How A Bot That War – For Ever

This sums up the technocracy perfectly. These bots are great vehicles for elaborate disinfo campaigns. Social media is a NWO wetdream.

No Black Pete

To write about sinterklaas and black pete, or ebola? Some white pete talk about a cartoon show forewarning last century. How easy for puppets and bots to ignore the first and second outbreaks. I would state that this shows why bots cannot replace real people, but after talking to some white pete, I realize that the bots have been modeled after them. More importantly, with the agenda to create dumbed down transhumans, the dumb bots seem to fit the plans perfectly.

Plenty of dumb bots in WP too. It does not deserve a separate article, because WP IS a bot. It can do bot all by itself. It does not need real people. Not real people writing, not real people reading. Welcome into the future that is now, but most cannot see. Twitter bots more popular than real people tweeting? Why would only twitter use bots then? If bots can…

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