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Alternative Media Designated as “Fake” by Leftist Authoritarian

control and nation

A liberal professor, Melissa Zimdar created a list of “fake news” sites which are argued to have affected the 2016 presidential election.  It appears to be a list of conservative sites, like Breitbart, that do not fit into the corporate-controlled media narrative.

This action is an indication of a totalitarian regime attempting to assert power over the public, and the same standards of what constitutes as “fake” can also be applied to the New York Times or the Washington Post.

Combined with their efforts to classify certain media as “fake”, they have also attempted to demonize their alternative competitors by  portraying “alt-right” media as affiliated with Neo-Nazis.

Many liberty media outlets have been lumped into this category of “alt-right” and it has become an all encompassing term for racist white bigots by the corporate-controlled press.


Let it be stated that Neo-Nazis are more similar to the corporate-controlled media run by the Clinton Crime Machine, in affiliation with the Democrat gangsters than any “alt-right” organization.




Fascist Pharmaceuticals

The corporate medical establishment monopoly exercises new forms of totalitarian control in the form of ‘liberation’ the concept of ‘progressive agendas’ moving forward to grant equality to all, the dagger aimed covertly at the throat comes in the form of an egalitarian trendy fixation, which creates further class division, new forms of slavery from perpetual economic terrorism, new forms of freedom packaged in rancid euphemistic dehumanizing practices.

Actors on television in white lab coats, wide smiles, and vacuous eyes promote the life-changing benefits of the innovative drugs cheaply produced, with inflated prices of 1000% percent or more in some cases. The chemical mechanisms for social control implemented by the technocratic elite are a pervasive so-called panacea for the ills of society, but is really just smartly packaged euthanasia of the human species.

There exists a scourge of prescription drug addiction while safer alternatives like marijuana are decried as substances used by degenerate scum. The beginnings of marijuana prohibition were inherently racist campaigns, as many government talking points illustrated, migrate workers associated with ‘dangerous narcotics’ contributing to the general degradation of society through alleged indiscriminate leering maniacal raving schizophrenic, raping, blood-lust tearing through the soft, and innocent fabric of society after just one joint was smoked; prohibition propaganda films like ‘Reefer Madness’ from the 30’s were shown to warn of the many dangers of ‘decent’ people losing complete control of their mental faculties, and releasing their true depraved animalistic tendencies with complete abandon when exposed to such a dangerous drug such as marijuana.

The corporate pharmaceutical monopoly gains strength, tightening its vice-grip stranglehold on the country’s biggest minority, the individual, a disgusting act of mass discrimination, and it is apparent in the eroded capitalist free-market system when one considers the demonization of the superior, multi-faceted hemp plant.

Anything that can compete with the synthetics they create is considered a threat. The cognitive dissonance is quite powerful in order that the public would concede to the government’s ‘war on drugs’ when the multiple government agencies have been caught importing drugs, CIA, DEA, the Iran-contra scandal, just to name a few–it really just amounts to a sick joke.

Big banks, HSBC and Wells Fargo have laundered billions(to be conservative) of dollars in money for drugs and terrorists yet legitimate pot dispensaries are punished, ‘because the market is too risky for them.’ is Wells Fargo’s excuse for not offering business loans to the newly legalized pot shops.

President Obama has increased raids on medical pot dispensaries since his election in 2008, and legal pot dispensaries in Colorado and Washington are already on the rise despite the feds promising to respect the tenth amendment.

The fact that Afghanistan had less than 2% of the world’s opium exports before the ‘war on terrorism’ and now it has close to 90%. If the government moved toward a policy of regulation, the price would naturally go down after a period of time.

The policy of regulating a plant like hemp that grows naturally everywhere, and has countless benefits across the board: health, food, manufacturing, fuel, and more, is absurd to say the least.

An incessant campaign by the fascist pharma companies to drug the population ensues with an epidemic of new chemical additions to the marketplace. The safety of these drugs are never guaranteed but they are nontheless shamelessly pushed on the public.

The doctor who made up the condition known as ADHD confessed on his deathbed about the ruse of these many manufactured illnesses. The annual psychiatric manual gets thicker every time it is published, and every time there are less sane people walking the planet.

Every human attribute or emotion is turning into a disorder. The shy and timid ones are labeled with ‘social anxiety’ disorder. Young kids are supposed to have chemical imbalances due to their natural hyperactivity. In public schools the self-starting, alpha males are selected for a process of marginalization to initiate a plan to kill their independent drive. The effort to suppress human emotions has gone so far as to create ‘anti-anxiety’ vaccines which are nothing more than nano viruses that eat the parts of your brain associated with stress. Stress, and fear are essential parts of the human experience, and aid greatly in survival.

