Election 2016 (a rant)

The politics in america can be summed up like this: Corporate fascist vs. Authoritarian Nazi.

Are you kidding me?  You all are still going to subscribe to this absurd system?  You have a choice, believe it or not.  But no, you will remain passive, and dismissive of every horrible new development in the news!

Hillary and Trump?  Really?  Is that the best they can do?  And what will you people do?  You just accept it.  Look up Jill Stein and Gary Johnson if you have half a brain left.  Trump is the symptom of an illness that will not be cured by voting for Hillary, and a vote for Hillary is just submission to the corporatism put in place during the previous administrations.

Settling for Trump because he is the supposed alternative to Hillary is intellectual laziness and a sign that any “liberty” movement has been infiltrated by feds.  You know why?  Because a lot of the Libertarian media have already voiced support for Trump, but he is not a genuine Libertarian–he is a Nationalist(which is not a bad thing, by the way, but call it like it is, for God’s sake).  This is intellectual laziness because the two ideologies cannot continue to be confused–it is the corporate fascist media who continues to lump Nationalists in with Libertarians and the KKK and supposed “Right-wing” hate groups(when the meaning of “Right-wing” has been so distorted that the term cannot even be used in its proper context–the political terminology has been morphed and twisted, the term “Liberal” for example has been posited as the alternate to “Conservative” but these words have been shifted so much that they are meaningless, and are simply used for selective situations for the convenience of the parties involved).

The people are craving anything that seems like it will hurt the established order, and so Trump seems appealing.  Many of his policies seem suspect but the people are so fed up with the form administration doing everything it could/can to destroy individual liberty that they will settle for anything.

The lack of support or investigation into the third-party candidates is indicative of a controlled mainstream media and the public’s refusal for coverage of those candidates either means they are falling for the left/right paradigm again because their memories are so horrible that they have already forgotten both Bushes, the Clinton years, and the Obama travesties and they are succumbing to the illusion of choice again.

The people cannot afford to be so ignorant and apathetic in this system.  Democrats are willing to just let the party officials steal the nomination for Bernie Sanders?  What the hell?  And even though Sanders and Clinton have different perspectives on Liberalism, the Democrats will still settle for Clinton!  Bernie may be a socialist, but at least he stood up to the central bankers in Senate hearings, and he supported legislation to audit the fed.  What has Clinton done to stand up to the central bankers?  She is in bed with the central bankers–the central bankers are funding her, but the people will accept her as Bernie’s replacement in the “Liberal” spectrum in American politics–the media has no concept of true Liberalism so the concept is completely absurd to anyone who analyzes politics.

And Cruz is your alternative to Trump?  Really?   A globalist new world order operative who has orchestrated a patriot persona in order to get the Conservatives to blindly accept the same technocratic policies put in place by Dictator Obama?  That is your alternative to Trump?  That is a grotesque proposal to say the least.

The alternative media has not done its due diligence in the matter of covering the 2016 election because it continues to prop up the illusory two party system as all their is and all there ever will be.  RT and CNN give Johnson and Stein a little bit of coverage, but in the end those two candidates cannot realistically compete with the non-stop obsession over the next controversial Trump comment and the next Clinton scandal–people don’t understand that any coverage is good coverage and the more controversial these people are the better.  The only thing Stein and Johnson did wrong was not being involved in some illicit behavior that would capture the media’s attention and stimulate the public’s imagination, feeding the public’s appetite for more depraved politicians to obsess over.