America’s Liberal Future (Part 4)

Don’t forget Hitler was a liberal. National Socialism appealed to the working class. It is important to appeal to the working class, because the elite’s ability to use the illusion of Democracy against the people is a sure-fire way to secure power for the Technocrats and their planned society. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for what is for dinner—it is a fallacy that America is a Democracy—the word Democracy is not used once in the US Constitution, but is a powerful psy-op that has been utilized by the elites to condition the people into an intricate system of mob rule where the rights of the majority are more powerful than the individual’s.

The “liberal” authoritarians demand their rights, and create a condition of slavery. This is where the protected classes come from. When God-given rights are sacrificed on the altar of “progressive initiatives” and they are transformed into privileges, which are granted to everyone by the all-knowing-all-powerful-omnipotent state it is considered “morally superior”.

It is a scientifically planned society with an often underestimated powerful elite that has been minimized into a harmless caricature by popular culture, like the Simpsons’ episode with the Stonecutters. People are conditioned to think the Illuminati is a harmless trendy phenomenon and that there is nothing to worry about because tyranny was real, but it existed in the past. Citizens are convinced the second amendment is a hunting privilege—not a mechanism for self defense, or a safeguard against an oppressive regime with zero checks and balances. This is because Democrats have repeated ad naseum: “I believe in the second amendment because I like to go hunting too.” And the public simply accepted that the second amendment was now equated with hunting for sport.

Are you curious to see how tight the grip of the Technocrats’ fist around your throat is? Just watch and listen to the false reality matrix that has been constructed. The pre 9/11 America was not perfect, but it has a striking contrast to the America of today—the America of today is more similar to Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia. People are able to accept such a brutal authoritarianism because it is loving and liberal. People bend over backwards to avoid being insensitive. The ace in the hole of the Technocrats is the reduction of speech and thought through the prevalence of television, and political correctness. Anything the elite deems undesirable is simply made “racist” or “sexist”, and the glorious totalitarian agenda is pushed forward with unanimous consent.

If someone opposes the massive NSA surveillance, they are labeled “ignorant of technology”.

If someone opposes gun control they are labeled “potentially violent terrorists”.

If someone opposes gay marriage they are labeled “backward hate-mongers”

If someone opposes abortion they are labeled “religious extremists”.

If someone is skeptical of anthropomorphic global warming they are labeled “flat-earthers”.

All these labels are attempts to attack the individuals without offering a legitimate intellectual argument. People are so tolerant that they have become radically intolerant.

The world is like a recovering addict, it has gone through tyrannical relapse countless times. Relapse is not when an addict breaks down and uses, it is when they fail to deal with their triggers effectively, hence leading to the inevitable use of their “drug of choice”. In this scenario, liberty would be a period of sobriety, the world is a dry drunk who constantly obsesses over oppressive dictatorships; a good recovery program for the world is a system like America’s Constitutional Republic which forces the helpless addict to stay sober—to stay liberty minded and free.


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