Baby Steps Toward the North American Union

The Council on Foreign Relations 2005 report entitled “Building a North American Community” outlines a comprehensive plan for the three countries in North America: Canada, the United States, and Mexico to form into a mega region with “mutual security” and “economic benefits.”

The CFR task force’s goal was to counter nationalistic ideas about the three separate entities, to dissolve sovereignty by blurring the borders with ‘free trade’ innovations, to accelerate the benefits of various corporate interests beyond the workforce destruction of NAFTA toward a North American Union which would consequently overwrite the countries’ respective constitutions, and neuter the domestic judicial system by guaranteeing unconditional legal protections in the name of advanced global economics–the means to effectively compete with other industrial nations.

This was the same strategy that was applied in the European countries. An internal document leaked to the public through Wikileaks provided a covert plan to cause the citizens of the three countries to become accustomed to the idea of a continental merger through a subtle process of integration.

The Border 2020 or Frontera 2020 project allocates federal money to be utilized through the EPA toward the Mexican government justified by mutual environmental interests. This program is an example of small, seemingly innocuous initiatives that will grow into larger altruistic concerns that will become increasingly necessary in order to preserve the “North American Community.”

Nationalist sovereignty is of course considered archaic, and will soon be equated with terrorism if the plan is not exposed on a larger scale.

The MIAC Report, the 2009 “Modern Militia Movement” piece that was “unclassified, but not for public consumption” is a Missouri information packet for police. It grouped those who made claims of constitutional rights, who opposed a New World Order, or who made reference to the North American Union as equal to terrorists.

The children in public school are already being indoctrinated into embracing the North American Community as a means to achieve international harmony, the rationalization being that the three separate entities cannot reasonably be in a position to accomplish anything with such rigid trade barriers, and divisive borders.

Academics have pounced onto the scene by introducing way the North American Union can become standard practice. As The CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs proposed starting a ‘North American Investment Fund’ to manipulate taxpayer money, and creating a ‘Center for North American Studies’ to assimilate the three cultures together so the people consider themselves ‘North Americans’.

The march toward world government will not happen instantly, it is a gradual process. Thousands of baby steps must be taken so that people will, over time, simply get used to the overall menace that many would have opposed in the first place if they had been able to see the forest for the trees. Kind, euphemistic words are used like “community” in order to appear non threatening.

Corporate interests, who are now viewed as the same as people are not equal to the average citizen. The corporations, as in the case of Monsanto have unquestioned legal immunity despite scientific studies demonstrating the countless adverse health effects of their GMO products.

The slow integration process the elites are proposing will be harder to fight because it will appear under the guise of several “altruistic measures” that will seem ludicrous to oppose, but they are all part of a larger process to condition the public into the acceptance of the North American Union.



Public School Slave Factories

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

–Joseph Stalin

The technocratic elite seek to eliminate the initial concept of freedom, to nip the marvelous flower of divine liberty in the bud so to speak.

In order to ensure that the initial question of rights, and the context of the country, its revolution and the battle for independence, not to mention the actual causes of the revolutionary war, are kept from the public mind it is crucial for the elite to snuff out the flame of the knowledge and all possibilities of any future inquires.

The current state affairs exists influenced by a hi-tech propaganda machine backed by the combined naivety of the public and the mesmerization of the corporate-controlled media, but this is only one dimension of the sphere of possible control that will ultimately be forced onto the masses.

The nature of the emerging technocracy is to breed slaves. Social engineering is becoming so advanced that the most intrusive spying is welcomed, the richest tyranny is equated with the most beloved liberty.

To secure the oppressive strong-hold of the state, they have gone to the source, they’ve hedged their bets by producing slaves in the schools. Slavery can be taught easily by giving the predators access to the foundation of the mind, the safeguard of intellect and the potential freedom that is inspired by the thirst for knowledge.

With the rise of the surveillance state, the public is being conditioned to accept omnipresent voyeuristic behavior, and gradually their expectations of privacy will diminish. The methods employed to gain unquestioned power are classic psychological techniques used to control the public through means of operant conditioning;

for example the collection of meta data, in the ever emerging science of ‘neuroeconomics’ is claimed to not violate the public’s fourth amendment rights while information called ‘meta-data’ is retrieved through financial transactions and internet searches, tracking every customers behavior, creating a profile, which determines the most effective ways to promote various products to them, like Amazon’s new ‘preemptive packaging program’ that claims to predict what customers will order before they know it themselves.

