Sandy Hook: Bizarre Psychological Operation

The tragic event at Sandy Hook in Connecticut was a staged false flag event perpetrated by rogue elements of the government to capitalize on the fear of the public to radically alter existing laws.

When examined by independent experts like the Communications Professer James F. Tracy, and the Nationally recognized school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig, it proves to be a series of strange coincidences, odd sightings and reports that have been blatantly neglected by the propped up ”official” narrative.

It is admittedly hard to focus one’s attention on the grotesque picture formed by the pieces of information presented by parties who are not paid puppet government mouthpieces with an elusive agenda to promote public ignorance.

Media elements outside the corrupt corporate-controlled state sponsored apparatus have pieced together a twisted account, which causes the ”official” story to come into question.

Objective analysis by independent investigators, seeking truth and justice, provide the framework for a conspiracy by rogue government elements to influence public opinion drastically concerning the use of firearms. Despite the overwhelming FBI statistics demonstrating the rarity of fatalities associated with automatic weapons, there was a strong push by elites, like senator Feinstein to create ”common sense” gun control measures.

Drills are usually indicative of a false flag event and in the case of Sandy Hook, a ”school shooting drill” was scheduled around the same time as the actual event.

Declassified government programs such as Europe’s Operation Gladio and The United States’ Operation Northwoods are both prime examples of the cold, calculated plans by governments to exercise control of the public through the use of false flag staged terror events, such as school shootings.

False flag events, a known tactic of governments, have been orchestrated throughout history to “engineer consent” on any given matter.

In Operation Northwoods, a government plan to launch terrorist events like public shootings to generate panic, influencing public opinion on certain matters, causing them to react more favorably to a previously unpopular policy, to create a radical shift in law.

Operation Northwoods never officially went into practice, unlike its European counterpart Operation Gladio, but that isn’t to say that rogue elements didn’t carry out a similar operation. Please note, after all that Operation Northwoods did include detailed plans to crash commercial airlines into building to blame political enemies to justify wars; events like these have created one the hugest desecrations of civil liberties in American history.

It is hard for people who conduct research into these matters, like the tragedy at Sandy Hook to come to the same conclusions offered by news agencies that are all run by the five big corporations controlled by a few media oligarchs with a specific agenda, to minimize civil liberties by destroying the individual’s right to protect themselves.

The control system is strengthened for the ”security state” a clever euphemism for ”police state” justified by the trade of personal liberties for more freedom, achieved of course by a spy grid installed into the very fabric of society.

The revelation of planned false flag events to take advantage of an emotionally vulnerable public by criminal elements of the government, black operatives with the means and opportunity to brutalize populations to achieve a desired outcome is a classic example of problem reaction solution, the Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

The fragile structure of the ”official” story is cracking, and it is only a matter of time before it bursts causing a massive flood of information, sparking a mass public awareness that could devastate the technocratic plan for control.



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