Shades of Corruption

The United States’ Constitutional Republic has fallen since many years ago, the government is ran by foreign oligarchs who wish to install a scientific dictatorship.

If any more attention is granted to the NWO front man–the revolving door in American politics, known as the executive branch of government, then people are really demonstrating they don’t really understand what is actually going on here. The people have been hoodwinked.

Obama is a puppet of the transnational corporations, to focus all this attention on him is really meaningless when there are other threats as well.

There needs to be more light shed on the corruption behind the scenes, and the distraction the president poses which ceases true reform.

At this point it is inconsequential if he really is an American citizen or not, it really doesn’t matter what religious persuasion he is, and his personal ideologies being communist in nature–all these things are blatant distractions from the technocratic oligarchs–the men behind the curtain so to speak that really run things.

All the complaints about Obama have been counter productive, it is like whining about a cough to get rid of cold instead of getting plenty of vitamin C and good rest. Knowledge is the vitamin C in this case, and staying informed about true political workings is the only way true liberal values can be sustained.

let’s say for a moment that people actually start ignoring the corporate candidates–the Republicans and Democrats–during the next election and a true libertarian gets elected.

Even if this happens the public doesn’t live happily ever after. Corruption is an inherently systemic issue, it is the sweat of the body politic.

The true foreshadowing of this rampant corruption in Washington today, the tell-tale indicator that the public, who was on the verge of a revolution, the fact that they did not prosecute Bush–he was not impeached, and the next president did not take action to file criminal charges for war crimes.

If the public settles for another Republican, like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, then this is a sign that things will not change. News flash: just because ”your guy” gets in doesn’t fix the system which is utterly saturated with the worst insidious malevolence.

Rand Paul’s law suit against the NSA is a good cause because it draws attention to the issue, but the public cannot be certain about his true motives unless he goes on record to convince the public he will pursue prosecute the treason criminals who have sold the American people down the river.

The only way things will head in the right direction is if a third party candidate is elected, they must be held to a rigid condition of scrutiny to ensure they don’t lead the public down the same road.

People have to remember that the liberals who supported Obama were considered conspiracy theorists for pointing out all of Bush’s criminality, and even though the truth came out about his illegal wars and secret prisons, the “liberals” ended up gaining the majority with the promise of correcting everything.  Unfortunately they became the evil that they initially protested against.

And even if the supposed tea party and libertarians who are labeled conspiracy theorists currently gain power, despite all their rhetoric about restoring liberties there is really no assurance that they will not become the same authoritarian scum bags that the Democrats became in the post Bush era.

The only real assurance can come from the people themselves, a well-informed public willing to hold the politicians accountable for their actions.  The solution to America’s problems will not come out of the Oval Office, and the people will have to divert their attention elsewhere.  If the citizens of the US mature and truly understand the political arena then that will be half the battle.  It will no longer work for anyone to simply place all the blame on the “elected” officials.

The people have to make real use of their system by starting petitions, boycotts, and writing to the local newspaper about real issues that affect everyone.

When the people are aware, and then make a conscious decision to reject the post-industrial neo-feudal technocracy then society will be on the right track toward recapturing freedom.


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