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Liberty Movement ALREADY Infiltrated




The liberty movement is already being crippled with disinformation that is being spread via the alternative press, or “nu media.”

The rise of nu media is not inherently bad, it is the necessary step forward in the fight against tyranny. And the pathetic attempt to infiltrate it is the consequence of its success.   

The nu media is the future, because it empowers the public, and for this reason it is a threat.

Progressive movements are the most vulnerable to some cancerous disinfo agent’s malignant infection, because they inspire the imagination.

It is not that other partisan types like Republicans and Democrats don’t have imagination, but they resist too much change, hence they are easily controlled by corporate interests.

The liberals and progressives(and I am speaking about genuine liberals and progressives–not fascist authoritarians!), want to expand freedom, fight oppression, and ultimately empower everyone.

The authoritarian neo-feudal control freaks cannot have these grass-roots campaigns springing up without their control.

There are many signs that the fascists have infiltrated the liberty movement.

What is the “liberty movement”?  It is not a single entity, but a phenomenon taking shape around the world.

The “Liberty Movement” is a response to the emerging technotronic era that threatens individual liberty by transferring control of the state from the public to a small group of supposed “experts.”

People are becoming more politically aware, because of the Liberty Movement’s influence manifesting through the nu media, and simultaneously some are exhibiting dangerous signs of naivety, and this is a result of the technocrat’s crafty manipulation of the public.

One striking example is the hi-jacking of Ayn Rand’s message from her popular novel, Atlas Shrugged.   The core message of the novel is a warning against fascism seizing control of a government through measures of “altruistic” regulations for the greater good.   The result of these benevolent egalitarian laws is brutal oppression.

brute rand.jpg

A lot of disinformation has been spread about this novel.  Disinfo operatives claim it is a secret plan for the illuminati, a step-by-step playbook for the elites to construct a technocracy, or neo-feudal atmosphere.

This phenomenon of deliberately skewing the message of Altas Shrugged from a idealist story of individual liberty to a cipher of technocratic tyranny, an elitist manual for the New World Order is the authoritarian’s dream of inverted reality as posited in Orwell’s 1984.

This is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance–people can read the book, or see the movie Atlas Shrugged for themselves, to interpret the message of individual liberty, while believing the contrary, bogus disinformation that, instead of promoting classical liberal values, it is a technocratic illuminati plan for depopulation and the like.

left right monkey

Any argument for individual rights is compromised by the fact that one of the most prominent libertarian philosophers is discredited by this disastrous meme.

The debate for individual rights is soiled by the propaganda of the authoritarians appealing to the nature of libertarians fundamentally opposed to totalitarianism; this ruse is the means to pave a way for the justification of collectivism through various disinfo campaigns. 

The conditioned response to anything like Atlas Shrugged on the part of the libertarians will then be a knee-jerk reaction of vehement opposition against libertarian ideas, even if those ideas are obvious reflections of the ones they are attempting to articulate.

Any appeal to logic will be ignored with a sense of self-entitled obstinate rage, because long ago a disinfo agent planted the seed that: “Ayn Rand is a technocrat operative.”

So, therefore the conclusion will be taken for granted that the individual is NOT the biggest minority, but a simple philosophical abstraction, an illusion that has been constructed by a “patriarchal society.”

control and nation.jpg

This is how the authoritarians manipulate the minds of the public by changing what the argument is about rather than continually losing the debate on individual rights verses collectivism.



Is Technocracy Inevitable?

“After all, most civilized and semi-civilized countries known to history and had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners. There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible. And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority. When the government controls the distribution of food, its power is absolute so long as they can count on the police and the armed forces. And their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class. I do not see how any internal movement of revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern scientific dictatorship…”

– Bertrand Russell, The Impact Of Science On Society



One tell-tale sign of technocracy is the rapid replacement of human workers with autonomous systems. The motive for profit invades the sphere of one’s dignity, and it eliminates the prerequisites for the initial variables to be considered to a rational degree in regards to the question of the “human condition.”

