Alternative Media Designated as “Fake” by Leftist Authoritarian

control and nation

A liberal professor, Melissa Zimdar created a list of “fake news” sites which are argued to have affected the 2016 presidential election.  It appears to be a list of conservative sites, like Breitbart, that do not fit into the corporate-controlled media narrative.

This action is an indication of a totalitarian regime attempting to assert power over the public, and the same standards of what constitutes as “fake” can also be applied to the New York Times or the Washington Post.

Combined with their efforts to classify certain media as “fake”, they have also attempted to demonize their alternative competitors by  portraying “alt-right” media as affiliated with Neo-Nazis.

Many liberty media outlets have been lumped into this category of “alt-right” and it has become an all encompassing term for racist white bigots by the corporate-controlled press.


Let it be stated that Neo-Nazis are more similar to the corporate-controlled media run by the Clinton Crime Machine, in affiliation with the Democrat gangsters than any “alt-right” organization.