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The Bostom Bombing in Retrospect

It has been a year since the false flag event on Patriot’s Day that was supposed to be blamed on the Libertarians and Constitutionalists as a justification for gun confiscation, and increased security measures.

How do you we know it was supposed to be blamed on Libertarians?

It was in the corporate-controlled media’s script. The earliest accounts of the bombing–not even an hour after it happened–a ”domestic terror threat” was being blamed. Reports from talking heads with zero credible information were saying things like,

“we’re seeing a tendency for these bombings to be coming from a domestic source”. Michael Moore tweeted, right after the bombing, an insinuation of some patriot group being the culprit, because it was Patriot’s Day.

The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with their two cents about ”domestic hate groups” being on the rise. Keep in mind their definition of a “hate group” is anyone who desires to uphold the United States Constitution which is not only sworn to be protected by government officials, military, and other law enforcement alike, but guarantees everyone inalienable rights endowed by their creator. The SPLC has lumped Constitutionalist groups with Neo Nazis and White Supremecist groups together as they promote their version of reality to the public.

The SPLC often appears on Media Matters and MSNBC who are all Democrats, the Democrat Party was not only the party of the Klu Klux Klan but also the party of the racist leaders President Lyndon B. Johnson and Margaret Sanger who sought to control and even eliminate the African American and Hispanic populations.

Not only were the patsies of the false flag event CIA assets, but spectators at the event were warned of a bombing drill before the bombs went off, also suspicious military contractors were on the scene.

What we can take from this is that it was one of many events in history to promote a specific agenda by committing violence against innocent populations. It was an attempt to cast the Libertarians as a ”domestic terror threat”, and ultimately to strip citizens of their rights.

The city of Boston has become a technocratic police nightmare from hell as the entirety of the area is surveilled by an AI system that catalogues all events, monitors behavior, and supposedly will be able to detect future attacks. These spy control systems will not only be put into place all over the world, but through future false flag events, the public will beg for them as they gladly trade their freedoms for liberty to attain security.


Sandy Hook: Echoes of a Heinous Historical Precedent

The illusory school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut was shocking, to say the least, and it deserves an intricate examination–a special level of scrutiny not received by the corporate-controlled media. There are many interesting elements to this surreptitious piece of theatrics.

Wolfgang Halbig, a national safety expert who is currently investigating Sandy Hook, a man whose opinion is considered fact in congressional testimonies, because of his background and expertise, stated that in his professional opinion the so-called ”massacre” at Sandy Hook was a hoax, a staged event orchestrated by professionals probably taking two years to prepare.  There are several key points he makes, like the fact that the trauma helicopters were not called to the scene, and he also noted it was strange that the paramedics parked a quarter mile from the scene.

With all the main oddities aside, that many independent researchers attempt to expose,  like the crisis actor’s dubious performances, the strange aerial footage, conflicting police reports, and other matters worth noting more specifically another time, one factor that must to be acknowledged first is the outrageous culpability of a government that not only has an overwhelmingly strong motive for producing such a ghastly production, but the historical precedent for this gruesome behavior has already been perpetrated multiple times before.

When the Hegelian dialectic is applied to the malevolent actions of a small group of black operatives shielded by the ominous glow, and obstinate airs of the government protected by the fail safe term, which aids an untold amount of deviant behavior, under the banner of ‘’national security’’;

The intellectually curious are left with the looming question of how, in an open and moral society, could an atrocity like the tragic events at Sandy Hook take place?

Even if the ‘’official’’ account of the tragedy is given the most minute level of credence it can still be considered as possessing the same characteristics of a false flag event if one considers the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry’s deliberate creation of a drug culture—synthetic chemicals, which are, when measuring health alone, is thousands of times worse than the illegal equivalents.

Adam Lanza, the state manufactured patsy, was heavily medicated on psychotropic drugs which have side effects that include hallucination and homicidal tendencies.

So, one might ask why the predatory nature of the pharmaceutical industry relentlessly creating a malicious drug culture is considered a false flag event?

Because the state, including the medical establishment is letting this become a public hazard. The side effects of these prescription drugs being shamelessly pimped out to the public either create  worse conditions than the original ailment being treated, or they cause a dramatic shift in cognitive function, and chemistry contributing to horror-show ultra violence.

All the public shootings that can be referenced in the last fifteen years can be linked to psychotropic drugs. The scapegoat, historically has been music and video games, but the drugs have been purposefully neglected.

The pharmaceutical industry is essentially unleashing a series of blood thirsty demons onto the public with absolutely no consequences. This can be considered a false flag because there is a clear and present danger, and they are letting it affect millions of lives negatively.

