Planned Parenthood: Ultra Liberal Murder Squad

Abortion became a loving liberal accepted phenomenon associated with women’s liberation from an “oppressive patriarchy”, promoted by religious zealots. The solution being a guided responsible family planning facade, the implication being that Planned Parenthood’s brand of liberation was a superior alternative to adoption; adoption is listed on the Planned Parenthood website, but it is the only possibility that suggests a woman could be heavily pressured or tricked into it.

Liberal Democrats, who are gung-ho about civil rights are also the most enthusiastic about literally killing off their constituency before they are even born.

Don’t forget the words of Rev. Leonard Childress of

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb.”

Minority babies in America are being aborted at a higher rate than whites, they are not safe from the deranged eugenicists who are dedicated to the elimination of the “inferior sub-humans”.

It is now considered the right of a woman to abort a baby based on the child’s sex. How is this possible? It really isn’t surprising considering how the death culture has conditioned the people over time, yes, a long-term agenda carried out over the course of decades in order to radically alter human values, through socially engineering the collective consciousness to accept wholesale death.

This is accomplished by indoctrinating the children to believe in resource scarcity based on overpopulation. This strategy is further implemented based on the assumption that humans are a disease, who need to be eradicated in order to save the planet.

There are many depopulation methods employed by the elites to carry out their agenda: sterilization, and abortion are the favorite methods used by the scientific dictatorship.

When the origins of Planned Parenthood are brought up,some people exclaim:

“Margaret Sanger?!?! But that was a long time ago! SHE can’t be used to show how Planned Parenthood is a nefarious eugenics death cult!”

They protest with trembling cries and flushed, tear stained cheeks:

“More evidence needs to be brought up about eugenics!”

Remember, their liberal sensibilities have been offended by the blasphemy of anyone daring to question their beloved idol, the sacred pillar of their secular humanist cult has been desecrated; with an effort, they continue to pout through voice-cracking sobs:

“Sure,” They readily confess. “Sanger was a deranged psychopath obviously bent on the elimination of the ‘lesser races’ in an effort to pave the way for the Aryan superman, but she is dead now, and her malicious hatred can no longer harm us from the safety of our glorious liberal paradise where the air is sweet and a gentle melody always plays in the background.”

Keep in mind, constant reader, that Sanger’s goal was a long-term plan to infiltrate the various liberal movements, her efforts were echoed by Zibigniew Brzezinski in his book Between Two Ages, and his official government memo about the black leftists where he describes the need to infiltrate these groups to control them because they all represented a threat to the establishment.  

Many people forget Kissinger’s NSSM 220 memo which outlined a massive depopulation effort aimed at the third world countries to control them because they also threatened the establishment.

These plans are not things that lasted a few years, and were merely scrapped—these are long-term policies that continue to the present, and instead of dissipating over time, they became bigger. The public was conditioned to believe that sterilizing third world populations was a benevolent effort to save the planet.

False environmental movements designed to justify mass-murder via a seemingly innocuous depopulation agenda and De-industrialization for the earth.

The rise of a state-run dogmatic religion under the guise of a liberating and reason inspired philosophy, which was the necessary outgrowth of a covert neo eugenics movement designed to depopulate the planet to make way for the rise of the new superhuman.

History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes, and the gruesome composition created by the elites exhibits all the signs of a horrendous regime designed to snuff out the last bits of freedom forever in the ultimate revolution.

And for those who equate tyranny with Soviet Russia, and Nazi German, those who look for something similar, and are convinced we no longer need a constitution because the tyranny that inspired World War II “was like forever ago”, the mentality those people possess is very naïve and needs to be avoided like the plague.

The tyranny will come in the form of a smiling group clad in rainbow garb who will claim to give more rights, to free everyone from restrictive social mores—trading liberty for freedom to optimize security all for the greater good.


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