovereign nations into the scientific dictatorship that the technocratic elite desire.

There were the heros in the past that spoke out against tyranny: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and John Lennon.  Congressional hearings even concluded that the deaths of JFK and MLK Jr. were the result of conspiracies, and as more information comes out, it is clear that criminal elements of the government, the rogue elements mentioned above, may have been involved.

Even today there are many persecuted heroes like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and the late Aaron Schwartz and Michael Hastings.  There is a huge effort to suppress these voices, and extreme measures are sometimes taken, like in the case of Michael Hastings, whose tragic death was an attempt to preemptively block the leak of something big.

It will do no good to remain in the dark, under the radar with our heads down–a nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.  We have to remember, we the people surround them, and we can change the trajectory of this maniac ride, we just have to make a choice.

“Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

William Casey, CIA Director, 1981-1987


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