GODvernment Pimps and the Pressitutes who Obey Them

There is a sense of doom in the collective consciousness of Americans; everyone senses it on some level, but it is just a slight nagging sensation causing them to feel anxious without any insight into the origin of the strange creeping sour yellow feeling wafting up toward the face like a hissing gas across the nostrils, hanging over the eyes to give a faint blurred indication of the world, just enough for some to realize that something is amiss;

This doom, the sinking in the gut–politically aware individuals are almost able to articulate it, but somewhere along the way the words dissolve before they hit the tongue, and the a priori magical forming energies of pre-thoughts crumble before the synapses fire enough electric juice to fully materialize the exact idea.

Don’t let this doom that forms into crippling anxiety defeat you.  People are waking up to the technocrat’s madness, and this is just a symptom that despite the happy, crisp, clear image projected onto the collective mind, not everything is good.

Attempts made to convey important life or death messages to the zombie-like public in reference to legitimate political concerns are utterances made in vain, falling on deaf ears–might as well be speaking a slurred version of a backwoods dialect of a foreign language most people forgot long ago–There is a long, blank stare, and the messenger appears insane–warnings of the deadly neurotoxin aspartame in chewing gum are met with nervous laughter. The messenger did research, they read studies–they read the writing on the wall, picked up the common sense signs.

Arguments can be a cooperative effort, they can work if both parties have a general understanding of the opposing view, because one’s point is realized completely if the opposite perspective can be comprehended.

The false semblance of arguments presented by the corporate-controlled media are contrived, seemingly opposing sides lead the viewer into discussion with the illusion that there is a mainstream ideal being attacked, but both sides are conspiring to produce the same conclusion unconsciously in the spectator’s mind.

The talking head pressitutes rarely outright state an opinion, but the genius lies in their implications, the ability to lead spectators to the desired ideas, the ”correct” conclusions. The illusory effort of opposing views engaged in debate is vital to the corporatists who must continually sell the idea that the first amendment is still valid. The two ”opposing” sides of the debate are really just cleverly engineering a consensus.

One can’t be mad at the drooling masses, who desperately cling to ignorance like a divine privilege. There is an on-going effort to maintain a strong public ignorance relative to history, and various disciplines of science. The conditioning is very effective too, because shedding light on these ideas results in automated defense mechanisms implanted from an early age(another loving gift of progress), the opposition to the ”official” version of things is labeled: ”paranoid” or ”conspiracy theorist.”

The mere mention of these buzz words–hypnotic triggers, causes unconscious physical and mental reactions–a sense of revulsion, which conjure up an immediate prejudice for the topic being discussed if it is addressed with these terms–they’ll throw in ”truther” or ”birther” for good measure–the new ”liberal” favorite is “hate group” or “domestic terrorist”; No logical debate accompanied with facts is permitted.

The popularity of this one word non-argument trend is a classic example of the Newspeak language referred to in Orwell’s 1984, because theoretically the language would be minimized to such an extent that the public would eventually be unable to form thoughts for themselves, and they’d be reduced to responding emotionally to stimuli.

The technocratic regimes of the future will have a easy task in the realm of propagandizing the masses, they will simply project striking images onto a screen which everyone will have access to–this could be a future feature of the coming external form of the internet that is simply projected on to the collective conscious from satellites in space, made possible by the convenient medical chip installed in the brain.

Somewhere along the way it became chic to be rebellious for rebellion’s sake (the rebellion being against reality) with no real intellectual basis for the attitudes forcefully handed down from conniving oligarchs who package these ideas as liberating and progressive.

These ideas, espoused by elites are not revolutionary–they are the newest models of brutal oppression, but their glimmering façade is tempting, it promises the ultimate freedom, but yields slavery and disease–not just physically, but the mental too–the worst cognitive atrophy in which there is no recovery.




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