Is Technocracy Inevitable?

“After all, most civilized and semi-civilized countries known to history and had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners. There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible. And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority. When the government controls the distribution of food, its power is absolute so long as they can count on the police and the armed forces. And their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class. I do not see how any internal movement of revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern scientific dictatorship…”

– Bertrand Russell, The Impact Of Science On Society



One tell-tale sign of technocracy is the rapid replacement of human workers with autonomous systems. The motive for profit invades the sphere of one’s dignity, and it eliminates the prerequisites for the initial variables to be considered to a rational degree in regards to the question of the “human condition.”

The malevolent specter of technocracy has already invaded the spectrum of a reality concerned with concepts such as rights and values. The post industrial neo feudal system has established itself by virtue of mass operant conditioning. Through the process of operant conditioning drastic changes can be accepted that would have been rejected vehemently under more sudden circumstances.

The blatant elevation of corporate ideals through “free trade” agreements, e.g., NAFTA, SPP, and TPP at the expense of liberties and sovereignty, the deindustrialization of the country, the outsourcing of manufacturing, and the integration of robotics into the workforce are all agendas that genuinely expose the possible prospect of job growth for the sick joke that it is.

The beauty of the technocrats’ dream is that such malicious policies can be introduced with virtually no public scrutiny, but many of these things advance at a snail’s pace–a deliberate process of slow integration, and are almost always forgotten due to the public’s short attention span, and endless fascination with celebrity antics.

And since there is a general tendency for most people to lack the ability to conceive of such a massive conspiracy against a system of self-rule that exists in the US republic—this serious lack of discernment often happens simply from basic ignorance, but mainly because there exists a complex illusory medium of distractions, an intricate composite of falsehoods accepted as gospel truth, and illogical connections made in causal phenomena, it is the opium of the masses, the false reality matrix.

Just because there is a rapid acceleration of technological advances doesn’t mean a select group of elites have to occupy unquestioned positions of power over humanity. Technological improvements can, in fact be used to augment civil liberties by increasing independence from government regulation and corrupt corporate entities.

The technocracy is not inevitable, but considering the current trajectory, it is very likely unless people begin to realize the enormity of the situation and major steps are taken to mitigate the horrendous disaster–the unimaginable Hell of a scientific dictatorship.


You Were Born Guilty

There is an agenda to maintain an energy monopoly over the people by the big corporate interests. The perception of solar energy has morphed from a favorable one to a negative one for those who pursue their independence from the power companies.

The price for power gets inflated to compensate for the one’s who detach themselves from the grid, and those who are able to become self sustaining are labeled “moochers” by the power companies.

This seems to be a huge pattern by elites who cannot have logical debates about issues of consequence. The corporate elite hate those who will not succumb to their authority.

The US government has become a Fascist system, so the opposition to corporate interests leads the government to suspect that the individual, who is able to opt out of a hostile setting like being subjected to the power grid, of being a deviant or dissident with no evidence of anything–guilty until proven slave.

This whole situation runs much deeper, this is an elaborate mind control game, a psychological operation. It is very simple, as a citizen of the US Nazi States of Fascist America you were born guilty.

Why are those who oppose the status quo demonized so severely?

The rugged individual, the heart of Americanism is being destroyed. That concept of the private citizen has actually been reduced to a faint ghost of a whisper which is rarely heard and the elites can always conjure up a quick celebrity distraction when there is a trend toward that annoying tendency of rights or liberty.

Why are facts ignored, or those who present them categorized as “conspiracy theorists”?

Facts and knowledge empower people, and the term conspiracy theorist is an easy way to control the minds of people, it wins the argument for them by default–no one wants to be labeled anything but sane and normal. It is essential for survival for everyone to be able to function properly in society and this includes not having their peers question their sanity or credibility;

it is an ingenious way to always come out on top of every single debate, especially even before they arise. The elite, therefore have supremacy on being right in every matter all because they literally control the direction of discussions in this fashion.

Sanity is an important value for people, even though the word cannot be properly defined–consider how Nietzsche referred to this issue:

“Insanity in individuals is something rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule”

so this leads to a great degree of manipulation that can never be questioned lest one be lumped in with the lunatics, nut jobs, and crazies.

Why are producers labeled as “domestic terrorists”?

They are the last vestiges of freedom and independence that exists in this country. Generally it was assumed the government could do many things to someone physically to enforce their corrupt policies, but they could never get into people’s minds–through the emerging technocracy, this has changed in more ways than one!

