America’s Liberal Future (Part 3)

The unique situation set up in America is that it is a country of immigrants, a group of people escaping their respective tyrannies to embrace the idea of liberty, self determination and free markets.

The concept of “free market” has been manipulated by new world order corporate technocrats with euphemisms such as “free trade” in a manner that dissolves sovereignty and ultimately compromises civil rights.

The surge of immigration, may in fact, be an orchestrated effort by the technocrats, to disrupt the inner workings of the country, but it can be used to promote the ideas that it could be designed to destroy, such as liberty and freedom.

America has been subverted by pseudo liberals who promote false concepts of multiculturalism that actually divide people into groups, and cause greater tensions than what had initially existed prior to the civil rights movement that Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. led.

Real multiculturalism promotes unity, and encourages mutual understanding and appreciation; the traditional American “melting pot” is the living realization of true multiculturalism. The idea that groups of people from all over the world from vastly different cultures can come together to one country and unify under the concept of freedom is a very powerful idea, and amusingly enough, as simple as it is it has threatened the elites since the founding of the country.

True liberalism should promote patriotism for America and the concepts it represents, the idea that the individuals can become empowered by being given the opportunity to meet their true potential—unfettered by some perverse collective herd mentality and blind devotion to the state–some psychopathic cult of personality icon like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or more recently Obama.

The corporate “North American Union” concept is aggressively being integrated into the public’s consciousness, as outlined in the CFR report “Building a North American Community”, citizens are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea of letting their God-given rights slip through their fingers, because they are convinced that it is the “morally elevated” thing to do—it’s “progressive” to be a slave. It is a slow indoctrination process aimed at the younger generations, an agenda to get the youth to accept the idea of a “North American Community” instead of a United States of America where freedom can flourish unmolested by power-hungry technocrats.

The tide can easily be turned against the technocrats who are bent on controlling humans by creating a new culture of liberty by educating everyone on the methods of oppression, and the blatant suppression of true classical liberalism in this country.


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