Planned Population Health

The Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood eugenics depopulation agenda nightmare continues. 

When examining the scientific field of bioethics multiple physicians claim in their articles that the new priority is the health of the collective, and not so much for individuals. The new focus on “population health”, which can be viewed as a euphemism for “racial hygiene” is also being touted as a justification for why the surveillance state is beneficial. This is a result of the recent federal standardization of health care. For example, individual accounts are neglected in contrast to bulk data. This wave of change striking the medical industry is even out of the physician’s hands. It is a carefully contrived strategy for control orchestrated by the technocrats.

The justification for the new focus on “population health” as opposed to individual concerns is that eventually the collective health will “trickle down” onto the individual. When one strips away the sunshine and flowers it is really just another indication of the inherent venomous nature of collectivism. It truly echoes the US and German eugenics policies which initially claimed to promote practices that would benefit everyone, but eventually when psychiatric guidelines were altered they called for the eradication of certain personality types in an effort to salvage the rest of the public. A present day mirrored version of this policy lies in the rapid change in the psychiatric diagnosis manual which identifies conservative individuals as mentally ill; limited government, individual liberty, and the family unit are regarded as burdensome vestiges of an antiquated way of life that stifles society from moving into the liberal authoritarian fantasy land proposed by the “progressives”.

There are countless references to “population health”, and one cannot help but to be reminded of what eugenicists called “racial hygiene”. The problem with this new trend of “population health” is that it leaves the public vulnerable to the medical industry imposing certain nefarious agendas, the justification for the utilitarian concept of “the greatest good for the greatest number”. The patient has literally been reduced to cogs in the medical machine, as an article entitled: “Objectifying Patients, Roboticizing Physicians” by Susan Haack elucidates the medical technocratic takeover model that the public is being conditioned to accept, the idea, of course being sold as a massive innovation designed to improve efficiency.

“Population health” also comes into consideration when one considers the apparent future model for calculating health premiums. The technocrat human demonization campaign known as the “carbon footprint” will undoubtedly be used to justify higher health care costs. The problem is isolated through the carbon emissions generated in the production process of medical equipment, and the biggest contributor to these emissions in the health sector, it was found was hospitals.

According to the University of Chicago one tenth of the country’s carbon footprint comes from the US medical industry. The proposition set forth by Jeanette Chung, PHD, and research associate for the Hospital of Medicine section of the University of Chicago was compensation for humanity’s evil ways:

“In this country, the primary focus is on issues surrounding patient safety, health care quality, and cost containment at this current point in time. The health care sector, in general, may be a bit slower than other sectors to put this on their radar screen,” Chung said. “But given the focus on health care policy and environmental policy, it might be interesting — if not wise — to start accounting for environmental externalities in health care.”

Some initial concerns for the federal standardization of health care were articulated in Michelle Bachmann’s warning of “Death Panels”, which the corporate-controlled media vehemently denied. It was however admitted by Bill Gates in a moment of candor when expressing prudent medical expenses in relation to teacher’s wages when he said:

“should we end the life of some elderly folks to prevent laying off ten teachers? But that’s called a ‘death panel’ and you’re not allowed to have that discussion.”

Representative Bachmann received much ridicule for warning the public of the contents of the health care bill that no one was allowed to read until it was passed—former speaker Pelosi famously announced to the House of reps that “we have to hurry and pass it to find out how great it is!”

Confirmation of this aspect of the bill was gradually revealed and further confirmed when Obama boasted about the VA system being the model for universal federal standardized health care, these statements came right before the recent VA scandal where there was a horrendous admission of the internal operations by senior VA officials about actual “death panels”. The VA whistleblower stated that the attitude he’d witnessed concerning veterans was that it “would be cheaper to shoot some of these vets in the head” than to have them continue to rack up medical costs.

There are a few signals of the agenda moving at full speed. Privacy is being regarded as a nasty relic of the past. The medical industry has altered its aim from an institution that merely treats the public affected with illness to statistics collection, an algorithm generating process similar to the neuro economical model utilized by corporations and the law enforcement sector, which is designed to maximize profits for select corporate interests.