Through a sophisticated method of linguistic control the government can actually get inside the heads of its citizenry. It labels a certain group “terrorists” and this stimuli triggers an automatic unconscious reaction to the masses that has been implemented long ago.

The concept of terrorism has been changed to such an extent that the word really has no meaning anymore. It is the epitome of cognitive dissonance in the fact that one group, namely al CIA aeda have become collaborators with the US government in a unjustified fight against a western influence secular society: Syria, and these new allies are really the old enemies who were once the previous friends. It is an actual scenario out of the famous dystopian novel by George Orwell, 1984; the government maintains a constant state of war, switching allies and enemies to control the people.




Rise of the Nazi Empire

The United States has become the twisted evil spawn of the Nazi Reich.

The word “Nazi” is thrown around quite profusely.  It has become the default word for political enemies.  Many comparisons are made to the National Socialist party, and since it is such an emotionally charged term, it has a great power to disable a political opponents.

Both sides of the political spectrum attempt to utilize the words, but the attacks become distractions, clouding the real issue, disguising the true culprits. Nazism is currently being used to demonize Libertarians, and conservatives.

The 2009 MIAC Report out of Missouri identified Neo Nazi and white supremacist groups together with Constitutionalists and Libertarians–the report neglects the fact that Hitler’s objective was to initiate a “New World Order”, a scientific dictatorship long envisioned by the elites to control the planet–the report completely ignores the obvious contradiction of a group obsessed with a “New World Order” and another group completely opposed to that ideal, these two groups being lumped together is ridiculous to say the least.

Beside the fact that most political terms have lost their efficacy, i.e., ‘right’ and ‘left’ are only relative to certain times and places; the meanings of these words have been watered down, morphed to further multiple agendas. Nazis often get labeled: ‘far right’ or ‘right-wing’ but the term actually means: National Socialist, a leftist ideology.

Few people know of the failed military coup on the United States government to install a Nazi government in the 1940’s. The plot was foiled by the General Smedley Butler, who was recruited by the secret group of elites who wished to finance the coup.

Nazism was actually quite popular in the United States, there was a Nazi party within the states with a fairly large following, and the American eugenics system was an absolute inspiration for Hitler’s ‘final solution’, the extermination of millions of people in concentration camps.

Recent Matter Matters articles have accused conservative pundits of overuse of the term, however it has been pointed out in past posts that these sensational pundits do not go far enough for whatever reason to point out exactly why the current regime, and many former American regimes have exhibited disturbing Nazi characteristics.

It is rarely brought to the public’s attention that corporate interests financed Hitler before and during the second world war, the Bush family, for one being one of the largest financiers, alone with Chase bank.

The top Nazis knew their days were numbered even before the war had ended, and they took steps to financially secure their position through investments in various corporations.

The top Nazi officials had no illusions about the state of affairs–Hitler had literally gone off his rocker, he’d become drunk with power, addicted to speed, completely lost touch with reality.

Proactive steps were taken maintain inconspicuous power through an intricate system of seemingly innocuous businesses, a complex labyrinth of financial records with false leads, endless red herrings, and dead ends were constructed to guarantee the endurance of the Reich.

The CIA’s ‘Project Paperclip’ brought the top Nazi scientists to the United States to help develop weapons for the military. The Pope, who sympathized with Hitler, and the Nazi cause aided other top Nazi scientists, who were spirited away through under ground Vatican channels called ‘rat lines’, taking them ultimately to South America with new identities.

Many top Nazis took over major American corporations like Monsanto, the chemical company famous for its generous dispersement of agent orange onto the Vietnamese people.

The plague of Nazism was never really defeated in the manner expressed in the history books.  The evil sickness that provoked the likes of Hitler, Mussonlini,  and Stalin still lives on today.

People lack the ability to properly observe the host that the demonic parasite of tyranny occupies because it is very cleverly disguised with hi-tech propaganda with absolutely no historical precedent to make a comparison with.  Combine the invasive tech of today with the genocidal fanaticism of the Nazis and it produces a devastating blow to the face of liberty.

Aldous Huxley was already prepared to admit that most of his dystopian predictions had come true a decade or two after the novel Brave New World came out, but he would most certainly be shocked at the current state of affairs.

