Guilty Until Proven Slave

The constitutional antiquated idea of freedom. This archaic idea must be abolished in order for the technocrats to succeed. The biggest minority in the world, the individual, is being attacked on all fronts by the minions of a ravenous technocratic agenda.

The goal is to divide everyone into categories: “urban black”, “rural redneck”,”metrosexual”, “gay”, “tranny.”
People are people.
The division is an illusion, a symptomatic phenomenon of the false reality matrix projected by the technocrats. These classifications distract the people from the fact that they all have rights regardless of their physical characteristics or inherent sexual orientation.

Those who wake up and discover a burning desire to fight for these rights will be characterized as dangerous. Senator Harry Reid called the protestors at the Bundy Ranch “domestic terrorists” because they were redressing a grievance against a tyrannical government agency–a corrupt federal agency that has already been determined by a federal judge to be engaged in a “criminal conspiracy” against ranchers.

Videos are available from people on the scene of various acts of violence instigated by the BLM, tasering protestors in the designated ”free speech zone”, physically assaulting a pregnant and an older woman, and let’s not forget the loving gesture of snipers with guns trained on everyone. The REAL domestic terrorists are the government thugs who attack innocents. The Bundy Ranch was destroyed by thugs in a week’s time with infrastructure destroyed, and a mass grave of cattle(who were trespassing on public land, mind you) recently uncovered.

The stage has already been set for a false flag event where a “patriot” would be the scapegoat. It will probably be a casualty of the contemporary MK-Ultra program. The public has been primed to accept a “domestic terrorist” to appear in this fashion as the Southern Poverty Law Center has been promoting their divisive campaign of never-ending race obsession.

Basically, it comes down to the media brainwashing the masses to become receptive to complete submission. The old concept of “rights” has to be shed in order for this New World Order, or Neo Feudal Society can be realized. The public, in the United States, for example is convinced that since they live in America the “old, bad evil men” of the past have all been defeated and there is no more tyranny.
In order for the public to move in to this glorious utopia they just have to give up their freedoms for liberty. They have to walk around, constantly suspected of a crime–guilty until proven slave.


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