This radical change in the means to general health has been partly facilitated by not only the beefed-up electronic patient databases, which are now fueled by analysis of spending habits as reflected by credit card statements, household size, memberships to the gym and other lifestyle metrics, but the industry is also being transformed through the post industrial manifestation of the increase in the utilization of robotics, not just to replace low-level workers like in the manufacturing and service industries across the country, but to change out doctors as well.

Since the large electronic medical databases are becoming more invasive and there is an expected decimation of privacy, and with an increasing focus on the public’s carbon emissions, is too far-fetched to conceive that those who have a larger “carbon footprint” might be pushed to the front of the line on the “death panel roster” when it comes to cost accounting in the medical industry?


Lest there be Sacred Cows

The liberty minded parties such as the Constitutional, and Libertarians possess an inherent divisiveness by virtue of being a group of individualists. It is a characteristic that exists much to the respective parties’ own detriment. It is a systemic issue that prevents the respective parties from going very far in the mainstream political spectrum. Of course it obviously does them no favors being constantly demonized in popular culture, labeled as “terrorists” and “extremists” simply because of a natural aversion to compromise on moral issues that ultimately affect personal liberty.

With this in mind, the liberty-minded groups have to exercise a measured level of discernment with “grass roots” organizations and the front people of these groups so as to avoid a corporate co-opted candidate who says all the right things to get elected, the person who is all the right things to all the right people. This will inevitably provide the conditions for an incurable case of apathy on the part of the constituents, because “their guy got in.”

Voters must be open to the possibility that the Tea party could easily be funded by trans-national corporate interests in an attempt to both infiltrate the party to stifle dissent and secure political power, or use the party to prop up another party. This is a pretty common occurrence in politics.

There were claims that the Republicans funded Ralph Nader in the 2000 election to hurt Gore’s chance of winning. Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party candidate was famously funded by corporate interests, compromising votes for William Howard Taft, which guaranteed Woodrow Wilson’s win. This ultimately cost the election for the other competing factions. More recently Libertarian candidate for Governor, Robert Sarvis in Virginia was funded by Democrats in an attempt to stifle the Republicans chances of winning.

It is not a far stretch of the imagination to consider that the elements of the Tea Party could either be used as leverage to give power to another mainstream party or it could be hi-jacked by rabid corporate interests in an attempt to maintain control of the system. At the same time, the liberty-minded voters must remember to refrain from inaction stemming from the false notion that they are powerless to cause change. Since these liberty-minded groups are filled with the remnants of society’s “rugged individualists” their bad habit of being overly critical of anyone who happens to rise to prominence because they don’t fit the ideal standards.

Ron Paul was the closest thing to a Libertarian in the mainstream. Dr. Paul was also ripped to shreds by the corporate-controlled media, and by conservative in-fighting—all amounting to the same issues that plague his son Rand Paul—not being “Ayn Randian” enough for the good of the party–the same in-fighting that is the catalyst for the destruction of the Republican Party.

On the one hand, it is positive that liberty-minded constituents won’t support Rand Paul or Ron Paul just because they are libertarians, but they are far from the “lesser of two evil” paradigm that we are accustomed to.

After Bush, the public desperately wanted a change, and Obama’s oratory prowess was welcomed with open arms.

Many voters are disillusioned by the system, and so they are unable to believe that anything can be done on their part to make a serious change. The generally benevolent and overly critical conservative, or classically liberal people could very well sabotage a true grass roots movementthemselves, or on the other hand exalt it to a position beyond reproach.

The public simply needs to hold liberty candidates to a higher standard lest there be sacred cows.

Planned Parenthood Death Factory

Planned Parenthood is a vicious death machine mercilessly consuming the flesh of contemporary society. The looming specter of eugenics was not banished with the death of the hateful lunatic known as Margaret Sanger, it continues to haunt the liberty loving hearts of unsuspecting people everywhere. It isn’t easily recognized, however, because it manifests as the mutant authority worshiping “economically green sustainability” movement, which threatens to collapse economies and impoverish millions with an encore of rampant democide.

Planned Parenthood cleverly poses as a liberal group which provides “responsible planning” for families by offering options that deliberately enforce an insidious agenda linked to eugenics and depopulation: sterilization, birth control, and abortion; they also work with other “health and population initiatives” to implement their skewed plot for a maniacal soft-kill operation cloaked in a pink, loving liberal façade.

