US Senate Exposes Agenda of the International Oligarchy


it's a big club

In a new report issued by the United States Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works entitled,

The Chain of Environmental Command: How a Club of Billionaires and their Foundations Control the Environmental Movement and Obama’s EPA,

links between above-the-law oligarchs and a series of environmental front groups to influence policy are established.

Environmental groups such as the prominent Sea Change Foundation, which is a private outfit, are highlighted because of their reliance on wealthy, undisclosed foreign donors, and due to their massive cash flow they consequently have an uncanny influence on “green movements”, or seemingly grassroots activism.

The report emphasizes that the phenomenon of the oligarchs influence on the various environmentalist movements is a vast conspiracy, the hundreds of millions of dollars referenced in the report is but a very small fraction of the funds involved overall, and hence the report itself falls short in exposing the overall scheme in its obscene enormity.

The tax system is exploited as funds are sent through charity and non profit organizations to finance initiatives which strengthen the desired agenda that the report suggests is to attacks jobs, stifles economic development, and ruins infrastructure projects across the country.

The elite’s insidious agenda is further realized through dutiful, hand-picked employees a “green revolving door” that ensure obedience to the party line through the reinforcement of policies that instill the pseudo scientific “green movement,” a lucrative program that exploits the public by using government funds through grants to provide funds to select “grass roots movements” securing positions of power for the corrupt oligarchs.

The process is further elucidated by means of demonstrating how all sections on the totem pole are funded by the same source causing the powerful illusion of spontaneity linked to a supposed “green concern”. A news agency funded by the Park Foundation, provides anti fracking talking points based on the Park Foundation’s study which is picked up by media financially influenced by the Park Foundation providing exposure to the public through social media created by the Park Foundation operatives who promulgate the contrived liberal movements that push the agenda of the Park Foundation.

This is report is another indication of the technocrat’s plan to create a neo feudal system that strips people of their inalienable rights granted by god—not provided by the state, that locks the public into a severe economic prison, and firmly establishes a controlled society with unlimited and unquestioned power forever by virtue of the scientific dictatorship–the final revolution against humanity.

The existence of this report created by a branch of the government in a country hijacked by criminal foreign interests offers hope for those liberty-minded individuals who constantly observe the intentional destruction of individual rights, those who take note of and document the corporate-controlled media’s complete lack of interests in true stories of corruption.

This report is another affirmation of the data collected from various sources over the years

which suggests there is a power elite that is exempt from the law, oligarchs who are not held to the same social contract as the ordinary citizenry; most importantly this report is an invaluable study guide for alternative media researchers, and bloggers alike.


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