Rise of the Nazi Empire

The United States has become the twisted evil spawn of the Nazi Reich.

The word “Nazi” is thrown around quite profusely.  It has become the default word for political enemies.  Many comparisons are made to the National Socialist party, and since it is such an emotionally charged term, it has a great power to disable a political opponents.

Both sides of the political spectrum attempt to utilize the words, but the attacks become distractions, clouding the real issue, disguising the true culprits. Nazism is currently being used to demonize Libertarians, and conservatives.

The 2009 MIAC Report out of Missouri identified Neo Nazi and white supremacist groups together with Constitutionalists and Libertarians–the report neglects the fact that Hitler’s objective was to initiate a “New World Order”, a scientific dictatorship long envisioned by the elites to control the planet–the report completely ignores the obvious contradiction of a group obsessed with a “New World Order” and another group completely opposed to that ideal, these two groups being lumped together is ridiculous to say the least.

Beside the fact that most political terms have lost their efficacy, i.e., ‘right’ and ‘left’ are only relative to certain times and places; the meanings of these words have been watered down, morphed to further multiple agendas. Nazis often get labeled: ‘far right’ or ‘right-wing’ but the term actually means: National Socialist, a leftist ideology.

Few people know of the failed military coup on the United States government to install a Nazi government in the 1940’s. The plot was foiled by the General Smedley Butler, who was recruited by the secret group of elites who wished to finance the coup.

Nazism was actually quite popular in the United States, there was a Nazi party within the states with a fairly large following, and the American eugenics system was an absolute inspiration for Hitler’s ‘final solution’, the extermination of millions of people in concentration camps.

Recent Matter Matters articles have accused conservative pundits of overuse of the term, however it has been pointed out in past posts that these sensational pundits do not go far enough for whatever reason to point out exactly why the current regime, and many former American regimes have exhibited disturbing Nazi characteristics.

It is rarely brought to the public’s attention that corporate interests financed Hitler before and during the second world war, the Bush family, for one being one of the largest financiers, alone with Chase bank.

The top Nazis knew their days were numbered even before the war had ended, and they took steps to financially secure their position through investments in various corporations.

The top Nazi officials had no illusions about the state of affairs–Hitler had literally gone off his rocker, he’d become drunk with power, addicted to speed, completely lost touch with reality.

Proactive steps were taken maintain inconspicuous power through an intricate system of seemingly innocuous businesses, a complex labyrinth of financial records with false leads, endless red herrings, and dead ends were constructed to guarantee the endurance of the Reich.

The CIA’s ‘Project Paperclip’ brought the top Nazi scientists to the United States to help develop weapons for the military. The Pope, who sympathized with Hitler, and the Nazi cause aided other top Nazi scientists, who were spirited away through under ground Vatican channels called ‘rat lines’, taking them ultimately to South America with new identities.

Many top Nazis took over major American corporations like Monsanto, the chemical company famous for its generous dispersement of agent orange onto the Vietnamese people.

The plague of Nazism was never really defeated in the manner expressed in the history books.  The evil sickness that provoked the likes of Hitler, Mussonlini,  and Stalin still lives on today.

People lack the ability to properly observe the host that the demonic parasite of tyranny occupies because it is very cleverly disguised with hi-tech propaganda with absolutely no historical precedent to make a comparison with.  Combine the invasive tech of today with the genocidal fanaticism of the Nazis and it produces a devastating blow to the face of liberty.

Aldous Huxley was already prepared to admit that most of his dystopian predictions had come true a decade or two after the novel Brave New World came out, but he would most certainly be shocked at the current state of affairs.

The people look off into the distant murky environments of the future trying to predict when the tyranny will start, naively waiting for some type of major event that will cause riots and complete anarchy.  Those people completely missed the point, the true beauty of a scientific dictatorship.  Through the Technocracy the tyranny creeps up so slow that it is barely noticed when it arrives, and is never thought of again once it has successfully attached itself to the host.  It is the strange human ability to become used to the most abominable circumstances–the ability to love one’s servitude.


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