It is more common, and becoming more unquestioned for school doctors to push medication on children who seem to fit some arbitrarily placed description of a mental disorder, and in the case where parents refuse, it is considered child abuse.

The presence of the drugs is so ubiquitous that all the school shootings can be traced to a highly medicated patsy under the influence of psychoactive drugs, which cause hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and the potential for homicidal actions. The phenomenon of mass shooting is rare, but the media’s attention to the matter leads the average person to believe there is a loner psychopath ready to dispense semi-automatic lead justice around every corner.


Drug Pushers Blame Guns for Fort Hood Shooting

In the wake of the Fort Hood shooting there is renewed focus on gun confiscation, but this time the clever euphemisms and distractions come out of the woodwork from a completely different angle.

The gun control debate can be maneuvered in the direction the technocratic elites desire because they control the argument with specific language. After Sandy Hook, the focus was geared toward a ‘’common sense’’ gun control language and a ‘’national conversation’’ have morphed to ‘’let’s find the true threat’’, and ‘’what can be done to prevent this?” But the prevention they are talking about is not actual prevention—it’s control. What is really being expressed is a desire to more effectively control the population.

Military veterans have already been demonized by the Department of Homeland Security as ‘’terrorist suspects’’; these people along with libertarians, constitutionalists, Christians, and anyone who displays the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag—anyone who is skeptical of government or the private Federal Reserve corporation.

Most likely attempts will be made to characterize the shooter, Ivan Lopez as associated with some libertarian constitutional group(ignoring of course that soldiers swear an oath to protect the constitution).

Army Secretary John McHugh said:

“We’re not making any assumptions by that. We’re going to keep an open mind and an open investigation . . . possible extremist involvement is still being looked at very, very carefully.”

No one in their right mind would argue against an actual preventative measure, but the ‘’prevention’’ argument they are referring to for such an event, with emphasis on mental health– the direction of the conversation does not lead in the natural direction one would think it should go.

The shooter was on psychotropic drugs to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Psychotropic drugs often cause hallucinations and homicidal tendencies.

The pharmaceutical industry, a symptom of the scientific dictatorship is fueled by technocrats with an agenda to literally mash the collective minds to a gray slop. This is apparent through the dramatic rise in prescription drug use, the DSM’s definition of mental illness has gradually broadened every time it is published.

Chemicals with actual health benefits like the active ingredient in marijuana, THC and the magic behind ‘’magic mushrooms’’, Psilocybin are relentlessly demonized because these natural chemicals would more effectively treat conditions with virtually no harmful side effects, and they would be able to literally give the pharmaceutical companies a run for their money.

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms has been found, according to multiple studies to help treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies conducted on rats demonstrate that when the subject is conditioned to fear a certain stimulus, after periodic doses of psilocybin their fear in relation to the same stimuli was alleviated.

The assault on civil liberties comes on many fronts with events like this because of a general lack of perspective, and a perpetually fear-ridden public who are consequently susceptible to deception from the corporate-controlled media apparatus.

The free market economy’s lack of a strong presence encourages corruption, in this case the predatory corporatist agenda to maximize profits by increasing the number of druggie citizens, a dual-pronged attack to maintain political control over a dumbed-down citizenry and to ensure a guaranteed pay-day for corporate pharmaceutical interests.

These corporate drug pushers, unfortunately are not held accountable for their promotion of ultra violence inducing meds, or as Alex Jones from would call them, ‘’suicide mass murder pills’’.

When the conversation begins to shift to actual preventative measures such as encouraging an informed public, who is ready to make better decisions in regards to more productive mental health options, vast improvements in safety can be achieved.

Once the pharmaceutical monopoly is abolished, through the decimation of the malicious direct-to-consumer marketing adds with their insidious brainwashing tactics, the people will be less inclined to believe that deadly prescription drugs are a necessary rite of passage, or a beneficial addition, a responsible preemptive action for a healthy lifestyle—once this propaganda is destroyed, and it is acknowledge to be superfluous and detrimental true progress can be made toward the pursuit of real prevention.

Elevated-Egalitarian Endeavors

An urgent need exists for the public to peel off the infectious government love goggles. This anti-intellectualism has to stop. It became rampant during both of the Bush regimes, but honestly there was a lot of hope that the current regime, with the smooth, well-articulated drive toward the restoration of civil liberties would bring in a new era of enlightenment, this was pure naivety in retrospect considering all the humans rights violations–gitmo, for example.

