Neo Con Rampage

John Kerry implied that the United States has regressed into a new era of isolationism.

This is a blatant manifestation of the double speak used by the ”elected” leaders of the country.

Double Speak, as referenced in Orwell’s 1984 is the language of propaganda utilized by the totalitarian regime, it influences the public to be subject to mass cognitive dissonance,

e.g., hearing one official statement from the state, and seeing the exact opposite, but being conditioned to accept the new reality being presented for consumption at risk of injury or death.

Modern examples of the infectious epidemic of double speak in our modern times are the president’s , along with senator Feinstein’s comments on the debt ceiling:

“raising the debt limit does not raise the debt.” And “you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan.” And “there is no IRS scandal.” Don’t forget the little gem from Feinstein “NSA spying isn’t spying.”

And so on. All an attempt to influence the thoughts of the public. They can’t necessarily tell the people what to think, but they sure can guide one’s thoughts in a specific direction.

Bizarre contradictions of reality. The American public unquestionably gorges it down(why would a man in a suit lie to us?) like the newest, and greasiest discount buffet. The public becomes demoralized as it is continually subject to this abusive gas lighting.

One thing you can rely on in this completely insane world is that the state will continue, without fail, to vomit hideous rancid sewage-fumed lies at every possible opportunity.

The sanity of the world leaders must be questioned by an informed public–the leaders must be held accountable for their ultra violent crimes–the gang from A Clockwork Orange would blush at the utter depravity of it all.

”Wars” are just the rich man’s terrorism, justified by some false flag attack to pull on the people’s heart strings.

An article, entitled ”America’s Secret Weapon” from The National Interest, a technocratic propaganda media device, by Robert Spalding III, a military fellow at the Council on Foreign Relation’s website examines the supposed benefits of engaging Russia in an armed conflict.

Spalding utilizes completely non sequitur examples to aid his assertions, relying on the public’s ignorance, about the ability to ”deter” further aggressions by the US army against corrupt dictators, in this case he desperately urges the reader to accept his vision of Putin as a raving lunatic bent on world domination.

The example he uses is of the first Iraq war which according to him was an example of how the US deterred Saddam from conquering the middle east, he relates the event here:

“On August 2, 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait. Almost immediately the threat to Saudi Arabia was recognized in the United States. On August 7, the first contingent of F-15s were deployed to Saudi Arabia. These aircraft provided a stopgap to prevent Iraqi aircraft from supporting a ground invasion of Saudi Arabia. It also bought time to work diplomatic initiatives, and sought to quell the Saudi’s fear of an impending invasion.”

If anyone took time and referenced the actual historical realities of this event such as Saddam being a CIA asset installed as dictator in Iraq, Saddam conferring with Bush about the invasion of Kuwait before hand, Bush giving him the go ahead, because after all, according to Bush, “this isn’t a concern of the United States.”

Saddam’s intent was to nationalize his oil to pay off his massive debts, but that is where most dictator’s go wrong, they wake the sleeping beast by attempting to construct goals to eliminate national debts owed to multinational corporations who are above the law, and who depend on suppressing third world populations through blatant theft of natural resources for profit.

Spalding’s second example of the US deterring a bully from further military action was the beef between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Kennedy administration. He references Kennedy asking congress for more troops(imagine following the constitution, and asking congress anything in this day and age), long story short according to the official narrative Kennedy supposedly deterred further Soviet aggression with the use of troops.

What is neglected is the other part of the story that has now been revealed by parties who were privy to the back-door communications between Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, who were secretly organizing an end to the cold war, both leaders had war-mongering lunatics in their midst so it was appropriate for them both to go through the motions, so to speak, and go along with certain things to appease certain folks itching for war.

Kennedy wanted peace, there were indications not only from this account, which was made known through a series of secret letters that were transferred through a mutual contact of Kennedy’s and Khrushchev’s, but also through his intent on opening up a dialogue with Fidel Castro, and his inevitable plans to end the war in Vietnam.

The war drums are beating again, and it seems hard to judge Putin’s true intent(the west’s media manipulation is obvious fabricated garbage), and honestly no one can know, but what is clear is that ”elected” officials in charge like Kerry and Obama are pretty intent on getting involved in some sort of armed conflict.

The people will ultimately decide, as they did last year during the ravenous blood thirsty calls for war in Syria, as an overwhelming majority of people contacted representatives, and online military protests via social media went viral with messages of a general refusal to support Al Qaeda against a government who refused to play ball with the Corporate-Fascist Technocratic Anglo-American New World Order.

Call it like it is–there is no left/right paradigm–it is liberty verses tyranny.

We the people surround them.



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