The malevolent specter of technocracy has already invaded the spectrum of a reality concerned with concepts such as rights and values. The post industrial neo feudal system has established itself by virtue of mass operant conditioning. Through the process of operant conditioning drastic changes can be accepted that would have been rejected vehemently under more sudden circumstances.

The blatant elevation of corporate ideals through “free trade” agreements, e.g., NAFTA, SPP, and TPP at the expense of liberties and sovereignty, the deindustrialization of the country, the outsourcing of manufacturing, and the integration of robotics into the workforce are all agendas that genuinely expose the possible prospect of job growth for the sick joke that it is.

The beauty of the technocrats’ dream is that such malicious policies can be introduced with virtually no public scrutiny, but many of these things advance at a snail’s pace–a deliberate process of slow integration, and are almost always forgotten due to the public’s short attention span, and endless fascination with celebrity antics.

And since there is a general tendency for most people to lack the ability to conceive of such a massive conspiracy against a system of self-rule that exists in the US republic—this serious lack of discernment often happens simply from basic ignorance, but mainly because there exists a complex illusory medium of distractions, an intricate composite of falsehoods accepted as gospel truth, and illogical connections made in causal phenomena, it is the opium of the masses, the false reality matrix.

Just because there is a rapid acceleration of technological advances doesn’t mean a select group of elites have to occupy unquestioned positions of power over humanity. Technological improvements can, in fact be used to augment civil liberties by increasing independence from government regulation and corrupt corporate entities.

The technocracy is not inevitable, but considering the current trajectory, it is very likely unless people begin to realize the enormity of the situation and major steps are taken to mitigate the horrendous disaster–the unimaginable Hell of a scientific dictatorship.

Effects of Technocracy

The emerging technocracy accomplishes multiple things simultaneously: asserts control over populations, generates alternate economies, and creates a new secular humanist religion; all these aspects are fused together to project a false reality matrix onto the people, whose nihilistic addiction to ignorance propels these agendas forward.

The ability of elites to assert control over populations through various advancements in medical technology leaves people with the impression that they are overcoming the human condition.

These medical innovations are sold as potential treatments for serious conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, or even blindness. Brain chips are marketed as the solution to memory loss, and the ability to upload information instantly. The new Google contact lens with a camera inside, promises to aid the blind.

Rogue government agengies are actively generating alternate economies with illegal spying, this aids in the opportunity to expand insider trading and increase cases of blackmail. Companies can no longer assure customers that their private information is safe–everything is compromised.

The Atlantic Council’s cyber security initiative–the most ”foward-leaning” initiative–has promised to prevent terrorist attacks, but these experts did not factor the government’s Heartbleed Bug into their equation.

The elites have planned extensively to create a new secular humanist religion. New liberal movements intend to replace god and spirituality, to free humans of their previous “moral restraints”, but only serve to offer a subtle in appearance and severe brand of slavery.

The groupthink mentality, which is one of the tenets of secular humanism, the utilitarian concept of the “greatest good for the greatest number”. This sacrifice to the collective will cause the individual to surrender themselves at the point of a gun to the soothing promise of guaranteed liberty. This seemingly gentle temptation to accept a group freedom morphs into a gruesome lie once it is far too late.

The groupthink theory is that through assimilation to one of the protected classes of: race, gender, sexual orientation, or other various minorities, that this process will allow a condition of ultra freedom, or super individuality that could not have been afforded in a setting of constitutional sovereignty.

The ‘‘free love’’ movement that arose caused some to indulge themselves in hedonistic pursuits, but really did nothing but give strength to the label of hedonist therefore sacrificing the free will and individuality, effectively objectifying the ones who were fighting for ‘’liberal values” that promised to liberate everyone through the renunciation of a strict moral code, neglecting that the initial act of abandonment of the “oppressive” rules only caused an even more rigid set of standards as one would be required to act as a hedonistic acts—never allowed to stray from the static concept of “hedonist” lest they be called a prude.



