America’s Liberal Future (Part 2)

America’s liberal future does not have to be an authoritarian hell-hole. Americans can choose to look at the dramatic rise in immigration as an opportunity to spread libertarian ideals. America is a country of immigrants so in essence it is nonsensical for some to get up in arms about its existence in a country with a giant statue that literally welcomes everyone—the tired, poor, and sick masses who yearn for freedom.

America’s liberal future does not have to be the choice of a dehumanizing Technocracy, it can be molded in the tradition of classical liberalism expressed by the founders.

In Sweden, the criticism of immigration is becoming a form of “hate speech”. Anyone who dares voice an opposing opinion about immigration is considered “racist”. This practice of demonizing the characters of people with different views is another way to control people. If immigration is right or wrong it should not matter what people merely say about it—it will not change the inherent rightness or wrongness of it, and this “hate speech” mechanism employed by the corrupt corporate controlled media and corporate pitchmen euphemistically referred to as “politicians”, will only serve to stifle dissidents.

America, with its glorious authoritarian liberal future, a country that is the biggest gun running violence pimp in the word does not want its citizens armed, they cannot have the ability to protect themselves. Don’t you know they have to be domesticated slaves? The low IQ lunatic thugs, who dress in police uniforms may inflict an endless barrage of brutal (liberal-loving) violence on the citizens, but god forbid anyone protect themselves—America’s liberal future does not have to take a dangerous trip to the funny farm(where life is grand) by creating more “gun free zones”(where criminals are prohibited from committing acts of violence—unfortunately this is a real thing being put into place all over the country); it is not enough, you see, to make murder against the law—no! “Gun Free Zones”, or “Victim Disarmament Zones” must be installed everywhere to justify increased domestication, dependence on the state.

It is the beginning of the demonization of ideas, Hillary Clinton came out blasting gun owners and the second amendment, saying: “those who hold a viewpoint cannot terrorize the rest of the country” and certain liberty based websites such as are filtered the same as “racist and violent” on some internet services. Seemingly innocuous web filters created with the justification of protection cause a larger problem. It is the initiation of thought policing. This thought police phenomenon is a hi-tech mass-conditioning scheme to impose the Technocratic whims of the elite onto the people.

What could be designated as “violent” or “offensive” today can very well be something as simple as a different viewpoint on any issue posed by the ruling elite, and the consequence for a dissenting opinion could not only cause severe social ridicule, but a series of charges brought against someone by the “all-knowing-god-like-state”.

This is a dangerous path to travel down, because what they can do to one group they can do to anyone. The precedent for setting up special protected groups leads to the whole-sale discrimination of the biggest minority, the individual.


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