Drug Pushers Blame Guns for Fort Hood Shooting

In the wake of the Fort Hood shooting there is renewed focus on gun confiscation, but this time the clever euphemisms and distractions come out of the woodwork from a completely different angle.

The gun control debate can be maneuvered in the direction the technocratic elites desire because they control the argument with specific language. After Sandy Hook, the focus was geared toward a ‘’common sense’’ gun control language and a ‘’national conversation’’ have morphed to ‘’let’s find the true threat’’, and ‘’what can be done to prevent this?” But the prevention they are talking about is not actual prevention—it’s control. What is really being expressed is a desire to more effectively control the population.

Military veterans have already been demonized by the Department of Homeland Security as ‘’terrorist suspects’’; these people along with libertarians, constitutionalists, Christians, and anyone who displays the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag—anyone who is skeptical of government or the private Federal Reserve corporation.

Most likely attempts will be made to characterize the shooter, Ivan Lopez as associated with some libertarian constitutional group(ignoring of course that soldiers swear an oath to protect the constitution).

Army Secretary John McHugh said:

“We’re not making any assumptions by that. We’re going to keep an open mind and an open investigation . . . possible extremist involvement is still being looked at very, very carefully.”

No one in their right mind would argue against an actual preventative measure, but the ‘’prevention’’ argument they are referring to for such an event, with emphasis on mental health– the direction of the conversation does not lead in the natural direction one would think it should go.

The shooter was on psychotropic drugs to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Psychotropic drugs often cause hallucinations and homicidal tendencies.

The pharmaceutical industry, a symptom of the scientific dictatorship is fueled by technocrats with an agenda to literally mash the collective minds to a gray slop. This is apparent through the dramatic rise in prescription drug use, the DSM’s definition of mental illness has gradually broadened every time it is published.

Chemicals with actual health benefits like the active ingredient in marijuana, THC and the magic behind ‘’magic mushrooms’’, Psilocybin are relentlessly demonized because these natural chemicals would more effectively treat conditions with virtually no harmful side effects, and they would be able to literally give the pharmaceutical companies a run for their money.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms has been found, according to multiple studies to help treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies conducted on rats demonstrate that when the subject is conditioned to fear a certain stimulus, after periodic doses of psilocybin their fear in relation to the same stimuli was alleviated.

The assault on civil liberties comes on many fronts with events like this because of a general lack of perspective, and a perpetually fear-ridden public who are consequently susceptible to deception from the corporate-controlled media apparatus.

The free market economy’s lack of a strong presence encourages corruption, in this case the predatory corporatist agenda to maximize profits by increasing the number of druggie citizens, a dual-pronged attack to maintain political control over a dumbed-down citizenry and to ensure a guaranteed pay-day for corporate pharmaceutical interests.

These corporate drug pushers, unfortunately are not held accountable for their promotion of ultra violence inducing meds, or as Alex Jones from Infowars.com would call them, ‘’suicide mass murder pills’’.

When the conversation begins to shift to actual preventative measures such as encouraging an informed public, who is ready to make better decisions in regards to more productive mental health options, vast improvements in safety can be achieved.

Once the pharmaceutical monopoly is abolished, through the decimation of the malicious direct-to-consumer marketing adds with their insidious brainwashing tactics, the people will be less inclined to believe that deadly prescription drugs are a necessary rite of passage, or a beneficial addition, a responsible preemptive action for a healthy lifestyle—once this propaganda is destroyed, and it is acknowledge to be superfluous and detrimental true progress can be made toward the pursuit of real prevention.


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