Did everyone forget about the hunger strikes, and force feeding of inmates? What about the whole issue of closing down the concentration camp? It was allegedly designed, initially to house terrorism suspects, but just became a CIA torture hell pit, terrorist-training school.

This is just one of the many lawless aspects of the technocratic agenda, creating precedents for torture, justified by ‘terrorism’. It wasn’t right when they were persecuting Muslims, and it isn’t right to persecute Christians either.

Wasn’t the United States founded on religious tolerance? The looming threat of ‘terrorism’ justifies more illegal wars, on top of the hideous hegemonic insatiable gluttonous appetite of the multinational neo-colonialists who have usurped the ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ movements to ensure the public’s collective consciousness shuts down, tunes out, and continues to slurp up the decadent meaty liquid of popular culture readily dispensed via ubiquitous media sources, add the panopticon, a mass surveillance spy grid to the mix, the exploitation derived from an amped-up and unregulated emerging science like neuro economics, an innovative form of marketing that utilizes enhanced computer algorithms to map consumer behavior based on numerous variables, and a highly controlled, not to mention fixed situation manifests.

A recent article in Foreign Affairs, entitled ‘Colonialism’s Enduring Dividends’ by Bhaskar Chakravorti, Jianwei Dong, and Kate Fedosova argues that the United States isn’t taking advantage of the new colonialist business model of the future which promises to rake in billions for US corporations.

How the public is not expected to violently laugh and vomit at the same time is a bizarre mystery worthy of an alternate reality version of Sherlock Holmes, forced to investigate the nightmare landscape of the Twighlight Zone.

A malicious neo-colonialist agenda has been outlined clearly in government white papers, and academic reports through the guise of ‘liberalism’, egalitarianism, and a gross display of false altruistic concern.

Neo-colonialism is the practice of utilizing predatory capitalism in the underdeveloped nations, who have access to natural resources that the world is dependent on.

The corporatocracy is illustrated by John Perkins, former Chief Economist for Main Financial, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. He describes his role at Main to provide exaggerated economic forecasts that would ensure inflated expenses to ensure that his company, and others like it would profit from lucrative contracts to ‘help’ build up the country’s infrastructure; he would attempt to convince the world leader on selling out their country’s future with massive World Bank and IMF loans that would be impossible to pay back.

The massive profits derived from these lucrative ventures go to corrupt above-the-law multinational corporations, while the people, exploited by their cheap labor and valuable resources are subjected to deeper levels of poverty.

If the economic hitmen were unable to negotiate with the leaders of that particular country, another character called ‘the jackal’ would move in and grant them an offer they couldn’t refuse, in true Godfather fashion. If the Jackal failed to deliver the desired results, the military would be sent in to redecorate–a new more cooperative dictator would replace the old guy who wasn’t a team player. The beauty of this system, Perkins relates, is that corporations can benefit from working with the government without regulations or congressional oversight.

It must be noted that the social institutions of government are not evil, but often have elements inside that operate with their own agenda, they lobby for the continued practice of launching a series of bloody, illegal wars, justified by preeminent protection measures against ‘terrorism’, to rob the third world populations of their natural resources just isn’t enough for the pandering intellectual snobs at Foreign Affairs–no, the corporate hunger pangs have turned to violent tremors threatening to throw the neo-liberal beasts into a complete frenzy, indicated by the series of blatant wars of the Muslim nations in the middle east under the false banner of ‘Democracy’ and ‘freedom’.

The false flag terror events orchestrated by black operatives to gain national support for an initial war in the middle east was a dream conceptualized by a small group of technocrats, the situation outlined in the ‘Project for a New American Century’ report, and the an obvious continuation of the infamous ‘Operation Northwoods’ report.

These pieces both outlines strategies for staging domestic violence by menacing civilian populations in an attempt to cast foreign enemies as scapegoats to justify calls for war, the enemies would be selected either as a means to an end, i.e., a pawn in a proxy war to covertly take aim at a larger target, or the enemy selection would be based on the sovereign nation in question’s possession of vast and lucrative natural resources.

In the early 1970’s, a classified document, the National Security Study Memorandum, NSSM 200 report on population was created by National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger to determine possible effects of the growing population on the United States. The report indicated that over population was becoming a serious threat to US national security interests, it reads:

“The U.S. medium projections show a world population of 12 billion by 2075 which implies a five-fold increase in south and Southeast Asia and in Latin American and a seven-fold increase in Africa, compared with a doubling in East Asia and a 40% increase in the presently developed countries.”

