Sandy Hook: Echoes of a Heinous Historical Precedent

The illusory school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was shocking, to say the least, and it deserves an intricate examination–a special level of scrutiny not received by the corporate-controlled media. There are many interesting elements to this surreptitious piece of theatrics.

Wolfgang Halbig, a national safety expert who is currently investigating Sandy Hook, a man whose opinion is considered fact in congressional testimonies, because of his background and expertise, stated that in his professional opinion the so-called ”massacre” at Sandy Hook was a hoax, a staged event orchestrated by professionals probably taking two years to prepare.  There are several key points he makes, like the fact that the trauma helicopters were not called to the scene, and he also noted it was strange that the paramedics parked a quarter mile from the scene.

With all the main oddities aside, that many independent researchers attempt to expose,  like the crisis actor’s dubious performances, the strange aerial footage, conflicting police reports, and other matters worth noting more specifically another time, one factor that must to be acknowledged first is the outrageous culpability of a government that not only has an overwhelmingly strong motive for producing such a ghastly production, but the historical precedent for this gruesome behavior has already been perpetrated multiple times before.

When the Hegelian dialectic is applied to the malevolent actions of a small group of black operatives shielded by the ominous glow, and obstinate airs of the government protected by the fail safe term, which aids an untold amount of deviant behavior, under the banner of ‘’national security’’;

The intellectually curious are left with the looming question of how, in an open and moral society, could an atrocity like the tragic events at Sandy Hook take place?

Even if the ‘’official’’ account of the tragedy is given the most minute level of credence it can still be considered as possessing the same characteristics of a false flag event if one considers the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry’s deliberate creation of a drug culture—synthetic chemicals, which are, when measuring health alone, is thousands of times worse than the illegal equivalents.

Adam Lanza, the state manufactured patsy, was heavily medicated on psychotropic drugs which have side effects that include hallucination and homicidal tendencies.

So, one might ask why the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry relentlessly creating a malicious drug culture is considered a false flag event?

Because the state, including the medical establishment is letting this become a public hazard. The side effects of these prescription drugs being shamelessly pimped out to the public either create  worse conditions than the original ailment being treated, or they cause a dramatic shift in cognitive function, and chemistry contributing to horror-show ultra violence.

All the public shootings that can be referenced in the last fifteen years can be linked to psychotropic drugs. The scapegoat, historically has been music and video games, but the drugs have been purposefully neglected.

The pharmaceutical industry is essentially unleashing a series of blood thirsty demons onto the public with absolutely no consequences. This can be considered a false flag because there is a clear and present danger, and they are letting it affect millions of lives negatively.

The clandestine rogue agencies have set historical precedents for violence against the people in the past as a brutal means to justify the end of the seemingly pleasant pipedream: “ultimate security”(a condition that can never be realize, yet is repeatedly promised by the state), but the public has become so accustomed to authority worship, and they have been intensely conditioned to serve the state unquestionably that the government love goggles have been fused to the skin(it is a sick genetic conditioned developed over time through the hideous predatory social engineering mastered by the technocratic elite) that this natural and constant fact is almost never fully recognized for what it is when it happens.

There is a detrimental inability to observe this cause and effect throughout history, let alone determine when something like a psychological operation, gas lighting, or false flag attack is transpiring in the present.

The illusion of progress has been cultivated to such an obscene extent that the very collective psyche depends on the foundation of these lies retaining their integrity.  How is it that social stability is contingent on continued enabling of mass delusion?

Actually, this ‘’foundation’’ is just a bulbous throbbing tumor that has grown on the grey matter of the collective human consciousness, it is in fact a parasite that convinced the host that its very co-existence was healthy–that it was ”liberal”–the host was tricked into the continual and unconditional support of the inconspicuous vampire that has miraculously achieved the feat of merging its malignant self with the unsuspecting victim, (by degrees, it proves to be more difficult to tell the two apart)who is not only hopelessly naïve, and grotesquely ignorant, but who is locked in a dense, blissful trance that offers a sweet and increasingly addictive euphoria that strengthens with the decimation of the spirit.

The few who question the ”official” account are immediately ridiculed, labeled ”conspiracy theorists” by the corporate-controlled media.

The issue here is why, despite an overwhelming violent historical precedent put into place, e.g., Operation Gladio, is the public so willing to turn a blind eye to a nefarious agenda to rob the nation of civil liberties with the obvious gun confiscation agenda?

The reason for manufacturing crises by governments is to  generate an elevated level of fear in order to beef up security; often a political enemy is blamed and the government can hit two birds with the same stone by creating a justification for war with someone of their choosing based on this false attack, in the case of Operation Gladio, public shootings were blamed on the communists justifying the eradication of liberties.

The public’s perpetual state of blissful ignorance will only provoke the government to engineer more violence.  The state has an insatiable appetite for control, and more often than not blood is sacrificed so that it can achieve these ends.

The type of blissful ignorance that possesses the population is addictive, and in most cases the subject won’t give up their deadly fix for the painful truth.


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