Sandy Hook: Obstruction of Justice

Sandy Hook, a false flag terror campaign modeled after Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods, was an attempt to generate fear, a psychological operation to take advantage of the emotionally charged public, caught in a vulnerable state, it greased the wheels to introduce strict gun control measures.

FBI statistic from 2012 indicate homicides from rifles were significantly lower than deaths from other guns, even knives. In some cases one is more likely to die from a fist fight than an assault rifle.

Independent investigations of this tragedy have been intentionally blocked, a blatant case of obstruction of justice on the part of the illegitimate criminal government, whose long history of using crisis to ‘’engineer consent’’ for wars abroad, manipulating facts, while playing on the emotions of the public.

Wolfgang Halbig, a nationally recognized school safety expert who conducts routine investigations on school shootings in an effort to implement solutions to prevent future acts of violence, has declared his skepticism of the ‘’official’’ story based a blunt effort to undercut his inquiries– Sandy Hook has been declared ‘’classified’’ by the state of Connecticut; according to Halbig nothing adds up, e.g., the fact that all 20 deaths were declared in the first ten minutes of the incident—no one but the medical examiner can make such a claim, and a 100% kill rate is uncanny, according to his experience in these matters.

The refusal of authorities to release the security footage that would implicate the suspect in the shootings has raised many concerns.

Senator Feinstein attempted to capitalize on the situation with the hasty re-introduction of the 90’s assault weapons ban, even though there was confusion over the exact weapon used in the attacks, assault weapons account for fewer deaths in United States, and there was speculation that the bill was re-drafted prior to the massacre. Feinstein’s gun-grab bill was a demonization campaign for assault rifles, which actually just broadened the definition of assault rifle to include most guns.

The average person, subject to the technocratic corporate-controlled propaganda machine believes there is a violent raging epidemic of violence all across the country.

According to an article in Bloomberg from 2009 to 2010, only 19 out of 1,396 or 1.4% of youth homicides were murdered in school environments.

This information coupled with the low number of deaths associated with assault rifles helps put the situation into perspective, and aids in the realization that there is a clear agenda to blow everything out of proportion in an effort to disarm the population; in the meantime any serious attempt to investigate the tragic events gets deliberately halted to reinforce the illusion that deranged loners with guns are constantly on a bloody rampage.


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