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Trendy Poison Apples

The technocrats have constructed a devious control system designed to monopolize the agriculture industry, cleverly positioning their pieces to manipulate the economic climate, and quite literally dominating the terrestrial climate as well.

The precursor of the ‘’green revolution’’, which enabled farmers to produce higher crop yields with the aid of increasing and ‘’improving’’ pesticides. This radical deviation from the standard practice of organic farming, which limited pesticides, and utilized manure to grow produce was broadly accepted, and finally supercharged with the advent of genetically engineering seeds in labs to carry certain traits which would give individual specimens certain qualities to help its survival, e.g., incorporating the pesticide into the crop, granting extra traits typically uncommon to the crop like weather resistance, and a host of other alleged ‘’benefits’’ sold as improvements.
With the rise of unquestioned authority of powerful transnational interests with the means to lobby for actions in their favor, often at the expense of the public, many policies were put into place that took advantage of a general ignorance to make obscenely massive profits—the covert actions made were allowed to transpire from any stupidity of the population, but mainly because generally people are good, with a tendency to project their kindness onto others, especially governments, and have thus underestimated the cold, calculating evil of big business in the sphere of a corportocracy.

Most of the people who occupy government positions also happen to have former positions in corporations that are at odds with the interests of the people, so it is beneficial to accept a government appointment to help remedy a negative regulation contrary to a certain corporate entity despite the obvious conflict of interest.

Through an attempt to control the populations, certain initiatives have been implemented, the people of the world have been railroaded into accepting genetically modified organisms, they’ve been sold on the efficiency of higher yields and the cost effectiveness.

With all the hype of this new beacon of agricultural innovations, the health hazards have been deliberately neglected to justify ‘’scientific progress’’.

It is reasonable to assume some form corporate conspiracy to enslave the consumers with contrived monetary structures prohibiting them from truly exercising any real choice in the markets now dominated by GMO companies with 80% of all food in the US, and 50% of the world’s food being GMO.  The costs of organic produce is sometimes 200% higher than GMO products, hence it is nearly impossible to avoid risk of illness or long-term conditions.

The judicial sphere of the government has also been manipulated by the technocratic elites to provide legal immunity to companies like Monsanto which prohibit legal actions against them, and allows them to avoid placing labels which alert consumers if the particular product they are buying is GMO or not.

This supposed advancement has been deployed to restrain the public into a formidable economic prison virtually impossible to escape.   The good news is that many countries around the world have already taken steps to ban GMO, and as always knowledge is the most potent power–the prison constructed will fade, the seemingly strong and durable walls that surround everyone will begin to erode as attention is focused on them.