The group’s focus as a whole has been to create an atmosphere of moral relativism, a giant moral gray area staining the once noble fabric of society.

One symptom of this decadent cycle is the enabling of such rampant degenerate behavior, like the continued murder of millions of babies, this is a systemic issue in society, encouraged through the illusion of “progress” and “liberation.”

A group of Technocrats have imposed their will on the public by altering its perception of the value of the institution of the family and the value of life.

Through a continued campaign, orchestrated by zealots of the new secular religion of gaia worship, to sell the idea of false scarcity, and the demonization of humans, the justification for a depopulation plot that has been initiated that lies dormant in the “biodiversity proposals” set forth by various academics.

The eugenics organization of Planned Parenthood is amongst the weapons in the vast arsenal used by the Technocrats to achieve their ends. This is a blatant form of double think because the grand psy-op has been cleverly deployed to deceive many into believing they are exercising a wide variety of choices when the spectrum of “family planning measures” are major tenets of the liberal secular humanist religion.

The “liberal”, “earth-saving” initiatives proposed to the public are the exact opposite of responsible. The public has become much too accustomed to the practice of abortion, often viewing it as the only option.

The organization offers a host of seemingly innocuous services in a manner that seems that anyone who finds alternatives appealing are failing to be socially responsible. The prospect of adoption, as a viable option is often ignored in favor of the more “liberal pro choice” option.

One common eugenics apologists’ mantra is that birth control helps manage health appropriately, but Planned Parenthood’s shameless, and relentless pushing of birth control with adverse health effects is not called into question.

According to Medical News Today, in a 2006 article, which references a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine called: “Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Androgen Levels: A Retrospective Study in Women with Sexual Dysfunction” 124 women were tested for a 6 month period, they were separated into three groups, one that had used the meds for more than 6 months, one that had been using the meds for more than 6 months and had stopped, and another group who had never used the meds;

the study concluded that there may be a series of long-term health issues such as “sexual, metabolic, and mental health” stemming from some oral contraceptives. Use of some of the oral contraceptives permanently reduced levels of sex hormone binding globulin causing apparent sexual dysfunction.

The implications of the direct exposure to these pills that has been found to cause health issues is quite dramatic, but indirect exposure through the public water system polluted through the disposal of waste from the consumed medication lovingly supplied by eugenics pimps like Planned Parenthood, and others raises other environmental and public health concerns.

The Planned Parenthood Eugenics Cult

The infiltration of liberal causes by eugenicist organizations like Planned Parenthood actively demoralized society by infecting the people’s minds with the malignant poison of nihilism.

Everyone remembers Sanger’s famous “Negro Project” which was a plan to seduce liberals into accepting their insane depopulation agenda.

Margaret Sanger wrote a letter in December 19, 1939 to Dr. Clarence Gamble of Proctor and Gamble, in regards to their ‘Negro Project’:

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Sanger is also famous for not thinking too kindly of anyone who wasn’t white. She was a favorite guest at klan meetings. She was very vocal about her views, like this famous quote from the April 1933 Birth Control Review:

“[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] human weeds … a dead-weight of human waste … [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to the race.”

“Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must prevent Multiplication of this bad stock.”

So, what happened after Margaret Sanger died? Did Planned Parenthood mend its ways, repent and become a divine inspiration of pure benevolence?

Planned Parenthood became a covert front for the elite eugenics agenda, convincing the world that killing babies was the liberal and responsible thing to do to “save the earth.”

The liberals were indoctrinated to believe that humanity is a parasite with liberal think tanks such as The Optimum Population Trust echoing early Sanger sentiments with statements claiming that people could reduce harmful effects on the environment “if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York.”

The philosophy of this organization is really just an outgrowth of the “man as parasite” view espoused by the pseudo environmental movement which makes wild claims like “anthropogenic global warming” as a justification for the reduction of the secular humanist concept of the “carbon footprint.”

In the “Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy In The US” 1969 memorandum written by Frederick S. Jaffe to Bernard Berelson, president of the population council, an attack is outlined on the family unit.

The report proposes a covert agenda to decrease the world’s population through various means of social engineering. It offers an insidious array of criteria for “social constraints”, “economic deterrents”, and “social controls” to help reduce fertility, and discourage population growth. These areas of focus amount to radically altering the perception of what is considered a healthy family, and suggests the family is a destruction institution in modern society that must be dealt with in a hostile manner.