The clandestine rogue agencies have set historical precedents for violence against the people in the past as a brutal means to justify the end of the seemingly pleasant pipedream: “ultimate security”(a condition that can never be realize, yet is repeatedly promised by the state), but the public has become so accustomed to authority worship, and they have been intensely conditioned to serve the state unquestionably that the government love goggles have been fused to the skin(it is a sick genetic conditioned developed over time through the hideous predatory social engineering mastered by the technocratic elite) that this natural and constant fact is almost never fully recognized for what it is when it happens.

There is a detrimental inability to observe this cause and effect throughout history, let alone determine when something like a psychological operation, gas lighting, or false flag attack is transpiring in the present.

The illusion of progress has been cultivated to such an obscene extent that the very collective psyche depends on the foundation of these lies retaining their integrity.  How is it that social stability is contingent on continued enabling of mass delusion?

Actually, this ‘’foundation’’ is just a bulbous throbbing tumor that has grown on the grey matter of the collective human consciousness, it is in fact a parasite that convinced the host that its very co-existence was healthy–that it was ”liberal”–the host was tricked into the continual and unconditional support of the inconspicuous vampire that has miraculously achieved the feat of merging its malignant self with the unsuspecting victim, (by degrees, it proves to be more difficult to tell the two apart)who is not only hopelessly naïve, and grotesquely ignorant, but who is locked in a dense, blissful trance that offers a sweet and increasingly addictive euphoria that strengthens with the decimation of the spirit.

The few who question the ”official” account are immediately ridiculed, labeled ”conspiracy theorists” by the corporate-controlled media.

The issue here is why, despite an overwhelming violent historical precedent put into place, e.g., Operation Gladio, is the public so willing to turn a blind eye to a nefarious agenda to rob the nation of civil liberties with the obvious gun confiscation agenda?

The reason for manufacturing crises by governments is to  generate an elevated level of fear in order to beef up security; often a political enemy is blamed and the government can hit two birds with the same stone by creating a justification for war with someone of their choosing based on this false attack, in the case of Operation Gladio, public shootings were blamed on the communists justifying the eradication of liberties.

The public’s perpetual state of blissful ignorance will only provoke the government to engineer more violence.  The state has an insatiable appetite for control, and more often than not blood is sacrificed so that it can achieve these ends.

The type of blissful ignorance that possesses the population is addictive, and in most cases the subject won’t give up their deadly fix for the painful truth.

Sandy Hook: Obstruction of Justice

Sandy Hook, a false flag terror campaign modeled after Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods, was an attempt to generate fear, a psychological operation to take advantage of the emotionally charged public, caught in a vulnerable state, it greased the wheels to introduce strict gun control measures.

FBI statistic from 2012 indicate homicides from rifles were significantly lower than deaths from other guns, even knives. In some cases one is more likely to die from a fist fight than an assault rifle.

Independent investigations of this tragedy have been intentionally blocked, a blatant case of obstruction of justice on the part of the illegitimate criminal government, whose long history of using crisis to ‘’engineer consent’’ for wars abroad, manipulating facts, while playing on the emotions of the public.

Wolfgang Halbig, a nationally recognized school safety expert who conducts routine investigations on school shootings in an effort to implement solutions to prevent future acts of violence, has declared his skepticism of the ‘’official’’ story based a blunt effort to undercut his inquiries– Sandy Hook has been declared ‘’classified’’ by the state of Connecticut; according to Halbig nothing adds up, e.g., the fact that all 20 deaths were declared in the first ten minutes of the incident—no one but the medical examiner can make such a claim, and a 100% kill rate is uncanny, according to his experience in these matters.

The refusal of authorities to release the security footage that would implicate the suspect in the shootings has raised many concerns.

Senator Feinstein attempted to capitalize on the situation with the hasty re-introduction of the 90’s assault weapons ban, even though there was confusion over the exact weapon used in the attacks, assault weapons account for fewer deaths in United States, and there was speculation that the bill was re-drafted prior to the massacre. Feinstein’s gun-grab bill was a demonization campaign for assault rifles, which actually just broadened the definition of assault rifle to include most guns.

The average person, subject to the technocratic corporate-controlled propaganda machine believes there is a violent raging epidemic of violence all across the country.

According to an article in Bloomberg from 2009 to 2010, only 19 out of 1,396 or 1.4% of youth homicides were murdered in school environments.

This information coupled with the low number of deaths associated with assault rifles helps put the situation into perspective, and aids in the realization that there is a clear agenda to blow everything out of proportion in an effort to disarm the population; in the meantime any serious attempt to investigate the tragic events gets deliberately halted to reinforce the illusion that deranged loners with guns are constantly on a bloody rampage.

