Effects of Technocracy

The emerging technocracy accomplishes multiple things simultaneously: asserts control over populations, generates alternate economies, and creates a new secular humanist religion; all these aspects are fused together to project a false reality matrix onto the people, whose nihilistic addiction to ignorance propels these agendas forward.

The ability of elites to assert control over populations through various advancements in medical technology leaves people with the impression that they are overcoming the human condition.

These medical innovations are sold as potential treatments for serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, or even blindness. Brain chips are marketed as the solution to memory loss, and the ability to upload information instantly. The new Google contact lens with a camera inside, promises to aid the blind.

Rogue government agengies are actively generating alternate economies with illegal spying, this aids in the opportunity to expand insider trading and increase cases of blackmail. Companies can no longer assure customers that their private information is safe–everything is compromised.

The Atlantic Council’s cyber security initiative–the most ”foward-leaning” initiative–has promised to prevent terrorist attacks, but these experts did not factor the government’s Heartbleed Bug into their equation.

The elites have planned extensively to create a new secular humanist religion. New liberal movements intend to replace god and spirituality, to free humans of their previous “moral restraints”, but only serve to offer a subtle in appearance and severe brand of slavery.

The groupthink mentality, which is one of the tenets of secular humanism, the utilitarian concept of the “greatest good for the greatest number”. This sacrifice to the collective will cause the individual to surrender themselves at the point of a gun to the soothing promise of guaranteed liberty. This seemingly gentle temptation to accept a group freedom morphs into a gruesome lie once it is far too late.

The groupthink theory is that through assimilation to one of the protected classes of: race, gender, sexual orientation, or other various minorities, that this process will allow a condition of ultra freedom, or super individuality that could not have been afforded in a setting of constitutional sovereignty.

The ‘‘free love’’ movement that arose caused some to indulge themselves in hedonistic pursuits, but really did nothing but give strength to the label of hedonist therefore sacrificing the free will and individuality, effectively objectifying the ones who were fighting for ‘’liberal values” that promised to liberate everyone through the renunciation of a strict moral code, neglecting that the initial act of abandonment of the “oppressive” rules only caused an even more rigid set of standards as one would be required to act as a hedonistic acts—never allowed to stray from the static concept of “hedonist” lest they be called a prude.




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