Covert-Control Complex

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
Malcolm X

The technocratic mind manipulators have engineered a constant system of control and exploitation.  The American education system ensures that young minds are impressed with the illusory concept of perpetual progress.

Through the illusory enterprise of ‘progress’ millions have been slaughtered, and usually after a psy-op, or false-flag operation was orchestrated to manipulate the public using terrorism to justify the sacrifice of liberties, and to go abroad, launching illegal wars for a country’s natural resources; these assertions are backed-up by the CIA’s declassified ‘Operation Mockingbird’, a plan to infiltrate the news media as a means to influence public opinion, and the 1960’s declassified ‘Northwoods Documents’, which proposed using terrorism to affect public opinion, and to create political bogeymen to justify a radically different foreign or domestic policy.

COINTELPRO, an FBI program, started in 1956, designed to surveil and infiltrate, and discredit political activist groups, like the communist party,  The Black Panthers, African Nationalists, or others deemed a threat to national security.  The FBI used psychological warfare, false reports to media, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, and extralegal violence and assassinations.

In March 17, 1978, Zbigniew Brezinski, technocrat and former National Security Advisor under President Carter created the National Security Council Memorandum-46, subject: Black Africa and the US.  The aim of the study was to determine possible effects of African leaders on black leftist groups in the states.  The content can be summarized as:  how to approach the issue if there exists possible tensions between Africa and the US, there could be a potential loss of access to precious natural resources from the African continent, this could ultimately lead to hostilities, and cause the black leftist groups to gain strength– US interests were worth billions.

In order to stabilize potential tensions, and neutralize Black Nationalist movements, without appearing negatively certain ‘counter measures’ would be put into effect.  A possible out-of-control situation where protests, demonstrations, and boycotts on corporations and banks with suggestions of ‘black lobby’ in congress, the possible remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, exhorting extremist ideals like an ”African Republic”, these things could affect US foreign policy toward the continent.

The recommendations of this report include: taking control of the African movement inside the United States, instigate CIA clandestine activities to create division in the various black leftist groups, increased FBI surveillance operations against black African nationalists who may have opposing views to US interests in Africa.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, a technocratic operation to control populations whose official goal was to promote ‘racial cleansing’ and eliminate the black population, they were, according to her a scourge that needed to be eliminated.  Margaret Sanger was a guest speaker at several klu klux klan meetings, and stated many times the desire to control the liberal movement, put a charismatic black leader in charge to encourage the ultimate destruction of the black race.  Margaret Sanger wrote a letter in December 19, 1939 to Dr. Clarence Gamble of Proctor and Gamble, in regards to their ‘Negro Project’:

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

“[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] human weeds … a dead-weight of human waste … [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to the race.”

“Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must prevent Multiplication of this bad stock.”

— Margaret Sanger, April 1933 Birth Control Review.

The US was one of the pioneers of the technocratic pseudo science of eugenics.  The pseudo science of eugenics originated in the 1880’s, developed by Sir Francis Galton; the idea was to control the progress of humanity through selective breeding, pairing partners based on aesthetics, intelligence, race, and social status; consequently those deemed as ‘undesirables’ were eliminated.

The United States pursued its eugenics policy very aggressively by 1928 with the promotion of ‘racial cleanliness’, the suggestion of ‘extermination’, the practice of forced sterilization, enforced legislation of anti-miscegenation, immigration laws preventing the mix of Anglo-Saxons with the ‘lesser’ eastern Europeans and other ‘inferior’ races, and euthanasia for ‘feeble minded’ or ‘immoral’ people.  Prominent eugenicists’ end goals were massive euthanasia programs, but they were apprehensive to implement public gas chambers because of lack of confidence in public approval; In Lincoln, Illinois a particular mental institution would infect milk with tuberculosis, as a euthanasia method, citing the theoretical precept that ‘superior’ stock would be able to resist the sickness; this practice caused an annual death rate of 30-40%.

32 states pursued sterilization policies, the first of which was Michigan in 1897. California had the highest sterilizations, 20,000 from 1909 to the 1960’s; and North Carolina had the most aggressive attitude concerning who was ‘unfit’ to bear children.  In 1942, the Supreme Court ruled that white-collar criminals would not be exempt from sterilizations.  Between 1907 thru 1963 over 64,000 people were forcibly sterilized, 61 percent of those were women.

Feminist organizations like the Woman’s Temperance Union, National League of Women Voters, and Planned Parenthood, also various corporate interests like the Carnegie Institute, Rockefeller

Foundation, and Harriman railroad fortune were at the forefront of the campaign to encourage public opinion in favor of ‘racial hygiene’ and social engineering via selective breeding.