The memo instructs for the commencement of rigid economic policies to achieve the desired level of change such as: harsh taxes placed on families, and the withdrawal of any government subsidies such as public-funded medical care, scholarship programs, or housing assistance available to families, also the cessation of welfare for families with more than two children, and the removal of benefits for families such as paid maternity leave and tax exemptions.

Social changes would include removing women from the household into the workforce under the guise of liberation, children would be required to participate in compulsory education, the concept of marriage would be degraded as an antiquated ideal, increasingly encouraged homosexuality, and the agents to reduce fertility would be added to the water supply.

The social controls applied to the population would be compulsory abortions for out-of-wedlock pregnancies, making home ownership a taboo, making abortion, sterilization, and contraception medical rights; also having the state limit the ability for certain people to have children, stock certificates for children, and compulsory sterilizations for “all who would have two children and a few who would have three.”

America’s Liberal Future (Part 4)

Don’t forget Hitler was a liberal. National Socialism appealed to the working class. It is important to appeal to the working class, because the elite’s ability to use the illusion of Democracy against the people is a sure-fire way to secure power for the Technocrats and their planned society. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for what is for dinner—it is a fallacy that America is a Democracy—the word Democracy is not used once in the US Constitution, but is a powerful psy-op that has been utilized by the elites to condition the people into an intricate system of mob rule where the rights of the majority are more powerful than the individual’s.

The “liberal” authoritarians demand their rights, and create a condition of slavery. This is where the protected classes come from. When God-given rights are sacrificed on the altar of “progressive initiatives” and they are transformed into privileges, which are granted to everyone by the all-knowing-all-powerful-omnipotent state it is considered “morally superior”.

It is a scientifically planned society with an often underestimated powerful elite that has been minimized into a harmless caricature by popular culture, like the Simpsons’ episode with the Stonecutters. People are conditioned to think the Illuminati is a harmless trendy phenomenon and that there is nothing to worry about because tyranny was real, but it existed in the past. Citizens are convinced the second amendment is a hunting privilege—not a mechanism for self defense, or a safeguard against an oppressive regime with zero checks and balances. This is because Democrats have repeated ad naseum: “I believe in the second amendment because I like to go hunting too.” And the public simply accepted that the second amendment was now equated with hunting for sport.

Are you curious to see how tight the grip of the Technocrats’ fist around your throat is? Just watch and listen to the false reality matrix that has been constructed. The pre 9/11 America was not perfect, but it has a striking contrast to the America of today—the America of today is more similar to Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia. People are able to accept such a brutal authoritarianism because it is loving and liberal. People bend over backwards to avoid being insensitive. The ace in the hole of the Technocrats is the reduction of speech and thought through the prevalence of television, and political correctness. Anything the elite deems undesirable is simply made “racist” or “sexist”, and the glorious totalitarian agenda is pushed forward with unanimous consent.

If someone opposes the massive NSA surveillance, they are labeled “ignorant of technology”.

If someone opposes gun control they are labeled “potentially violent terrorists”.

If someone opposes gay marriage they are labeled “backward hate-mongers”

If someone opposes abortion they are labeled “religious extremists”.

If someone is skeptical of anthropomorphic global warming they are labeled “flat-earthers”.

All these labels are attempts to attack the individuals without offering a legitimate intellectual argument. People are so tolerant that they have become radically intolerant.

The world is like a recovering addict, it has gone through tyrannical relapse countless times. Relapse is not when an addict breaks down and uses, it is when they fail to deal with their triggers effectively, hence leading to the inevitable use of their “drug of choice”. In this scenario, liberty would be a period of sobriety, the world is a dry drunk who constantly obsesses over oppressive dictatorships; a good recovery program for the world is a system like America’s Constitutional Republic which forces the helpless addict to stay sober—to stay liberty minded and free.

America’s Liberal Future (Part 3)

The unique situation set up in America is that it is a country of immigrants, a group of people escaping their respective tyrannies to embrace the idea of liberty, self determination and free markets.

The concept of “free market” has been manipulated by new world order corporate technocrats with euphemisms such as “free trade” in a manner that dissolves sovereignty and ultimately compromises civil rights.

