NWO NOW(a rant)!

If you were paying attention you’d realize that the technocratic control system, the neo feudal state of affairs is not some looming event—it has already started—long ago, in fact.

We are at a point where things can change if you turn off your sacred zombie “smart” devices that are nothing more than mind control implements and trendy tracking trinkets.

Things can change if you ignore the corporate-controlled “mainstream” narrative that is offered to you via the warm hypnotic glow of the TV.

We can move forward if you become a heretic against the religion of sports.

The collective consciousness will be enlightened if you refuse to accept Washington D.C.’s political theater.

You’re not dumb—you’ve been duped.

The system broke your will. They instilled a severe case of authority worship into the fiber of your being.

They drove you to fatalism by destroying your creative drive.

Real progress is possible if you learn who “they” are.

Mushy brain is a severe condition, but it can be reversed because you are an amazing creature that can adapt to almost anything, but most of you have already accepting their nihilistic reality.

Pretty much everything you have been told is a lie.

Religious and educational institutions can only be taken at face value—they have a long history of deceit.

If this sounds crazy to you—like a foreign language—for god’s sake read Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Do you really think it is normal being groped at the airport?

Do you love those DUI/security checkpoints popping up everywhere?

Oh, you say you don’t have anything to hide?


Don’t you get it? A free and private citizen does not need to justify himself/herself to anyone!

Turn the cameras and listening devices around on the government!

Your tax dollars go to a cabal of corporate thugs!

Hillary Clinton is not one of you—she is a corrupt scumbag.

Doesn’t that get you just a little steamed—a tiny bit hot under the collar as they say?

For all anyone knows your beloved Rand Paul will sell you out too! Even he is finding justifications for the use of drones!

Bill Maher said it best: “you realize you’re represented by cash whores, right?”

Does it sound like a good idea to you to have your taxes fund police quotas that reinforce the world’s biggest prison population while the drugs are brought in by the government and the same tax dollars are used to fund wars all over the world and various terrorist organizations benefit from the same money—your money given to the almighty above the law government who calls anyone a dissident if they don’t support wholesale violence and ravenous decadence?!

Are you convinced John Kerry and Lindsey Graham have your best interests at heart?

What a joke!

In case you forgot the college of Hawaii study that labels government as the biggest psychopathic murderer in all of history being responsible for over 250,000,000 deaths—democide.

And you want to let these people read all your emails, listen to your phone calls, grope you at the airport, and put you in prison for some arbitrary made up victimless crime garbage?

They look for any excuse they can to kill people and you want to continue feeding the beast?

If some pervert has a badge is it okay if they look through your window at night “just to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal”? And while you’re at it, let some nosey agent read your emails to make sure you’re not guilty of a thought crime.

So in short the New World Order, the big bad boogeyman of politics is not coming it is already here with sharp fangs positioned on your collective necks and it isn’t about to bite it already has and it wants seconds and thirds and it will continue to feed until you are a dried up wrinkled leather mass ready to be ground up for public consumption and sold as a trendy treat.

The good news is it isn’t over.

In the words of the late great Bruce Lee:

“Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”

globalist party


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