We Are Anti Authoritarians!

This post is in reaponse to the recent wave of political riots in the United States.

Do not confuse this blog with the liberal, wind-up toys of the “alt-right”. Alt right is a deep state term-it is meant to demonize liberty enthusiasts by putting forward idiotic neo nazi groups to represent it.  “Alt right” is meaningless.  It cannot be defined.

This blog asserts that some associated with the “alt right” and groups like antifa are both competing factions within the leftist political spectrum.

This blog predicts it will be revealed with time that the alt right groups are, along with antifa, government controlled opposition agents.

Just ask yourself why it is okay for leftists to tote guns and they are seen as “defending freedom” but when constitutionalists do it, it is considered racist?

This blog decries any attempt to supress personal freedom.  And it will expose the technocrat’s goal to destabilize various regions with paid actors posing as protestors, and “alt right” groups that attempt to discredit true constitutional groups.

Don’t forget: The biggest minority is the individual.


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