Delicious Delirium

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

Mark Twain

There is the feeling that we have to be silent or we’ll be put on some kind of list.  Anyone who pays attention to the news knows that the government has flexed its tyrannical muscles to an obscene extent.  The intent is to flood the public’s collective consciousness with a wave of depravity which will ultimately demoralize and, drown them in the ice-cold dark waters of apathy.

The status of the private citizen has to be examined honestly, the ‘private citizen’ is a dying breed as everyone is tracked numerically, and every action is catalogued into a massive database.  These hideous government love goggles have to be removed, and a brutal reality check is urgent.  Warnings of the country falling into the fatal throes of ‘collectivism’ with the advent of ‘obamacare’, have to be considered with the hard fact that the US is already, and has for a long time been a socialist nation.  The people have long since succumbed to what the religious folk have warned of for centuries, becoming enslaved to ‘the beast’.

The on-going illusory reality matrix propped up in media, what the public has already been conditioned to accept is the technocratic agenda unfolding unmolested, the theatrics of continual progress.  Presented, are historical narratives that pose as examples of the blatant disparity between our current ‘enlightened’ time and the old ‘slave-ridden’ dark age times of the past.  Many of these accounts have been manipulated, and sanitized for public consumption, the public standards have been degraded long ago, and what would be considered ‘normal’ has been contrived to an extent, the brute reality of past circumstances would shock and dismay the vast majority of individuals to the point of utter disbelief, and radical denial of facts presented, even with a plethora of documented evidence from multiple sources.

The ‘official’ corporate controlled media story is rarely questioned, and anything that contradicts their presentation of ‘facts’ is immediately discarded, the defense mechanism of laughter is applied, and the inconvenient idea injected into the ignorant perspective, accustomed to corporate-controlled propaganda is forgotten, down the memory hole.

The intelligent skeptic, who through their own determination, did research, and examined studies, but all this is mocked with guarded nervous laughter–‘oh, I have to hear this!  studies?  you have studies?’ and the person–thought criminal, who dared to come to their own conclusion about a matter is considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by the vapid, sardonic, mindless loon who will believe anything a government official tells them.

The police forces across the country are becoming more militarized, and intelligence-based entities, which operate much like the US agencies, CIA, or FBI with increased informants, incessant tracking of citizens, and the postulating of where potential threats exist based on their own arbitrary concepts, the urgent need to fill quotas, and manufactured political dissident propaganda, or outdated laws of what is considered criminal activity.

According to Lt. Col. Prouty’s book, The Secret Team, the CIA operates independent of the US government, acting in accordance with its own policies, the utmost in secrecy and black budgets justified by ‘national security’.  Col. Prouty, a retired air force CIA contractor with a host of classified information outlines the details of the shadow government, which operates through various other government organizations to achieve its goals, which seemed based on established an unquestioned international hegemony, rather than intent to protect the citizens of the United States from foreign threats. Col. Prouty provides a detailed account of CIA, and NSA surveillance, which ultimately became expanded to not only monitor foreign governments, but US citizens as well.  Col. Prouty explains that the operations of the CIA started as ways to infiltrate and control communist groups to gather intelligence, and dismember their capabilities, inhibiting their abilities.  This initial mission statement became grossly perverted over time as the group extracted more power by playing the system that began to grow indifferent to its operations out of fear and ignorance of the wider agenda.

One of the most venomous aspects of such an organization is that it is so large and complex that for all parties involved, information is presented to individuals on a need-to-know basis, the right hand literally does not know what the left hand is doing, a consequence of the plausible deniability and ultra secret conditions of the agency itself.  A military operation could be launched, with multiple undercover CIA agents in one unit and none of them would know that it was  a covert operation, or who the other agents were taking part in the operation.

The increasing deployment of intelligence-led policing, which thrives on a corrupt agenda of rooting out criminals(i.e. creating criminals), rather than serving the public, e.g., the recent announcement that police departments will not be monitoring social media venues like Facebook to stifle free speech by detecting political protests, coupled with the rapid advancement of autonomous policing apparatuses like drones, the grand surveillance grid being expanded to the roads to track the traveling of ‘private’ citizens, or robot police units–all this combined with the emerging prospect of an internet system exclusively for the police, called ‘Firstnet’, which will be used to justify nefarious agendas ‘for the greater good’.

