America’s Glorious Liberal Future (Part 1)

The beauty of the internet is that it allows us to take a glimpse into the futuristic looking glass of progressive technocratic utopia’s, like the wonderful land of Sweden.

The states could mutate into a brutal authoritarianism almost overnight–a blood thirsty oppressive police state that would appear loving and liberal on the surface.

The situation in the country of Sweden provides an excellent example of how the liberal fight for equality can lead to extreme oppression. The country has a long history of legal reforms in regards to the gay community. They were the first country to legalize gender reassignment surgery in 1972. It is one of the first country’s to legalize a broad range of homosexual lifestyle concerns such as marriage, adoption, lesbian insemination, and more recently the the repeal of involuntary sterilization of transsexuals.

In the name of protecting individual rights they have a long tradition of keeping the discrimination of anyone for anything (apparently real or imagined) illegal. They even have a series of gay youth leagues, and various LGBT rights groups including a literal Gay Gestapo known as the gay police association.

More recently Sweden has outlawed internet hate speech for those criticizing any of the protected groups. If one is found in violation of discrimination then their life is over.

Criticism of the policy is not a condemnation of the lifestyle—their claims of being the leading country in equal treatment for everyone is a deluded fantasy, and has in fact caused a more severe condition of intolerance.

Imposing strict limitations on speech to eliminate discrimination is an obvious indication of the same discrimination the law was meant to prevent. Sacrificing the individual to the will of the protected classes will only lead to an uncanny totalitarianism.


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