False Left/Right Debate

The country can’t afford the generalizations like the terms ”liberal” and ”conservative” associated with left and right anymore. They are gross implements of a technocratic agenda to dumb down populations by simplifying the language so logical debate becomes impossible.  These terms are viruses let loose into the linguistic atmosphere to devour the value in the concepts of conservatism or liberalism.  A decadent moral relativism has been unleashed into the debates, dismantling the political arguments.

The cognitive atrophy displayed in the current political atmosphere is indicative of the gradual dumbing down of the population.

It can’t be readily apparent upon casual observation–some upon hearing such a harsh critique of the state of society will deny such a claim vehemently that the people have either been reduced to the likes of slobbering zombies, or worse yet that they, through their own growing (like a cancer) apathy have let themselves decline into a pleasant mental slumber, free of conflict, questions, or independent and creative pursuits–this is the condition described by Aldous Huxley in his dystopian novel Brave New World, a vivid glimpse into a future scientific dictatorship; it is a fiction novel, but eerily prophetic as well–no surprise it is so accurate since Huxley was privy to secret initiatives as he was linked to Rhodes round table groups, which have had a strong influence on society’s direction.

Certain derogatory labels toward a certain group of people is behavior indicative of elitism, a precursor to authoritarianism.

Terms like ”birther” ”truther”  ”denier” become prevalent at the expense of the real issue:  liberty verses tyranny.

This seems to be a growing phenomenon in educated circles, usually individuals who search alternative sources of media for their information failing to give credence o the corporate-controlled presstitutes.

A serious look needs to be focused on the new liberty verses tyranny paradigm that is actively taking shape.  It is the future of the coverage of political matters.

A special level of skepticism needs to be applied to the likes of Rand Paul, the supposed libertarian savior, who receives an almost automatic consensus across the spectrum that he is benevolent.  Rand Paul could also easily be a red herring, a brief distraction from a more sinister level of corruption waiting for the liberal opposition parties like the tea party, constitutionalist, and libertarians to be briefly appeased.  Perhaps, the technocrats are betting on classic liberal minded individuals to go to sleep, the same way liberals went to sleep when Obama was elected.

The ‘lesser of two evils’ argument is manifesting again and consequently people are falling into the default mentality of settling for the other party that isn’t responsible for all the corruption and atrocities.

It happened last time when Obama ran against Romney, and it happened the time before last when Mccain was running against Obama.  The choice becomes:  “who is the guy who won’t mess things up too much?”

Realistically, one of the main reasons Obama got elected besides the man’s obvious divine oratory abilities, was the fact that the people were sick to their stomachs of republicans– Why were they sick of the republicans?

The people were absolutely sick of the war mongering, the rampant anti intellectualism, they were tired of the scandals, and constant constitutional violations.

The country was ready for liberty, they were tired of the US hegemonic imperialism: constant wars, secret prisons, and the neo liberal policies of third world exploitation. People still want those things, but their priorities have changed–if a Democrat pursues those things it is fine, and quite frankly they have been manipulated in a very obscene way with the most advanced tools of mind control available, truly innovative propaganda designed to numb the mind, to literally hypnotize the population.

The political atmosphere was very electric during the campaign between McCain and Obama. The people’s revolutionary energy was used to propel the Democrat’s agenda forward with powerful momentum. Obama became a civil rights icon almost overnight. He was equated with both Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. apropos of nothing besides the man’s profound ability to move a crowd with his incomparable and refined eloquence.

Besides the fact that this man Obama ran as a libertarian, essentially—really, go back and listen to some of his speeches about upholding the constitution, those speeches echo the sentiments of tea party favorites such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. One example of this is a comment Obama made about his vehement opposition to raising the debt ceiling, his reasoning for why it would not be prudent to do so was because the government would be signing off the country’s debt to future generations.

History is repeating itself, because conservatives and liberals are so fed up with Obama that everyone is ready to just settle for a Republican—any Republican, and it is the exact same mentality the country fell into in the election before last.

Both parties are run by the same corporate, multinational interests, above-the-law technocrats. It will be useless to just simply vote for one of the parties and seriously expect results.

Third party candidates have to be considered in order for this system to attain any semblance of credibility anymore. The third party candidates, who receive little to no coverage in the corporate-controlled media discuss real issues—issues pertinent to civil liberties. The politicians who act as spokesmen for the two corporate systems with the same mutual interest in this country, the Republicans, and the Democrats, act in a condescending manner toward the public.

Democracy is just a buzzword, it is meaningless, yet it gets thrown around with complete abandon in order to reinforce the illusion there is still freedom in this country. The illusion is continued that the public is empowered, and the government hasn’t been steeping in toxic fascism for the last fifty years.

It is a trap, plain in simple. The ploy to get the people stuck in a system where they are forced to choose between two incompetent criminals. The Democrats are propping up Hillary Clinton–no matter what–even if it came out she lost $6 billion during her time as Secretary of State; and many people will vote for a republican just to avoid voting for Hillary. It just doesn’t seem like an option to most of the population to vote for a third party rather than participate in the same nauseating cycle.


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