Sandy Hook: Bizarre Psychological Operation

The tragic event at Sandy Hook in Connecticut was a staged false flag event perpetrated by rogue elements of the government to capitalize on the fear of the public to radically alter existing laws.

When examined by independent experts like the Communications Professer James F. Tracy, and the Nationally recognized school safety expert Wolfgang Halbig, it proves to be a series of strange coincidences, odd sightings and reports that have been blatantly neglected by the propped up ”official” narrative.

It is admittedly hard to focus one’s attention on the grotesque picture formed by the pieces of information presented by parties who are not paid puppet government mouthpieces with an elusive agenda to promote public ignorance.

Media elements outside the corrupt corporate-controlled state sponsored apparatus have pieced together a twisted account, which causes the ”official” story to come into question.

Objective analysis by independent investigators, seeking truth and justice, provide the framework for a conspiracy by rogue government elements to influence public opinion drastically concerning the use of firearms. Despite the overwhelming FBI statistics demonstrating the rarity of fatalities associated with automatic weapons, there was a strong push by elites, like senator Feinstein to create ”common sense” gun control measures.

Drills are usually indicative of a false flag event and in the case of Sandy Hook, a ”school shooting drill” was scheduled around the same time as the actual event.

Declassified government programs such as Europe’s Operation Gladio and The United States’ Operation Northwoods are both prime examples of the cold, calculated plans by governments to exercise control of the public through the use of false flag staged terror events, such as school shootings.

False flag events, a known tactic of governments, have been orchestrated throughout history to “engineer consent” on any given matter.

In Operation Northwoods, a government plan to launch terrorist events like public shootings to generate panic, influencing public opinion on certain matters, causing them to react more favorably to a previously unpopular policy, to create a radical shift in law.

Operation Northwoods never officially went into practice, unlike its European counterpart Operation Gladio, but that isn’t to say that rogue elements didn’t carry out a similar operation. Please note, after all that Operation Northwoods did include detailed plans to crash commercial airlines into building to blame political enemies to justify wars; events like these have created one the hugest desecrations of civil liberties in American history.

It is hard for people who conduct research into these matters, like the tragedy at Sandy Hook to come to the same conclusions offered by news agencies that are all run by the five big corporations controlled by a few media oligarchs with a specific agenda, to minimize civil liberties by destroying the individual’s right to protect themselves.

The control system is strengthened for the ”security state” a clever euphemism for ”police state” justified by the trade of personal liberties for more freedom, achieved of course by a spy grid installed into the very fabric of society.

The revelation of planned false flag events to take advantage of an emotionally vulnerable public by criminal elements of the government, black operatives with the means and opportunity to brutalize populations to achieve a desired outcome is a classic example of problem reaction solution, the Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

The fragile structure of the ”official” story is cracking, and it is only a matter of time before it bursts causing a massive flood of information, sparking a mass public awareness that could devastate the technocratic plan for control.


Operation Staged Terror: Sandy Hook

“Illusions commend themselves to us because they save us pain and allow us to enjoy pleasure instead. We must therefore accept it without complaint when they sometimes collide with a bit of reality against which they are dashed to pieces.”
Sigmund Freud


A perilous situation presents itself, and the disturbing implications need to be examined carefully. The public’s tunnel-vision awareness is in desperate need of rapid expansion—few are exempt from this supposition, and pointing it out does not imply exclusion from the dilemma.

An almost frantic degree of skepticism needs to be applied to everything—for too long an indiscriminate acceptance of pure insanity, packaged as ‘official’ leading to the default mind-set that it must be credible, has been practiced.

The ‘correct’ train of thought can be socially engineered through sanitized ‘talking points’ endlessly pimped out to the public via shameless, career-driven manufactured talking head personalities, that have over time gradually reinforced a strong sense of trust in all the toxic garbage they spew relentlessly.

In order to understand a massacre such as sandy hook, a false flag operation orchestrated by rogue elements of the government, it is necessary to understand the relationship between the corporate-controlled mainstream media and the public.

There exists a need to protect an official narrative that does not disrupt the fragile platform that the press is strategically positioned on.

The public’s hungry minds sit open and waiting to download the correct version of events presented to them through the various news media programs. The people are helplessly compelled to accept unconditionally the fabricated reality, their peace of mind and survival in social atmospheres depends on it.

There has been instilled in them a deep-seated fear of reprisal for cynicism or skepticism of anything that comes from the ‘trustworthy’ sources like CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News; a chilling fear paralyzes them lest they go astray from the flock—it is so dominate in their minds that the thought will almost certainly never arise in most minds to even initiate the first step of questioning what is offered to them from the all powerful corporate-controlled ‘news’, which is nothing more than an on-going exercise in theatrics.

