Planned Parenthood Death Factory

Planned Parenthood is a vicious death machine mercilessly consuming the flesh of contemporary society. The looming specter of eugenics was not banished with the death of the hateful lunatic known as Margaret Sanger, it continues to haunt the liberty loving hearts of unsuspecting people everywhere. It isn’t easily recognized, however, because it manifests as the mutant authority worshiping “economically green sustainability” movement, which threatens to collapse economies and impoverish millions with an encore of rampant democide.

Planned Parenthood cleverly poses as a liberal group which provides “responsible planning” for families by offering options that deliberately enforce an insidious agenda linked to eugenics and depopulation: sterilization, birth control, and abortion; they also work with other “health and population initiatives” to implement their skewed plot for a maniacal soft-kill operation cloaked in a pink, loving liberal façade.

The group’s focus as a whole has been to create an atmosphere of moral relativism, a giant moral gray area staining the once noble fabric of society.

One symptom of this decadent cycle is the enabling of such rampant degenerate behavior, like the continued murder of millions of babies, this is a systemic issue in society, encouraged through the illusion of “progress” and “liberation.”

A group of Technocrats have imposed their will on the public by altering its perception of the value of the institution of the family and the value of life.

Through a continued campaign, orchestrated by zealots of the new secular religion of gaia worship, to sell the idea of false scarcity, and the demonization of humans, the justification for a depopulation plot that has been initiated that lies dormant in the “biodiversity proposals” set forth by various academics.

The eugenics organization of Planned Parenthood is amongst the weapons in the vast arsenal used by the Technocrats to achieve their ends. This is a blatant form of double think because the grand psy-op has been cleverly deployed to deceive many into believing they are exercising a wide variety of choices when the spectrum of “family planning measures” are major tenets of the liberal secular humanist religion.

The “liberal”, “earth-saving” initiatives proposed to the public are the exact opposite of responsible. The public has become much too accustomed to the practice of abortion, often viewing it as the only option.

The organization offers a host of seemingly innocuous services in a manner that seems that anyone who finds alternatives appealing are failing to be socially responsible. The prospect of adoption, as a viable option is often ignored in favor of the more “liberal pro choice” option.

One common eugenics apologists’ mantra is that birth control helps manage health appropriately, but Planned Parenthood’s shameless, and relentless pushing of birth control with adverse health effects is not called into question.

According to Medical News Today, in a 2006 article, which references a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine called: “Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and Androgen Levels: A Retrospective Study in Women with Sexual Dysfunction” 124 women were tested for a 6 month period, they were separated into three groups, one that had used the meds for more than 6 months, one that had been using the meds for more than 6 months and had stopped, and another group who had never used the meds;

the study concluded that there may be a series of long-term health issues such as “sexual, metabolic, and mental health” stemming from some oral contraceptives. Use of some of the oral contraceptives permanently reduced levels of sex hormone binding globulin causing apparent sexual dysfunction.

The implications of the direct exposure to these pills that has been found to cause health issues is quite dramatic, but indirect exposure through the public water system polluted through the disposal of waste from the consumed medication lovingly supplied by eugenics pimps like Planned Parenthood, and others raises other environmental and public health concerns.


5 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Death Factory”

    1. Eugenics is selective breeding to maximize evolutionary benefits, it was also referred to as “racial hygiene” during the huge push in the early 1900’s for forced sterilizations, and euthanasia to eliminate certain personality types that the state deemed “unworthy” of life.

      1. Nothing you said provided evidence of an ongoing campaign for selective breeding.

  1. Phasing humans out of existence is not eugenics (nor a goal…but I’ll leave that aside). You would be talking about speciocide.

    You might want to research the word eugenics and its root.

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