In Defense of Infowars

There is much speculation about Infowars being a “Zionist Operation”.

I am not certain how Infowars has responded to these allegations, but even if they did would their response be met with anything but icy cynicism?

Many declarations of evidence that Alex is a Zionist are ststements made out of context ot exaggerated.  If, for example one says anything positive about Isreal then it is obvious you are a shill.


Many view their attempts to avoid the topic being discussed openly as a cover-up.  And displays of proof, where the issue has been covered in some fashion are not only lacking, but are met with anger, rather than logical points.

The truth is, the Zionist issue is wrought with poison controversy.  Infowars is only exhibiting a keen sense of journalistic instinct when it comes to distancing themselves toward this heavy issue.

But wait!  No one asks what would happen if Alex Jones comes out tomorrow to admit he is shameless Zionist?

Seriously, would an honest debate about this issue finally happen without the juvenile name-calling and pandering nonsense?  Or would we just resort to thugs who only understand brute force, and conducting legislative matters at the point of a gun?

It is very dangerous to wander in the territory of baseless accusations and slander.

Alex Jones, if he decided to hypothetically out himself as a Zionist would be hated because of demonization campaigns, a general ignorance of the issue at hand, and NOT based on the content of his character.

Rightly so, Alex Jones wants to avoid the type of controversy that some radical Zionist types could possibly attract-from both sides.  He would be a ripe target for assassination-more than he is now.

This is a complex issue.  It is multi-faceted.  Conspiracy-minded folks will read into it too much.  They think because Infowars does not concern themselves with that issue, then there must be a secret agenda.  The reality is that the issue itself is very difficult to discuss without pissing several people off immediately.  It is not a topic raised in mainstream media culture; when it is brought up on alternative media platforms there is a wide range of views on this topic and since there is a lack of consensus on basic things like terminology-it is easy to make accusations based solely on semantical phenomena.



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