One solution was creating an educational atmosphere for the younger generation suggesting the benefits of a two child household; other solutions include:

the possibility of denying aid to third world countries as a deterrent for rapidly growing populations, the solution was to suggest these countries implement birth control education on a large scale, controlling rural areas(possibly with sterilants in medication, food and water as was later proposed by John P Holdren, in his book, Ecoscience, to manage populations), where ”fertility has been found to be higher”, where there is “inadequate information about and availability of means of fertility control” and also, “certain development programs may bring a faster demographic transition to lower fertility rates than other aspects of development. The World Population Plan of Action adopted at the World Population Conference recommends that countries working to affect fertility levels should be given priority to development programs and health and education strategies which have a decisive effect on fertility.” it also proposes to position women in the workplace to discourage larger families.

This report states that developing countries are burdened by their rich content of minerals and natural resources, and it implies that fast growing populations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America will continue to struggle to produce such resources under these dire conditions, which overall is really just a euphemistic way of suggesting these countries are in a prime spot to compete against imperialistic hegemony aggressively pursued by US interests.

The report highlights certain key countries and suggests withholding foreign aid unless they succumb to the proposed de-population efforts:

“Assistance for population moderation should give primary emphasis to the largest and fastest growing developing countries where there is special U.S. political and strategic interest. Those countries are: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Columbia. Together, they account for 47 percent of the world’s current population increase. (It should be recognized that at present AID bilateral assistance to some of these countries may not be acceptable.)”

The report further insinuates the need to relieve these countries of their natural resources:

“Rapid population growth is not in itself a major factor in pressure on depletable resources (fossil fuels and other minerals), since demand for them depends more on levels of industrial output than on numbers of people. On the other hand, the world is increasingly dependent on mineral supplies from developing countries, and if rapid population frustrates their prospects for economic development and social progress, the resulting instability may undermine the conditions for expanded output and sustained flows of such resources.”

One of the current, and unfortunately less reported examples of radical imperialism is the USAfricom program, a military operation designed to ‘help developing nations fight terrorism’.

Africom, established October 1st 2007, the little known massive militarization of Africa, and the next sequence in the loving tale of United States foreign policy, is an operation that has drastically restructured the US military command structure, to make an entity answerable to the secretary of defense for military operations with 53 African countries, it is a facet of the never-ending ‘war on terrorism’, providing military aid to certain groups, conducting civilian operations with the military, and protecting US oil interests, as the US purchases 24% of its oil from the African continent, and to hedge China’s progress in attempting to take advantage of the fossil fuels as well.

Representative Ed Royce (R-CA) said:

”Africa’s emerging potential as a major oil producer and supplier to the United States, has been of interest to the Sub-Committee on Africa that I’ve chaired for some time. The sub-committee held a hearing to look at this topic in 2000. It’s clearly in our national interest to diversify our energy supply, especially given the turbulent political climate in key parts of the world today. The expansion of energy production in Africa matches to that interest…”

The violent imperialist parade ensued in Afghanistan, then the public was led by the nose into Iraq, based on no real intelligence. The military escapades proceeded later in Egypt and Libya, while the public’s mind fog, a perpetual euphoric daze instigated by the pop culture opium of the masses, a literal zombie-like state created through means of ultra violence contained in movies, and video games with the endless obsession over the deviant drug habits of pop icons, but that is just one dimension of the mind numbing that befell the unsuspecting public.

President Obama said we couldn’t raise the standard of living in the third-world countries because ‘everything would boil over’ but the stated attempt of the pervasive neo colonialist agenda is to supposedly raise the standard of living while creating grossly inflated economic projections on the country’s potential prospects for growth justifying enormous loans for infrastructure, health, utility services, and other civil engineering mechanisms, in the hopes that the IMF and World Bank issued loans will be so gargantuan that the government in question would be ultimately unable to pay them back, causing them to be forced to surrender natural resources as collateral with the pending obligation to still pay the loan with interest in full.

This program of aggressive exploitation, not only avoids congressional scrutiny by virtue of being a covert fascist coup on the republic, with select government officials working in tandem with corporations in a conspiracy against vulnerable leaders to maximize profits, and destroy competition; the whole system flies under the public’s radar as well–most people just simply can’t believe that their elected officials would let such corruption run rampant.

The false debate created by the corporate-controlled media about capitalists verses socialists is losing momentum as people begin to realize that the corporations have a strangle hold over their lives.

This false system was set up to divert the public’s attention from true free market capitalism encouraging liberty verses a corporatocracy determined to established an unquestioned monopoly over all products while treating the world like a gigantic game of Risk.

With the ‘elected’ officials being devote disciples of the money cult of the Federal Reserve, with multinational corporations, don’t underestimate the ability to vote with dollars to put a dent in the system.