The Real News Media


It recently came out through documents released in the Clinton Library that the Clinton administration was threatened by the internet and its ability to disperse information to the masses  not filtered by a corporate state intermediary with an agenda to maintain public ignorance.

The “alternative” media, which is now fast becoming the actual “mainstream” media as the old state-run operations like MSNBC, CNN, and FOX begin to become brittle and eventually slough off into the abyss.

The internet has sparked a new era of enlightenment, and like the technocrat Brzezinski said himself, never before has man had such a keen awareness of his political environment.

Needless to say this threatens the technocrat’s whole concept of de-industrializing the western world to make way for a totalitarian neo feudal control spy grid where after a major depopulation effort is activated, the rest of humanity(approximately 500,000,000, according to the Georgia Guide stone) would be maneuvered into mega (gun-free zone) cities, a loving global community of poverty and death!

Learn more about the eradication of sovereignty for the benefit of corporate interests:

The following list was compiled as a dedication to all the news hounds out there in the marvelous land of the internet who become nauseated when they turn on the television only to be subject to a swarm of propaganda.

This is for those who crave real news coverage.  If you already visit most of these sites  then don’t forget to share them with your friends and family.




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