The people look off into the distant murky environments of the future trying to predict when the tyranny will start, naively waiting for some type of major event that will cause riots and complete anarchy.  Those people completely missed the point, the true beauty of a scientific dictatorship.  Through the Technocracy the tyranny creeps up so slow that it is barely noticed when it arrives, and is never thought of again once it has successfully attached itself to the host.  It is the strange human ability to become used to the most abominable circumstances–the ability to love one’s servitude.

The Real News Media


It recently came out through documents released in the Clinton Library that the Clinton administration was threatened by the internet and its ability to disperse information to the masses  not filtered by a corporate state intermediary with an agenda to maintain public ignorance.

The “alternative” media, which is now fast becoming the actual “mainstream” media as the old state-run operations like MSNBC, CNN, and FOX begin to become brittle and eventually slough off into the abyss.

The internet has sparked a new era of enlightenment, and like the technocrat Brzezinski said himself, never before has man had such a keen awareness of his political environment.

Needless to say this threatens the technocrat’s whole concept of de-industrializing the western world to make way for a totalitarian neo feudal control spy grid where after a major depopulation effort is activated, the rest of humanity(approximately 500,000,000, according to the Georgia Guide stone) would be maneuvered into mega (gun-free zone) cities, a loving global community of poverty and death!

Learn more about the eradication of sovereignty for the benefit of corporate interests:

The following list was compiled as a dedication to all the news hounds out there in the marvelous land of the internet who become nauseated when they turn on the television only to be subject to a swarm of propaganda.

This is for those who crave real news coverage.  If you already visit most of these sites  then don’t forget to share them with your friends and family.



Shades of Corruption

The United States’ Constitutional Republic has fallen since many years ago, the government is ran by foreign oligarchs who wish to install a scientific dictatorship.

If any more attention is granted to the NWO front man–the revolving door in American politics, known as the executive branch of government, then people are really demonstrating they don’t really understand what is actually going on here. The people have been hoodwinked.

Obama is a puppet of the transnational corporations, to focus all this attention on him is really meaningless when there are other threats as well.

There needs to be more light shed on the corruption behind the scenes, and the distraction the president poses which ceases true reform.

At this point it is inconsequential if he really is an American citizen or not, it really doesn’t matter what religious persuasion he is, and his personal ideologies being communist in nature–all these things are blatant distractions from the technocratic oligarchs–the men behind the curtain so to speak that really run things.

All the complaints about Obama have been counter productive, it is like whining about a cough to get rid of cold instead of getting plenty of vitamin C and good rest. Knowledge is the vitamin C in this case, and staying informed about true political workings is the only way true liberal values can be sustained.

let’s say for a moment that people actually start ignoring the corporate candidates–the Republicans and Democrats–during the next election and a true libertarian gets elected.

Even if this happens the public doesn’t live happily ever after. Corruption is an inherently systemic issue, it is the sweat of the body politic.

The true foreshadowing of this rampant corruption in Washington today, the tell-tale indicator that the public, who was on the verge of a revolution, the fact that they did not prosecute Bush–he was not impeached, and the next president did not take action to file criminal charges for war crimes.

If the public settles for another Republican, like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, then this is a sign that things will not change. News flash: just because ”your guy” gets in doesn’t fix the system which is utterly saturated with the worst insidious malevolence.

Rand Paul’s law suit against the NSA is a good cause because it draws attention to the issue, but the public cannot be certain about his true motives unless he goes on record to convince the public he will pursue prosecute the treason criminals who have sold the American people down the river.

The only way things will head in the right direction is if a third party candidate is elected, they must be held to a rigid condition of scrutiny to ensure they don’t lead the public down the same road.

People have to remember that the liberals who supported Obama were considered conspiracy theorists for pointing out all of Bush’s criminality, and even though the truth came out about his illegal wars and secret prisons, the “liberals” ended up gaining the majority with the promise of correcting everything.  Unfortunately they became the evil that they initially protested against.

And even if the supposed tea party and libertarians who are labeled conspiracy theorists currently gain power, despite all their rhetoric about restoring liberties there is really no assurance that they will not become the same authoritarian scum bags that the Democrats became in the post Bush era.

The only real assurance can come from the people themselves, a well-informed public willing to hold the politicians accountable for their actions.  The solution to America’s problems will not come out of the Oval Office, and the people will have to divert their attention elsewhere.  If the citizens of the US mature and truly understand the political arena then that will be half the battle.  It will no longer work for anyone to simply place all the blame on the “elected” officials.

The people have to make real use of their system by starting petitions, boycotts, and writing to the local newspaper about real issues that affect everyone.

