Police Propaganda Shows (Part 2)

There is an active social engineering mass cognitive infiltration  campaign.  Through television, people can become accustomed to the spy control grid, a symptomatic manifestation of the technocracy. This breeds the potential for the demoralization of the people, the ominous prevalence of submission to ramped up control–what Huxley warned would be the scientific dictatorship.

This false reality matrix characterized in the theatrical media display of the Sandy Hook Elementary coverage during the shooting in Newtown, CT is but one example of the state-run corporate-controlled media apparatus;

this state-run system molds a template for a person: a satisfactory, ideal citizen model, essentially a biological android, conditioned to desist tendencies for aggression, intellectual curiosity, and skeptical inquiry–discouraged is the new type of segment of society stripped of individuality to stand aside to develop a unique perspective–the precept of a ”person” is diminished effectively upon the ultimate merging with the collective.

The ”selfish” interests are designed to atrophy in favor of ”social progress”. Morality is essentially compromised out of existence with an epidemic of ”gray areas”, a.k.a. moral relativism–justification can be made by the state for just about anything, just remember that everything Hitler did was technically legal.

The police programs are projected onto the televsion screen by virtue of a covert coup, a radical overthrow of the Constitutional Republic;

these programs broadcast via systemic mind manipulation machinations, are able to influence its subjects, ”the viewers” according to their enslavement agenda.

The constitution is viewed as a barrier between the supposedly benevolent police seeking justice and the suspect who wants to have access to his ”rights.”

The spectator is taught that the police on the program are equated with the moral authority archetype, hence anything that is requested of them from the ”benevolent” figures is lawful and just.

(FUN FACT: many of these cop shows take place in the glorious giant gun-free zone know as New York City, where brave whistleblowers exposed in 2012 that peace officers are required to fill monthly quotas and that Hispanic and African Americans are to be targeted with the ”stop and frisk” policy which is an obscene perversion of the US republic’s fourth amendment)

Suspects who refuse to talk i.e., who choose to invoke their fifth amendment rights are considered guilty and uncooperative. The police who ruthlessly seek convictions at all costs to satisfy quotas designated by their departments view the use of the fifth amendment as a form of obstruction of justice, and of course, it will be noted in the file and sent to the DA as further evidence of guilt.

The state outlines desired levels of behavior, incremental progressions of control sold as perpetually ”moving forward” toward a warm and loving ”global community”.

The apathy exhibited by the public is also encouraged through the subtle conditioning to become passive spectators. This can be observed through the public’s acceptance of the eradication of the Bill of Rights through the elevated brutalization of the police forces.

The people become, through the gradual process of operant conditioning, accustomed to a state of being where the world is saturated with rampant corruption, intensifying violence, and an apparent disregard for the rule of law.

The televisual mind control mechanism actively changes the brain’s priorities, it decreases its ability to decipher information. The level of rational scrutiny is retarded and conversely an intense hot wave of raw dense emotional stimuli can intrude unmolested through the firewall of discernment to permeate the tender vulnerable gray matter to alter its basic composition succumbing to the presented message.

The broadcasts, through the propaganda medium of television to the viewer whose mind has been left vulnerable to receive multiple malignant messages, leaving impressions on the intellectually defenseless public which ultimately prepare them to accept their unconditional servitude in the most amorous fashion.



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