The surge of immigration, may in fact, be an orchestrated effort by the technocrats, to disrupt the inner workings of the country, but it can be used to promote the ideas that it could be designed to destroy, such as liberty and freedom.

America has been subverted by pseudo liberals who promote false concepts of multiculturalism that actually divide people into groups, and cause greater tensions than what had initially existed prior to the civil rights movement that Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. led.

Real multiculturalism promotes unity, and encourages mutual understanding and appreciation; the traditional American “melting pot” is the living realization of true multiculturalism. The idea that groups of people from all over the world from vastly different cultures can come together to one country and unify under the concept of freedom is a very powerful idea, and amusingly enough, as simple as it is it has threatened the elites since the founding of the country.

True liberalism should promote patriotism for America and the concepts it represents, the idea that the individuals can become empowered by being given the opportunity to meet their true potential—unfettered by some perverse collective herd mentality and blind devotion to the state–some psychopathic cult of personality icon like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or more recently Obama.

The corporate “North American Union” concept is aggressively being integrated into the public’s consciousness, as outlined in the CFR report “Building a North American Community”, citizens are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea of letting their God-given rights slip through their fingers, because they are convinced that it is the “morally elevated” thing to do—it’s “progressive” to be a slave. It is a slow indoctrination process aimed at the younger generations, an agenda to get the youth to accept the idea of a “North American Community” instead of a United States of America where freedom can flourish unmolested by power-hungry technocrats.

The tide can easily be turned against the technocrats who are bent on controlling humans by creating a new culture of liberty by educating everyone on the methods of oppression, and the blatant suppression of true classical liberalism in this country.

America’s Liberal Future (Part 2)

America’s liberal future does not have to be an authoritarian hell-hole. Americans can choose to look at the dramatic rise in immigration as an opportunity to spread libertarian ideals. America is a country of immigrants so in essence it is nonsensical for some to get up in arms about its existence in a country with a giant statue that literally welcomes everyone—the tired, poor, and sick masses who yearn for freedom.

America’s liberal future does not have to be the choice of a dehumanizing Technocracy, it can be molded in the tradition of classical liberalism expressed by the founders.

In Sweden, the criticism of immigration is becoming a form of “hate speech”. Anyone who dares voice an opposing opinion about immigration is considered “racist”. This practice of demonizing the characters of people with different views is another way to control people. If immigration is right or wrong it should not matter what people merely say about it—it will not change the inherent rightness or wrongness of it, and this “hate speech” mechanism employed by the corrupt corporate controlled media and corporate pitchmen euphemistically referred to as “politicians”, will only serve to stifle dissidents.

America, with its glorious authoritarian liberal future, a country that is the biggest gun running violence pimp in the word does not want its citizens armed, they cannot have the ability to protect themselves. Don’t you know they have to be domesticated slaves? The low IQ lunatic thugs, who dress in police uniforms may inflict an endless barrage of brutal (liberal-loving) violence on the citizens, but god forbid anyone protect themselves—America’s liberal future does not have to take a dangerous trip to the funny farm(where life is grand) by creating more “gun free zones”(where criminals are prohibited from committing acts of violence—unfortunately this is a real thing being put into place all over the country); it is not enough, you see, to make murder against the law—no! “Gun Free Zones”, or “Victim Disarmament Zones” must be installed everywhere to justify increased domestication, dependence on the state.

It is the beginning of the demonization of ideas, Hillary Clinton came out blasting gun owners and the second amendment, saying: “those who hold a viewpoint cannot terrorize the rest of the country” and certain liberty based websites such as are filtered the same as “racist and violent” on some internet services. Seemingly innocuous web filters created with the justification of protection cause a larger problem. It is the initiation of thought policing. This thought police phenomenon is a hi-tech mass-conditioning scheme to impose the Technocratic whims of the elite onto the people.

What could be designated as “violent” or “offensive” today can very well be something as simple as a different viewpoint on any issue posed by the ruling elite, and the consequence for a dissenting opinion could not only cause severe social ridicule, but a series of charges brought against someone by the “all-knowing-god-like-state”.

This is a dangerous path to travel down, because what they can do to one group they can do to anyone. The precedent for setting up special protected groups leads to the whole-sale discrimination of the biggest minority, the individual.