The False Reality Matrix

All the elements of the world have to be carefully examined. The economic, political, ecclesiastical, educational, and social atmosphere–all must be subject to the most acute scrutiny, in an effort to determine the magnitude of the dilemma of the human liberties that have effectively been compromised by the emerging technocracy.

The technocracy, is of course the consolidated power of a select few; it is the blatant disregard for the individual, the complete robbery of wealth and liberty, sacrificed to the ‘collective’, which has become a cipher for the actual agenda of controlling every aspect of life in the name of ‘group rights’.

At some time, along the way, the United States constitution was deemed inefficient for guaranteeing freedom for everyone, but what actually was being initiated was a conspiracy for control. Individual rights would not afford the elites the absolute power required to maintain their monopoly.

In recent years the extent of control manifests itself in the militarization of the police, the rapid transformation of monetary concerns toward a digital medium, and of course the minimization of the public’s voice in contrast to the increasing ubiquitous message of the state conveyed through the corporate-controlled media to ensure official versions of stories are presented to a people, who increasingly find it difficult to not only articulate their true desires, but more often than not lack the ability to think for themselves, to question authority–the authority, who by the way has a very bad track record of providing deceitful information.

The various attributes of our existence, these institutions have eroded, and they’ve been inconspicuously replaced, through the generations, with a seductive amoral composite, through its insidious nature, corrupts the spirit.

It has become possible to desecrate human values through a mass distraction of attention orchestrated in order to make the seemingly innocuous transition seem perfectly natural.

The public has become accustomed to the tyrannical oppression, like Aldous Huxley stated, the technocratic elites, in their pursuit of a scientific dictatorship, will be able to create conditions so horrendous, and yet rather than provoking an outright rebellion, the subjects will begin to love their servitude.

Ask yourself if this state of affairs has already been achieved, through operant conditioning, a gradual process where one’s behavior can be drastically changed over time through positive and negative reinforcement, personally reflect whether this hasn’t already happened–the false reality imprinted on the collective consciousness–the deliberate attempt to stifle reference to spirituality and the denial of the inevitable acquisition of the akashic records, that the people have been made to worship their slavery.

The false reality matrix has been carefully crafted over time, and the beauty of the condition’s installation is not in its abrupt change, because such an abrupt change would be impossible, but in the fact that people can become accustomed to any manner of existence–abominable circumstances, through a gradual process.

The end results are quite fascinating when viewed from an external perspective. The subject would rarely notice the drastic changes that befell them over time. Even the analysis of the phenomenon becomes suspect when it is specifically an auto-examination, a brutally honest reflection of the individual self, as opposed to the observation of the conditioning of others to accept certain radical changes.

It is easier to point to an example of the practice being exercised elsewhere than to oneself, perhaps no one would like to admit they could be manipulated so easily, and that could be the biggest reason it is so simple for the current group of technocratic elites to literally strip away all the civil liberties, to impose a brutal police state, and in such a way that it appears the people are receiving more rights; the public, groveling with tear-streaked cheeks thanks them profusely, begging for the glorious elites to further punish, and take even more rights away!


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