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, dissenting voices like Professor James F. Tracy, a communications professor were demonized by corporate-controlled mainstream media. After the tragic events he made an effort voice his concerns through his blog: that outlined inconsistencies in the official narrative.

Professor Tracy’s sanity was called into question because he compiled a healthy list of bizarre anomalies associated with the event. No one can say for certain what happened on that day, but it is clear that the version presented to the public is an obvious lie. There are many theories on what really happened, and the implications that begin to manifest are alarming.

Staged terror attacks are not outside the realm of possibility, and should be considered if the investigation is truly objective. If it were as simple as creating a sensational account, as far as the bread and butter conspiracy theorist crowd were concerned, they definitely could muster up more creativity for an alternate story—the inside scoop—what really happened, and maybe some fringe elements of the web have constructed bizarre accounts that will ultimately fade away for lack of facts and merit.

Legitimate attempts at true investigative journalism have been harshly criticized for merely proposing alternate theories that are really not so far-fetched.

National safety expert Wolfgang Halbig, who is investigating sandy hook, has compiled a list of anomalies, he is directing 16 questions to the Connecticut officials in charge through his website:

in regards to the response to the shooting at Sandy Hook.  Mr. Halbig has been intimidated by police, threatening him with criminal charges, they’ve denied his FOIA requests, and he’s been blatantly stonewalled at every turn of his investigation. He was told flat out that the whole incident was ‘classified’ for national security.

The naivety and ignorance of the public is, quite frankly grotesque. The ostensible foundation of the establishment media will begin to crumble very quickly when the furtive agenda they fought tooth and nail to conceal is brought to light. It should not be too presumptuous to initiate a serious inquiry when there are so many tell-tale signs of a cover up.

The people have been bullied into believing a lie, and one of the reasons for the success is the utilization of guilt to halt any serious debate about the issue.

Voracious Voyeuristic Villains

An initiative proposed by the technocratic think tank, the Atlantic Council called ‘Saving Cyberspace’ is a propaganda piece designed to instill fear in the public using the state as a justification to move in, take over, and secure its role as protector of the(long since antiquated idea)private citizen.

There is an obvious need to initiate a process to instill in the public’s mind a sense of fear that some ambiguous enemy is lurking behind every corner to destroy lives.

There has to be a scapegoat for the social ills, a bogeyman; currently the US technocrat-hijacked government is demonizing the constitutional enthusiasts:

“Pernicious patriots” or “Insidious individualists”

One of the most famous of the government’s voyeuristic criminal agencies, the NSA, who has been guilty repeatedly of taking over social media websites, infecting people’s personal computers with malicious software, installing covert ‘back door’ technology into various computers and smart devices to eavesdrop on an unsuspecting public via the device’s webcam or mic, and the massive theft of people’s personal information to catalogue citizens into various data bases, e.g. the regional ‘fusion centers’ which assess ‘risks’ that certain people may pose to national security, and the fire sale tactics of auctioning off meta data to select corporations to grant a competitive edge for insiders at the expense of one’s privacy.

The internet is the last bastion of a free and open society that is being pillaged by trans-national interests in an attempt to eradicate this republic’s sovereignty, and to further throw the citizens of the world into a neo feudal slavery through the collapse of their respective country’s economy, e.g., Europe and South American countries like: Greece, Spain, Venezuela, and more recently the Ukraine.

The internet is a fertile breeding ground for the rising independent media that is filling the information vacuum left by the diseased, crippled, and dying corporate-controlled media monster which will now be finding ways to pull everything down to hell with it, and this includes destroying the means for humanity to retain individual liberties.

The Atlantic Council labels themselves: ‘the most forward-leaning think tank’ when it comes to cyber security matters in Washington, D.C., and perhaps the world. It is very hard to argue with the prospect of being so ‘forward-leaning’ which is to imply that if one points out an inherent flaw in their logic that nay-sayer is crippled with a rigid and backward ideology.

It is a proposition that theirs is the most ‘progressive’ and innovative philosophy on this topic,  apparently they are the ones who are able to create such a false consensus in regards to their view in this matter.

The piece mentions that their stance is known for its strong stance against NSA spying, and ‘other cyber attacks’, like stuxnet. This is a very crude understatement of the issue of a government intelligence agency inverting its focus from foreign enemies inward toward its own domestic population, a practice that the Obama regime claims would be applauded by the patriots like Paul Revere who warned the citizens of the incoming attack by the British.

