You Were Born Guilty

There is an agenda to maintain an energy monopoly over the people by the big corporate interests. The perception of solar energy has morphed from a favorable one to a negative one for those who pursue their independence from the power companies.

The price for power gets inflated to compensate for the one’s who detach themselves from the grid, and those who are able to become self sustaining are labeled “moochers” by the power companies.

This seems to be a huge pattern by elites who cannot have logical debates about issues of consequence. The corporate elite hate those who will not succumb to their authority.

The US government has become a Fascist system, so the opposition to corporate interests leads the government to suspect that the individual, who is able to opt out of a hostile setting like being subjected to the power grid, of being a deviant or dissident with no evidence of anything–guilty until proven slave.

This whole situation runs much deeper, this is an elaborate mind control game, a psychological operation. It is very simple, as a citizen of the US Nazi States of Fascist America you were born guilty.

Why are those who oppose the status quo demonized so severely?

The rugged individual, the heart of Americanism is being destroyed. That concept of the private citizen has actually been reduced to a faint ghost of a whisper which is rarely heard and the elites can always conjure up a quick celebrity distraction when there is a trend toward that annoying tendency of rights or liberty.

Why are facts ignored, or those who present them categorized as “conspiracy theorists”?

Facts and knowledge empower people, and the term conspiracy theorist is an easy way to control the minds of people, it wins the argument for them by default–no one wants to be labeled anything but sane and normal. It is essential for survival for everyone to be able to function properly in society and this includes not having their peers question their sanity or credibility;

it is an ingenious way to always come out on top of every single debate, especially even before they arise. The elite, therefore have supremacy on being right in every matter all because they literally control the direction of discussions in this fashion.

Sanity is an important value for people, even though the word cannot be properly defined–consider how Nietzsche referred to this issue:

“Insanity in individuals is something rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule”

so this leads to a great degree of manipulation that can never be questioned lest one be lumped in with the lunatics, nut jobs, and crazies.

Why are producers labeled as “domestic terrorists”?

They are the last vestiges of freedom and independence that exists in this country. Generally it was assumed the government could do many things to someone physically to enforce their corrupt policies, but they could never get into people’s minds–through the emerging technocracy, this has changed in more ways than one!

Through a sophisticated method of linguistic control the government can actually get inside the heads of its citizenry. It labels a certain group “terrorists” and this stimuli triggers an automatic unconscious reaction to the masses that has been implemented long ago.

The concept of terrorism has been changed to such an extent that the word really has no meaning anymore. It is the epitome of cognitive dissonance in the fact that one group, namely al CIA aeda have become collaborators with the US government in a unjustified fight against a western influence secular society: Syria, and these new allies are really the old enemies who were once the previous friends. It is an actual scenario out of the famous dystopian novel by George Orwell, 1984; the government maintains a constant state of war, switching allies and enemies to control the people.





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