It is in the elite’s interests to create ideal consumers through the expansion of the insidious field of neuroeconomics.

With the new statewide Longitudinal Data Systems students can be tracked from birth to work to death at the convenience of the technocratic elite. The public schools have become technocrat slave profiling centers. Children are being tracked and catalogued by corrupt corporate interests. They are claiming it is to track educational develop in an effort to custom lessons for individual students. Personality profiles based on meta data. Personal information from personal life—everything from family environment, religious activity to psychology are mapped.  The system is being integrated to include a transition to workplace that will provide a detailed expression of all events and behaviors linked to groups and individuals.

The school is the ideal place for corporate and government interests working together to cultivate the perfect unit of energy that can be tracked, profiled, and primed for a system where public relations can not only be improved beyond their wildest dreams, but it can actually be tailored to individuals to create  a treasure trove of personal information that they never had access to before because students and citizens in general used to have ideas of rights and privacy.

The ideal condition is to create an environment where people indulge with complete abandon in a false reality matrix of absolute consumerism. The projected corporate manufactured consumerist reality that lacks a proper  well-informed population’s discretion and government regulation will exist as a formidable monopolistic beast with virtually zero chance of being defeated.

The malicious technocrats have succeeded to some degree in their primary goals to reduce intelligence, critical thinking, and curiosity. In order to control people the history can be rewritten completely and if the elites control all narratives about every subject then they can literally create reality.

With the new Common Core Standards of education the curriculum has been radically altered to cripple critical thinking and independent analysis, the students are conditioned to accept what is offered to them, and they are prepared to provided the correct answers through an elaborate system that guides their thought processes through problems. It has already been established by former education official Charlotte Iserbyt that the establishment has sought to decrease the public’s analytical skills for the purposes of manipulation. She asserts in her own book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, and through references to many leaked department of education documents available on her website to download for free that the new system of reducing intelligence through a contrived system of education which strips the student of the ability to learn effectively, this system was tested on minority populations to firmly establish its worth before it was rolled-out nationwide.

The plan, she claims was to merge the Soviet Union with the United States. She asserts that the Common Core plan established by the current administration is a continuation of a theoretical educational system tested on inner-city children and immigrants, and is now being adopted nation-wide.

Common Core is an educational method to commandeer the young mind to eradicate its ability to conceptualize abstractions in an attempt to destroy its ability to be rational and solve problems.

The consolidation of power for political/corporate interests has succeeded in infecting the young minds of this country.

The technocrats have cleverly positioned their pieces, through a carefully grand scheme that has been delicately crafted over a long period of time. the ability for such a gigantic heist to achieve any level of success comes through two key elements being in place–positioned long ago, laid as a foundation to initiate the end game process: the diminishing of the public’s imagination to conceive of such a massive and multi faceted takeover, and the means and opportunity to orchestrate such a complex process, the bigger the lie the easier it is believe–it is so easy for everyone to digest because they take it for granted so easily for the simply reason that they have been assimilated into a vast condition of authority worship.

The long held dream of corrupt elites to stifle intellectualism and the ability to obtain knowledge is realized through the new common core programs. A well-educated public are able to make informed decisions, they are able to control their lives and realize their dreams. This is a cold calculated investment in infestation of intellectual endeavors.

The steady integration of an indoctrination for new world religion has been implemented into the cirriculum of the schools.

The state sponsored religion that is being preached in school to indoctrinate the children, hence dramatically altering the country’s ultimate trajectory from a constitutional republic that recognizes individual liberty toward a fascist dictatorship that views humans as a gruesome parasite, the new green religion is a perverse schism of environmentalism mixed with new age philosophy.

Through the theory of the carbon footprint absolute control over all human behavior will be exercised for the greater good. this is a sick mutation of the brain-eating virus known as collectivism.

The new religion comes with the complete demoralization of humanity, the sacrifice of valued institutions such as the church and family through the discreet gradual possession of control over the education system in order to trump politics by preempting the attack, aiming the sights toward the children.