The brief mention of the criminal NSA is an obvious attempt to placate the skeptics who are in full support of state nullification of the NSA spying, in many states like Utah there are bills to cease funding of the data centers which use an enormous amount of water to keep the facilities operating.

Their attempt to present a false concern for mass government corruption distracts from the larger problem of the NSA spreading viruses on internet users to manipulate computers, hijacking social media websites to steal data, and the rampant cataloging of personal information just to name a few areas where this agency has grossly abused its power.

The article then begins to prime the reader’s mind with the foundational pieces of a false flag event, referencing the terrorist attacks of September 11th, making a comparison to a possible future similar ‘cyber 9/11’, or ‘digital pearl harbor’.

The ulterior motives for this casual mention of a massive cyber attack perpetrated by some vague terrorist threat would almost undoubtedly be used for a justification for increased security measures which would most certainly hurt the individual’s rights, and destroy the freedom of the web.

They mention that their system for assessing the cyber security risk with all its potential vulnerabilities, and complexity is similar to how financial institutions evaluated risks prior to the 2008 financial collapse. They neglect the FBI investigation in 2004 that warned of an epidemic of potential mortgage fraud instigated by the lenders, and not the borrowers, and the fact that major financial institutions have been caught manipulating interest rates to generate massive profits for themselves and colleagues.

The strong possibility that top executives engineered the very crisis that led to their inevitable downfall is echoed by the fact that there is evidence that with both 9/11 and the pearl harbor attacks there was prior knowledge of the tragic events by government officials before they happened.  The government is left unaccountable, and the people suffer, sacrificing civil liberties for the illusion of security.

A catastrophic event could be implemented by black operative rogue elements of the government, in all of these cases there are usually intelligent agents who pick up on something before it happens, but all attempts to disrupt the looming disaster are halted because it would impede the underlying lucrative agenda waiting to unfold while the public is at its emotionally sensitive maximum after the cataclysm.

The article proceeds to blatantly advertise a corporatist agenda with so-called: ‘global governance strategies’ to initiate the whole process which most likely include contracts administered to select components of the private sector who stand to profit handsomely from a government engineered false flag attack.

Strong criticism must put exercised among a think tank like the Atlantic Council that actually called for false-flag attacks to justify strengthening state power.

On the Atlantic Council website, Harlan Ullman emphasizes the main goal to eliminate threats to the power structure: ‘eliminating the empowered individual’.

In the article, Ullman continues to lump whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning with terrorists, and he goes on to suggest the further overt implementation of the Hegelian dialectic, problem, reaction, solution model of creating a crisis and offering a solution to the public in the midst of wide spread panic.

“Without an extraordinary crisis, little is likely to be done to reverse or limit the damage imposed by failed or failing governance.”

Ullman continues by insisting civil liberties and sovereignty are the menace:

“In essence, the 365 year-old Westphalian system that placed sovereign states as the centerpieces of international politics is being tested and in some cases made obsolete by the empowerment of individuals and non-state actors.”

The 1648 Treaty of Westphalia acting as a protection of civil liberties against foreign interests and the oppression of central banks imposed on the public to suck up all the wealth via the euphemistic practices of ‘free trade’ which are imperialist instruments used by oligarchs and neo-colonialists, conversely the ‘fair trade’ system is a safeguard against exploitation and protects the sovereign nation state, protecting a nation’s domestic interests from trans nationalist enemies meddling in and imposing corrupt policies against their will.

In an article by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet he describes a report leaked by someone associated with Oathkeepers.  The document is from the department of homeland security, it illustrates a scenario to organize a drill where the authorities would have to stifle an online attack by a patriot hacktivist group: “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”.

The report emphasizes that certain government agents might be sympathetic to the anti government’s cause, consequently certain defenses would be compromised, justifying an internet kill switch to stifle political dissent.

These possible draconian measures put in place as a way to ‘balance liberty and security’ will target vigilante groups such as the ‘hacktivists’ Anonymous, who ironically seem to protect the public’s interest more than the government, who in this day and age are ruled by corporate interests.

The internet is the last refuge of individual liberty in this world, besides one’s own mind, and both are constantly under attack, but not by some vague terror threat coming in the form of a man with dark skin, with a long beard and a turban, bent on jihad against ‘the infidel’, or a  well-built, disgruntled, gun-owning army veteran who loves private property and liberty–no, the threat will materialize in a discussion taking place in a corporate boardroom, inspired by a government contract to eliminate the slaves’ ability to have free speech, to organize protests against oppression, and to innovate on a scale never before imagined–the complete empowerment of the individual;

the threat will come from the technocrat’s manipulation of the hearts and minds of the people, the continued effort to convince them it is their best interest to trade liberty for freedom in order to access the right to security.