Operation Staged Terror: Sandy Hook

“Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.”
Sigmund Freud


A perilous situation presents itself, and the disturbing implications need to be examined carefully. The public’s tunnel-vision awareness is in desperate need of rapid expansion—few are exempt from this supposition, and pointing it out does not imply exclusion from the dilemma.

An almost frantic degree of skepticism needs to be applied to everything—for too long an indiscriminate acceptance of pure insanity, packaged as ‘official’ leading to the default mind-set that it must be credible, has been practiced.

The ‘correct’ train of thought can be socially engineered through sanitized ‘talking points’ endlessly pimped out to the public via shameless, career-driven manufactured talking head personalities, that have over time gradually reinforced a strong sense of trust in all the toxic garbage they spew relentlessly.

In order to understand a massacre such as sandy hook, a false flag operation orchestrated by rogue elements of the government, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the corporate-controlled mainstream media and the public.

There exists a need to protect an official narrative that does not disrupt the fragile platform that the press is strategically positioned on.

The public’s hungry minds sit open and waiting to download the correct version of events presented to them through the various news media programs. The people are helplessly compelled to accept unconditionally the fabricated reality, their peace of mind and survival in social atmospheres depends on it.

There has been instilled in them a deep-seated fear of reprisal for cynicism or skepticism of anything that comes from the ‘trustworthy’ sources like CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News; a chilling fear paralyzes them lest they go astray from the flock—it is so dominate in their minds that the thought will almost certainly never arise in most minds to even initiate the first step of questioning what is offered to them from the all powerful corporate-controlled ‘news’, which is nothing more than an on-going exercise in theatrics.

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, dissenting voices like Professor James F. Tracy, a communications professor were demonized by corporate-controlled mainstream media. After the tragic events he made an effort voice his concerns through his blog:

http://memoryholeblog.com/ that outlined inconsistencies in the official narrative.

Professor Tracy’s sanity was called into question because he compiled a healthy list of bizarre anomalies associated with the event. No one can say for certain what happened on that day, but it is clear that the version presented to the public is an obvious lie. There are many theories on what really happened, and the implications that begin to manifest are alarming.

Staged terror attacks are not outside the realm of possibility, and should be considered if the investigation is truly objective. If it were as simple as creating a sensational account, as far as the bread and butter conspiracy theorist crowd were concerned, they definitely could muster up more creativity for an alternate story—the inside scoop—what really happened, and maybe some fringe elements of the web have constructed bizarre accounts that will ultimately fade away for lack of facts and merit.

Legitimate attempts at true investigative journalism have been harshly criticized for merely proposing alternate theories that are really not so far-fetched.

National safety expert Wolfgang Halbig, who is investigating sandy hook, has compiled a list of anomalies, he is directing 16 questions to the Connecticut officials in charge through his website:


in regards to the response to the shooting at Sandy Hook.  Mr. Halbig has been intimidated by police, threatening him with criminal charges, they’ve denied his FOIA requests, and he’s been blatantly stonewalled at every turn of his investigation. He was told flat out that the whole incident was ‘classified’ for national security.

The naivety and ignorance of the public is, quite frankly grotesque. The ostensible foundation of the establishment media will begin to crumble very quickly when the furtive agenda they fought tooth and nail to conceal is brought to light. It should not be too presumptuous to initiate a serious inquiry when there are so many tell-tale signs of a cover up.

The people have been bullied into believing a lie, and one of the reasons for the success is the utilization of guilt to halt any serious debate about the issue.


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