Fascist Pharmaceuticals

The corporate medical establishment monopoly exercises new forms of totalitarian control in the form of ‘liberation’ the concept of ‘progressive agendas’ moving forward to grant equality to all, the dagger aimed covertly at the throat comes in the form of an egalitarian trendy fixation, which creates further class division, new forms of slavery from perpetual economic terrorism, new forms of freedom packaged in rancid euphemistic dehumanizing practices.

Actors on television in white lab coats, wide smiles, and vacuous eyes promote the life-changing benefits of the innovative drugs cheaply produced, with inflated prices of 1000% percent or more in some cases. The chemical mechanisms for social control implemented by the technocratic elite are a pervasive so-called panacea for the ills of society, but is really just smartly packaged euthanasia of the human species.

There exists a scourge of prescription drug addiction while safer alternatives like marijuana are decried as substances used by degenerate scum. The beginnings of marijuana prohibition were inherently racist campaigns, as many government talking points illustrated, migrate workers associated with ‘dangerous narcotics’ contributing to the general degradation of society through alleged indiscriminate leering maniacal raving schizophrenic, raping, blood-lust tearing through the soft, and innocent fabric of society after just one joint was smoked; prohibition propaganda films like ‘Reefer Madness’ from the 30’s were shown to warn of the many dangers of ‘decent’ people losing complete control of their mental faculties, and releasing their true depraved animalistic tendencies with complete abandon when exposed to such a dangerous drug such as marijuana.

The corporate pharmaceutical monopoly gains strength, tightening its vice-grip stranglehold on the country’s biggest minority, the individual, a disgusting act of mass discrimination, and it is apparent in the eroded capitalist free-market system when one considers the demonization of the superior, multi-faceted hemp plant.

Anything that can compete with the synthetics they create is considered a threat. The cognitive dissonance is quite powerful in order that the public would concede to the government’s ‘war on drugs’ when the multiple government agencies have been caught importing drugs, CIA, DEA, the Iran-contra scandal, just to name a few–it really just amounts to a sick joke.

Big banks, HSBC and Wells Fargo have laundered billions(to be conservative) of dollars in money for drugs and terrorists yet legitimate pot dispensaries are punished, ‘because the market is too risky for them.’ is Wells Fargo’s excuse for not offering business loans to the newly legalized pot shops.

President Obama has increased raids on medical pot dispensaries since his election in 2008, and legal pot dispensaries in Colorado and Washington are already on the rise despite the feds promising to respect the tenth amendment.

The fact that Afghanistan had less than 2% of the world’s opium exports before the ‘war on terrorism’ and now it has close to 90%. If the government moved toward a policy of regulation, the price would naturally go down after a period of time.

The policy of regulating a plant like hemp that grows naturally everywhere, and has countless benefits across the board: health, food, manufacturing, fuel, and more, is absurd to say the least.

An incessant campaign by the fascist pharma companies to drug the population ensues with an epidemic of new chemical additions to the marketplace. The safety of these drugs are never guaranteed but they are nontheless shamelessly pushed on the public.

The doctor who made up the condition known as ADHD confessed on his deathbed about the ruse of these many manufactured illnesses. The annual psychiatric manual gets thicker every time it is published, and every time there are less sane people walking the planet.

Every human attribute or emotion is turning into a disorder. The shy and timid ones are labeled with ‘social anxiety’ disorder. Young kids are supposed to have chemical imbalances due to their natural hyperactivity. In public schools the self-starting, alpha males are selected for a process of marginalization to initiate a plan to kill their independent drive. The effort to suppress human emotions has gone so far as to create ‘anti-anxiety’ vaccines which are nothing more than nano viruses that eat the parts of your brain associated with stress. Stress, and fear are essential parts of the human experience, and aid greatly in survival.

It is more common, and becoming more unquestioned for school doctors to push medication on children who seem to fit some arbitrarily placed description of a mental disorder, and in the case where parents refuse, it is considered child abuse.

The presence of the drugs is so ubiquitous that all the school shootings can be traced to a highly medicated patsy under the influence of psychoactive drugs, which cause hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and the potential for homicidal actions. The phenomenon of mass shooting is rare, but the media’s attention to the matter leads the average person to believe there is a loner psychopath ready to dispense semi-automatic lead justice around every corner.



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