The cost of remaining silent in the midst of such blatant oppression could cost more in the long run than the initial attempt to alert others,  taking local political action, which could cost freedom in the short term through injury via police brutality, or unjust imprisonment for some political deviation.  The corporate-controlled mainstream media is a feverish monster plagued with an obvious case of necrosis.  The people of the world are no longer satisfied with pre-packaged stories with nauseating trite scripts narrated by the same moron fawning bloated hypocrites mistakenly referred to as ‘journalists’.

There is a definite moral imperative to warn others of the impending doom threatening to transform this republic and other sovereign nations into the scientific dictatorship that the technocratic elite desire.

There were the heros in the past that spoke out against tyranny: John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and John Lennon.  Congressional hearings even concluded that the deaths of JFK and MLK Jr. were the result of conspiracies, and as more information comes out, it is clear that criminal elements of the government, the rogue elements mentioned above, may have been involved.

Even today there are many persecuted heroes like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and the late Aaron Schwartz and Michael Hastings.  There is a huge effort to suppress these voices, and extreme measures are sometimes taken, like in the case of Michael Hastings, whose tragic death was an attempt to preemptively block the leak of something big.

It will do no good to remain in the dark, under the radar with our heads down–a nation of sheep will be ruled by wolves.  We have to remember, we the people surround them, and we can change the trajectory of this maniac ride, we just have to make a choice.

“Our disinformation campaign will be complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

William Casey, CIA Director, 1981-1987

Analysis of Technocracy


A group of top scientists, engineers, international industrialists and bankers have usurped the United States via ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ movements.  The ‘Technocracy’ is a very real and often neglected dangerous phenomenon in contemporary society. The new scientific dictatorship, known as the ‘Technotronic Age’ is the Post-Industrial, or neo-feudal state; the emerging technotronic era is to the industrial society what the industrial revolution was to the old agrarian society.

This new age of technological control mechanisms is being pushed as the natural consequence of a shrinking world, fast-paced scientific innovations, and the new age of ‘globalization’.

In the last century the technocracy has often been covertly referred to by many politicians as ‘the new world order’.  This ‘new world order’ is being presented to the people as a new golden age, a utopia, where there will be a perfect community of peace and love.  In this dystopia, all aspects of one’s life are controlled by an intricate technological spy grid set up to observe everyone’s actions, and all are subject to the whims of a group of professional scientists, engineers, and corporate interests, known as the ‘technocratic elite’.

The technocratic elite have taken over industries such as:  the agricultural, pharmaceutical, and technological while maintaining interests in the educational, religious, and political fields; they maintain control in all media outlets: news, movies, and music.  These technocrats have been actively securing power in all branches of the government: the legislative, judicial, and executive.  They are using the Fabian Socialist or ‘socialist stealth’ model to increase their power and influence, incrementally eradicating individual liberties, and national sovereignty by gaining power over social institutions, such as: the school, the church, and the family.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, in this book, “Between Two Ages” illustrates the fatal effects of the technocracy
leading to the demise of liberal democracy, the first being a bloody race war perpetrated by violent leftists,
and the other, a scientific dictatorship:

“More directly linked to the impact of technology, it involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled and
directed society.Such a society would be dominated by an elite whose claim to political power would rest on
allegedly superior scientific know-­how. Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close
surveillance and control.
Under such circumstances,the scientific and technological momentum of the country would not be reversed but would
actually feed on the situation it exploits.The emergence of a large dominant party, alongside the more narrowly focused and more intensely doctrinaire groupings on the right and the left, could accelerate the trend toward such
technological managerialism. Such a large dominant party would combine American society’s quest for
stability with its historical affinity for innovation. Relying on scientific growth to produce the means for
dealing with social ills, it would tap the nation’s intellectual talent for broad target planning and
exploit the existence of doctrinaire groups by using them as social barometers and as sources of novel ideas.
Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of
mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping stones in the piecemeal transformation of the
United States into a highly controlled society.”