The Bostom Bombing in Retrospect

It has been a year since the false flag event on Patriot’s Day that was supposed to be blamed on the Libertarians and Constitutionalists as a justification for gun confiscation, and increased security measures.

How do you we know it was supposed to be blamed on Libertarians?

It was in the corporate-controlled media’s script. The earliest accounts of the bombing–not even an hour after it happened–a ”domestic terror threat” was being blamed. Reports from talking heads with zero credible information were saying things like,

“we’re seeing a tendency for these bombings to be coming from a domestic source”. Michael Moore tweeted, right after the bombing, an insinuation of some patriot group being the culprit, because it was Patriot’s Day.

The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with their two cents about ”domestic hate groups” being on the rise. Keep in mind their definition of a “hate group” is anyone who desires to uphold the United States Constitution which is not only sworn to be protected by government officials, military, and other law enforcement alike, but guarantees everyone inalienable rights endowed by their creator. The SPLC has lumped Constitutionalist groups with Neo Nazis and White Supremecist groups together as they promote their version of reality to the public.

The SPLC often appears on Media Matters and MSNBC who are all Democrats, the Democrat Party was not only the party of the Klu Klux Klan but also the party of the racist leaders President Lyndon B. Johnson and Margaret Sanger who sought to control and even eliminate the African American and Hispanic populations.

Not only were the patsies of the false flag event CIA assets, but spectators at the event were warned of a bombing drill before the bombs went off, also suspicious military contractors were on the scene.

What we can take from this is that it was one of many events in history to promote a specific agenda by committing violence against innocent populations. It was an attempt to cast the Libertarians as a ”domestic terror threat”, and ultimately to strip citizens of their rights.

The city of Boston has become a technocratic police nightmare from hell as the entirety of the area is surveilled by an AI system that catalogues all events, monitors behavior, and supposedly will be able to detect future attacks. These spy control systems will not only be put into place all over the world, but through future false flag events, the public will beg for them as they gladly trade their freedoms for liberty to attain security.


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