The United States’ eugenics policy was Hitler’s inspiration for the German Nazi pursuit of ‘racial hygiene’ or ‘Nordic superiority’ in the 1930’s to 1940’s. The Rockefeller Foundation, for one was a huge contributor of the Nazi Germany eugenics program. C.M. Goethe, California eugenicist leader mentioned to a colleague, in regards to Germany’s ravenous appetite for eugenics:

“You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought . . . I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people.”

The state of California was recently caught forcibly sterilizing women prison inmates.    Doctors under lucrative state contracts sterilized 150 female prisons from 2006 to 2010, possibly one hundred more dating back to 1990.  One prison administrator questioned about the state contract rationalized by saying the worth of the state contract to doctors was nothing compared to potential state welfare costs that would be accrued when these women had more children.

 One gruesome fact that was not mentioned in social studies, health or science class was that AIDS was a military manufactured bio-weapon.  It is truly unbelievable that a government would intentionally kill its own people, and target groups in other countries for their valuable natural resources, however this seems to be a constant theme throughout humanity’s existence on this planet.  As hard as it is to believe, all the evidence supports the assertion that the US government was complicit in the deaths of millions of people for profit.

General Smedley Butler, a decorated war hero famously said that ‘war is a racket’ because all wars throughout history can be found to have vast profit motives.  Take a brief example of WWII, the Bush family with Chase bank funded the Nazis before, during, and after the war, in this case supporting both sides was extremely lucrative when generating profits from military contracts, the Ford Company supplying trucks, or US corporate interests reaping benefits from funding the IG Farben chemical company that produced the gas chambers in Germany.

Dr. Boyd E. Graves, civil rights leader and an HIV/AIDS activist dedicated to exposing the true cause of the deadly virus has commenting in reference to the evidence he pieced together elucidating the chain of evidence associated with the bio weapon:

“The 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear, the design, intent and purpose of the U.S. Special Virus program. As Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says, ‘The HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident.’ The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States’ intent to kill its own citizens and others… We are greater than any federal virus program. We are the human race!”

The ‘flow chart’ referenced above is the evidence presented by Dr. Graves in 1999 in Granonoque, Canada; it is outline for the research conducted in the ‘ultra secret federal program entitled ‘the special virus’.

In July 1969, Dr. Macarthur, Director of the Army Advanced Research Project Agency appeared before the Appropriations Committee of the House, he is quoted as saying:

“There are two things about the biological agent field I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. Molecular biology is a field that is advancing very rapidly and eminent biologists believe that within a period of 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. All biological agents up the present time are representatives of naturally occurring disease, and are thus known by scientists throughout the world. They are easily available to qualified scientists for research, either for offensive or defensive purposes. Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon when we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease. A research program to explore the feasibility of this could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million.”

The technocrats, through their infiltration of various ‘liberal’ groups are conducting an inconspicuous black genocide operation.

“The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb.”  — Pastor Clendard Childress, of, a man who has made it a personal crusade to create awareness of the disturbing disparity between white and black abortion rates.

There seems to be a link between the founder of Planned Parenthood’s stated goal of ‘eliminating the negro race’ and the rapid rate of black abortions, compared to other races.  Since 1973 31% of all US abortions have been conducted on blacks; there were 55.7 million abortions since 1973, and 17 million were black, and according to the US Census Bureau, the black population has grown at a slower pace than other races.  From 1973 to 2012 abortions reduced the black population by 30%.

In 2010 the total US population was 308,745,538 blacks made up 12.6% of the US population, while whites make up 72.4% of the population;   There were 765,651 abortions, the abortion rate was 14.6 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, and the abortion ratio was 288 per 1,000 live births in the United States, according to CDC statistics.  Black abortions accounted for 35.7% of all abortions, with the highest abortion rates of all races of 31.8 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, and the abortion ratio increased 3% from 486 abortions per 1,000 live births in 2007 to 503 in 2010.

It is disturbing to realize the fact that powerful government agencies have undermined true progress in this country and around the world by co-opting civil rights movements, sabotaging mankind’s trajectory toward liberty, the prospect for dealing with legitimate social innovations, and overcoming the real challenges that affect us all as living beings on this planet.

Knowledge is power, and we can reject their system of technocracy, their decadent, and seductive false-reality matrix–we have the power to opt out.  We can continue to question authority, do our own research, and warn others.  Everyone has power, and despite the pessimistic messages expressed by the corporate-controlled media, there are good people out there and we can all do our part.

Learn from yesterday, live for  today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop  questioning.



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