When the people are aware, and then make a conscious decision to reject the post-industrial neo-feudal technocracy then society will be on the right track toward recapturing freedom.

Guilty Until Proven Slave

The constitutional antiquated idea of freedom. This archaic idea must be abolished in order for the technocrats to succeed. The biggest minority in the world, the individual, is being attacked on all fronts by the minions of a ravenous technocratic agenda.

The goal is to divide everyone into categories: “urban black”, “rural redneck”,”metrosexual”, “gay”, “tranny.”
People are people.
The division is an illusion, a symptomatic phenomenon of the false reality matrix projected by the technocrats. These classifications distract the people from the fact that they all have rights regardless of their physical characteristics or inherent sexual orientation.

Those who wake up and discover a burning desire to fight for these rights will be characterized as dangerous. Senator Harry Reid called the protestors at the Bundy Ranch “domestic terrorists” because they were redressing a grievance against a tyrannical government agency–a corrupt federal agency that has already been determined by a federal judge to be engaged in a “criminal conspiracy” against ranchers.

Videos are available from people on the scene of various acts of violence instigated by the BLM, tasering protestors in the designated ”free speech zone”, physically assaulting a pregnant and an older woman, and let’s not forget the loving gesture of snipers with guns trained on everyone. The REAL domestic terrorists are the government thugs who attack innocents. The Bundy Ranch was destroyed by thugs in a week’s time with infrastructure destroyed, and a mass grave of cattle(who were trespassing on public land, mind you) recently uncovered.

The stage has already been set for a false flag event where a “patriot” would be the scapegoat. It will probably be a casualty of the contemporary MK-Ultra program. The public has been primed to accept a “domestic terrorist” to appear in this fashion as the Southern Poverty Law Center has been promoting their divisive campaign of never-ending race obsession.

Basically, it comes down to the media brainwashing the masses to become receptive to complete submission. The old concept of “rights” has to be shed in order for this New World Order, or Neo Feudal Society can be realized. The public, in the United States, for example is convinced that since they live in America the “old, bad evil men” of the past have all been defeated and there is no more tyranny.
In order for the public to move in to this glorious utopia they just have to give up their freedoms for liberty. They have to walk around, constantly suspected of a crime–guilty until proven slave.

Effects of Technocracy

The emerging technocracy accomplishes multiple things simultaneously: asserts control over populations, generates alternate economies, and creates a new secular humanist religion; all these aspects are fused together to project a false reality matrix onto the people, whose nihilistic addiction to ignorance propels these agendas forward.

The ability of elites to assert control over populations through various advancements in medical technology leaves people with the impression that they are overcoming the human condition.

These medical innovations are sold as potential treatments for serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, or even blindness. Brain chips are marketed as the solution to memory loss, and the ability to upload information instantly. The new Google contact lens with a camera inside, promises to aid the blind.

Rogue government agengies are actively generating alternate economies with illegal spying, this aids in the opportunity to expand insider trading and increase cases of blackmail. Companies can no longer assure customers that their private information is safe–everything is compromised.

The Atlantic Council’s cyber security initiative–the most ”foward-leaning” initiative–has promised to prevent terrorist attacks, but these experts did not factor the government’s Heartbleed Bug into their equation.

The elites have planned extensively to create a new secular humanist religion. New liberal movements intend to replace god and spirituality, to free humans of their previous “moral restraints”, but only serve to offer a subtle in appearance and severe brand of slavery.

The groupthink mentality, which is one of the tenets of secular humanism, the utilitarian concept of the “greatest good for the greatest number”. This sacrifice to the collective will cause the individual to surrender themselves at the point of a gun to the soothing promise of guaranteed liberty. This seemingly gentle temptation to accept a group freedom morphs into a gruesome lie once it is far too late.

The groupthink theory is that through assimilation to one of the protected classes of: race, gender, sexual orientation, or other various minorities, that this process will allow a condition of ultra freedom, or super individuality that could not have been afforded in a setting of constitutional sovereignty.

The ‘‘free love’’ movement that arose caused some to indulge themselves in hedonistic pursuits, but really did nothing but give strength to the label of hedonist therefore sacrificing the free will and individuality, effectively objectifying the ones who were fighting for ‘’liberal values” that promised to liberate everyone through the renunciation of a strict moral code, neglecting that the initial act of abandonment of the “oppressive” rules only caused an even more rigid set of standards as one would be required to act as a hedonistic acts—never allowed to stray from the static concept of “hedonist” lest they be called a prude.