Technocratic Economic Terrorism

Foreign oligarchs have manipulated interest rates in the international market, in turn affecting how banks proceed with operations, overall this impacts the whole world. The Libor banking scandal is an example of technocrat controlled economy where they have hedged their bets in an international casino.

Libor London inter-banking lending rate affecting trillions in loans and contracts was misrepresented by 16 banks including JP Morgan, Barclays, Deusche Bank, HSBC, Chase, Citigroup, and more were found guilty of manipulating interest rates to increase profits and ease markets.

Capital controls have become a common practice in this country’s financial system. This includes closely scrutinized account activity, fees on withdrawals, restrictions on withdrawals, and restrictions on international wire transfers.

In Colorado and Washington Marijuana dispensaries suffered from the inability to conduct business with banks, because of a general prejudice toward the newly legalized drug, even though banks like HSBC and Wells Fargo have been caught laundering drug money for Mexican cartels.

Here are some examples of the corrupt banks actions:

The banks who are too big to fail, and too big to jail, a concept expressed by Attorney General Eric Holder, the famous man behind the despicable Fast and Furious scandal, a US false flag operation designed to instill fear in the American citizen, to ensure they will surrender their freedoms for security by registering their firearms, consequently having the military go door to door and confiscate the guns like they have been doing in California, like they’ve done in New Orleans.

The banks who, if you prosecute, expressed Holder would cause devastating consequences for the economy, so it is best just to leave them be, and let them continue to rob us blind, and commit criminal acts all over the place, on an unprecedented level. An FBI investigation in 2004 revealed that there was an ‘epidemic’ of mortgage fraud, and that 80% of lending institutions were involved in illegal predatory lending practices.

An agency that rarely gets scrutinized by the mainstream establishment media, and has avoid constant attempts at being audited is the Corporate Federal Reserve, which is NOT a government agency–“It’s about as federal as Federal Express!” You may have heard in reference to this agency.

The Federal Reserve central bank was found in 1913, and is often mistaken for a government entity, but is in fact a private corporation with government regulation, oversight of any kind, and absolutely no audits. They are, as former chairman Alan Greenspan said in an interview, above the law.

Hitler rose to power relatively quick considering all his rich American buddies like Chase Bank Funded Nazi Germany.

It has been determined that before and during world war two, Chase Bank financed the German Nazi regime.

The new way to bail out international corporate interests is through a process called a ”bail-in”. This happened in Cyprus, robbing the savings with taxes on deposits.

In the Mediterranean country of Cyprus the accounts of citizens and foreign investors are being attacked with a deposit tax. There is a 40% tax on accounts over 100,000 Euros, and a 16% tax on accounts under 100,000 Euros. Security guards were placed at the banks to regulate how much money was withdrawn.

Go back to the end of the tyrannical Bush era, and the beginning of the Obama administration, and we see the 2008 Bank Bailout which was paid for by the US taxpayers.

Initially 700 billion in tax payer dollars was given over to the banks and now that sum has reached over a trillion dollars to many banking giants from going under. Congress was threatened with martial law, and it was intimated in private conversation that there would be chaos and the country would be in financial ruin if they did not sign off on the bail-out. The Federal Reserve chairman Berneke was question about where all the trillions of tax-payer dollars went, he flat out said no, that he did not have to reveal the foreign entities.

Chase bank recently settled for a fine of $13 billion for $1 trillion of fraud charges for selling false mortgage-backed securities; it was uncovered that on top of their predatory lending practices they have over $70 trillion in assets on their books, which is about the size of the entire world’s economy. They received $25 million of tax-payer bail-out money and an additional $391 million in secret Federal Reserve bail-out money.

Between 2004 and 2007 Wachovia handled funds totaling 378.4 billion for Mexican drug cartels. The transactions are the biggest violation yet of the Bank Secrecy Act, an anti-money laundering law put in place in the US. Between 2006 and 2009 Martin Woods worked in Wachovia’s anti money laundering unit and quit after the bank discarded his report. He proved drug dealers were channeling money through Wachovia Bank.

2002 through 2009 HSBC, Europe’s largest bank with a net income of 16.8 billion dollars, was using its US operations as a gateway to assist in laundering money for Mexican drug cartels. Banks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh were believed to have helped fund the terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda.

The criminal trans-national bankers operate above the law with nothing more than a slap on the wrist for punishment. Can an ordinary person fund known drug dealers and terrorists, launder their money, and avoid taxes without facing the most severe of penalties? Even though corporations are supposed to be people as well, it is safe to assume that the average working class citizen would be thrown in prison for the rest of their days under similar circumstances.


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