Baby Steps Toward the North American Union

The Council on Foreign Relations 2005 report entitled “Building a North American Community” outlines a comprehensive plan for the three countries in North America: Canada, the United States, and Mexico to form into a mega region with “mutual security” and “economic benefits.”

The CFR task force’s goal was to counter nationalistic ideas about the three separate entities, to dissolve sovereignty by blurring the borders with ‘free trade’ innovations, to accelerate the benefits of various corporate interests beyond the workforce destruction of NAFTA toward a North American Union which would consequently overwrite the countries’ respective constitutions, and neuter the domestic judicial system by guaranteeing unconditional legal protections in the name of advanced global economics–the means to effectively compete with other industrial nations.

This was the same strategy that was applied in the European countries. An internal document leaked to the public through Wikileaks provided a covert plan to cause the citizens of the three countries to become accustomed to the idea of a continental merger through a subtle process of integration.

The Border 2020 or Frontera 2020 project allocates federal money to be utilized through the EPA toward the Mexican government justified by mutual environmental interests. This program is an example of small, seemingly innocuous initiatives that will grow into larger altruistic concerns that will become increasingly necessary in order to preserve the “North American Community.”

Nationalist sovereignty is of course considered archaic, and will soon be equated with terrorism if the plan is not exposed on a larger scale.

The MIAC Report, the 2009 “Modern Militia Movement” piece that was “unclassified, but not for public consumption” is a Missouri information packet for police. It grouped those who made claims of constitutional rights, who opposed a New World Order, or who made reference to the North American Union as equal to terrorists.

The children in public school are already being indoctrinated into embracing the North American Community as a means to achieve international harmony, the rationalization being that the three separate entities cannot reasonably be in a position to accomplish anything with such rigid trade barriers, and divisive borders.

Academics have pounced onto the scene by introducing way the North American Union can become standard practice. As The CFR’s magazine, Foreign Affairs proposed starting a ‘North American Investment Fund’ to manipulate taxpayer money, and creating a ‘Center for North American Studies’ to assimilate the three cultures together so the people consider themselves ‘North Americans’.

The march toward world government will not happen instantly, it is a gradual process. Thousands of baby steps must be taken so that people will, over time, simply get used to the overall menace that many would have opposed in the first place if they had been able to see the forest for the trees. Kind, euphemistic words are used like “community” in order to appear non threatening.

Corporate interests, who are now viewed as the same as people are not equal to the average citizen. The corporations, as in the case of Monsanto have unquestioned legal immunity despite scientific studies demonstrating the countless adverse health effects of their GMO products.

The slow integration process the elites are proposing will be harder to fight because it will appear under the guise of several “altruistic measures” that will seem ludicrous to oppose, but they are all part of a larger process to condition the public into the acceptance of the North American Union.



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