Police Propaganda Shows (Part One)

The police shows have declined to the level of technocrat propaganda. They are clear examples of an effective means of conditioning the public to accept becoming weak-minded authority worshipping biological androids.

More often than not in these programs, the constitution is regarded as an inconvenient barrier to solving a crime. The police often resort to any means necessary to initiate trumped up charges, and obtain a conviction. It is common for them to intimidate people for information, to search premises without warrants, and to manipulate interviews to get confessions.

Sometimes the perpetrator gets the royal treatment, the perpetrators receive enhanced rights to demonstrate the apparent ineffectiveness of the constitution. If only the legal system in the real world followed the constitution and bill of rights like in these shows, but in these cop programs the most extreme cases are exhibited to demonstrate how the country’s founding documents impede justice by protecting the criminals, and oppressing the victims–exaggerated situations taken out of context in regards to how the bill of rights is actually interpreted. The defense attorneys are degenerate weasel-like creatures who always represent the most grotesque villains. The system usually ends up protecting the criminal because he had too many rights, and this forces the cops to resort to desperate measures for justice.

It the past, it seemed the police were not always represented as brutal authoritarians, there was a time when they were portrayed as the civil servants they were intended to be.  The news is saturated with police brutality, and the TV propaganda reflects that, begging the question if it is art imitating life or vice versa.

Police stories of detectives that pursued justice in an honorable manner, individuals armed with a clear moral compass and common sense–the self actualized individual who find their way to the top of Maslow’s pyramid–the Hierarchy of Needs (often at odds with a system that encouraged one to ”go along to get along”), the rising to the top of the pyramid was a long hard fought battle, an adventure won after a life of complete debauchery, with hard lessons learned, a life of hedonistic misadventures on the dark side with malicious decadence overcome.

These honorable civil servants do not receive permission from his superiors to do the right thing, they were renegades, loose cannons, they knew through intuition how the situation could be made right, despite intolerable situations in the seedy under belly of some god forsaken Babylon.

The destination toward self actualization requires a long journey–the theme of many Herman Hesse novels: the eternal battle between flesh and spirit, the indiscriminate indulgent passions(often bordering on compulsion) in the endless sweet smelling fields of temptation where no sign of consequence can be seen; after a time discovering the universal justice of positive energy that rewards good behavior–the drive to realize self potential, the empowerment of fellow men through working for common good in communities, as opposed to working for selfish ends at the expense of others–a personal sense of moral certainty, acting according to a sharpened inner sense of right and wrong that the corrupt system, liberal ”progress” promising if only the people would sacrifice rights they could in turn receive ”elevated liberties”; the cherished values were diluted like some once bright and shining jewels that sunk to the dark bottom of the murky waters of a pond; at one time they pulsed with pure radiant brilliance, but over time though a long subtle process of degradation, the image became dull, they were scuffed and stained with instruments promising to increase the luminosity, but ultimately compromised the integrity of the warm illumination emanating from the once great gems.

There is a devious agenda that is clear for the ones that know what to look for, a subtle indoctrination, the televised social engineering to distort public perception on matters of crime and social justice, the deliberate focus on the blue collar folk–constant black-balling imagery, the categorization of the regular tax-paying joe everyman in contrast to the divine angel–the above-the-law oligarch who is rarely seen in a negative light, because they appear so honest in their crisp and flawless suits.

A clear distinction is presented between the ordinary people and the authorities: the people are hopelessly plagued by their working class condition, their inability to escape the vicious cycle of sex, drugs, and violence.

The authorities–police, and politicians are stuck in the unenviable position of mitigating disaster by struggling daily to control the abhorrent animals they lovingly refer to as ”sheeple”, who would be safe if only they’d surrender their antiquated ideals of constitutional civil liberties, and their malignant religious ideals; the bitter clingers, scrambling to grasp the last shredded pieces of their beloved free speech and self defense rights. The brutal savages that refuse to immolate their individual identity for the greater good. The noble collective requires complete submission, and in exchange for the social contract (signed in blood, no less) it offers all the glories of belonging to the herd–the mind numbing bliss of the merry mind meld glorious groupthink energized egalitarianism, the assurance of possessing, without question the moral high ground, by virtue of unconditional submission, immersion into the control spy grid, with its intricate biometric scans, and personality profiles that promise unrivaled accuracy delivered via quantum computers with CPU’s processing data on multi-dimensional levels;

The Beast says: Yes, the sheeple could be whole if they’d just sacrifice their freedom for liberty. The creature of habit will be mapped scrupulously. Algorithms outlining future movements based on historical data and most likely potentialities will be provided; it will only be a matter of time before everyone succumbs for the greater good.



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