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America’s Liberal Future (Part 4)

Don’t forget Hitler was a liberal. National Socialism appealed to the working class. It is important to appeal to the working class, because the elite’s ability to use the illusion of Democracy against the people is a sure-fire way to secure power for the Technocrats and their planned society. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting for what is for dinner—it is a fallacy that America is a Democracy—the word Democracy is not used once in the US Constitution, but is a powerful psy-op that has been utilized by the elites to condition the people into an intricate system of mob rule where the rights of the majority are more powerful than the individual’s.

The “liberal” authoritarians demand their rights, and create a condition of slavery. This is where the protected classes come from. When God-given rights are sacrificed on the altar of “progressive initiatives” and they are transformed into privileges, which are granted to everyone by the all-knowing-all-powerful-omnipotent state it is considered “morally superior”.

It is a scientifically planned society with an often underestimated powerful elite that has been minimized into a harmless caricature by popular culture, like the Simpsons’ episode with the Stonecutters. People are conditioned to think the Illuminati is a harmless trendy phenomenon and that there is nothing to worry about because tyranny was real, but it existed in the past. Citizens are convinced the second amendment is a hunting privilege—not a mechanism for self defense, or a safeguard against an oppressive regime with zero checks and balances. This is because Democrats have repeated ad naseum: “I believe in the second amendment because I like to go hunting too.” And the public simply accepted that the second amendment was now equated with hunting for sport.

Are you curious to see how tight the grip of the Technocrats’ fist around your throat is? Just watch and listen to the false reality matrix that has been constructed. The pre 9/11 America was not perfect, but it has a striking contrast to the America of today—the America of today is more similar to Nazi Germany, or Soviet Russia. People are able to accept such a brutal authoritarianism because it is loving and liberal. People bend over backwards to avoid being insensitive. The ace in the hole of the Technocrats is the reduction of speech and thought through the prevalence of television, and political correctness. Anything the elite deems undesirable is simply made “racist” or “sexist”, and the glorious totalitarian agenda is pushed forward with unanimous consent.

If someone opposes the massive NSA surveillance, they are labeled “ignorant of technology”.

If someone opposes gun control they are labeled “potentially violent terrorists”.

If someone opposes gay marriage they are labeled “backward hate-mongers”

If someone opposes abortion they are labeled “religious extremists”.

If someone is skeptical of anthropomorphic global warming they are labeled “flat-earthers”.

All these labels are attempts to attack the individuals without offering a legitimate intellectual argument. People are so tolerant that they have become radically intolerant.

The world is like a recovering addict, it has gone through tyrannical relapse countless times. Relapse is not when an addict breaks down and uses, it is when they fail to deal with their triggers effectively, hence leading to the inevitable use of their “drug of choice”. In this scenario, liberty would be a period of sobriety, the world is a dry drunk who constantly obsesses over oppressive dictatorships; a good recovery program for the world is a system like America’s Constitutional Republic which forces the helpless addict to stay sober—to stay liberty minded and free.


America’s Liberal Future (Part 3)

The unique situation set up in America is that it is a country of immigrants, a group of people escaping their respective tyrannies to embrace the idea of liberty, self determination and free markets.

The concept of “free market” has been manipulated by new world order corporate technocrats with euphemisms such as “free trade” in a manner that dissolves sovereignty and ultimately compromises civil rights.

The surge of immigration, may in fact, be an orchestrated effort by the technocrats, to disrupt the inner workings of the country, but it can be used to promote the ideas that it could be designed to destroy, such as liberty and freedom.

America has been subverted by pseudo liberals who promote false concepts of multiculturalism that actually divide people into groups, and cause greater tensions than what had initially existed prior to the civil rights movement that Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. led.

Real multiculturalism promotes unity, and encourages mutual understanding and appreciation; the traditional American “melting pot” is the living realization of true multiculturalism. The idea that groups of people from all over the world from vastly different cultures can come together to one country and unify under the concept of freedom is a very powerful idea, and amusingly enough, as simple as it is it has threatened the elites since the founding of the country.

True liberalism should promote patriotism for America and the concepts it represents, the idea that the individuals can become empowered by being given the opportunity to meet their true potential—unfettered by some perverse collective herd mentality and blind devotion to the state–some psychopathic cult of personality icon like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or more recently Obama.

The corporate “North American Union” concept is aggressively being integrated into the public’s consciousness, as outlined in the CFR report “Building a North American Community”, citizens are gradually becoming accustomed to the idea of letting their God-given rights slip through their fingers, because they are convinced that it is the “morally elevated” thing to do—it’s “progressive” to be a slave. It is a slow indoctrination process aimed at the younger generations, an agenda to get the youth to accept the idea of a “North American Community” instead of a United States of America where freedom can flourish unmolested by power-hungry technocrats.

The tide can easily be turned against the technocrats who are bent on controlling humans by creating a new culture of liberty by educating everyone on the methods of oppression, and the blatant suppression of true classical liberalism in this country.

America’s Liberal Future (Part 2)

America’s liberal future does not have to be an authoritarian hell-hole. Americans can choose to look at the dramatic rise in immigration as an opportunity to spread libertarian ideals. America is a country of immigrants so in essence it is nonsensical for some to get up in arms about its existence in a country with a giant statue that literally welcomes everyone—the tired, poor, and sick masses who yearn for freedom.

America’s liberal future does not have to be the choice of a dehumanizing Technocracy, it can be molded in the tradition of classical liberalism expressed by the founders.

In Sweden, the criticism of immigration is becoming a form of “hate speech”. Anyone who dares voice an opposing opinion about immigration is considered “racist”. This practice of demonizing the characters of people with different views is another way to control people. If immigration is right or wrong it should not matter what people merely say about it—it will not change the inherent rightness or wrongness of it, and this “hate speech” mechanism employed by the corrupt corporate controlled media and corporate pitchmen euphemistically referred to as “politicians”, will only serve to stifle dissidents.

America, with its glorious authoritarian liberal future, a country that is the biggest gun running violence pimp in the word does not want its citizens armed, they cannot have the ability to protect themselves. Don’t you know they have to be domesticated slaves? The low IQ lunatic thugs, who dress in police uniforms may inflict an endless barrage of brutal (liberal-loving) violence on the citizens, but god forbid anyone protect themselves—America’s liberal future does not have to take a dangerous trip to the funny farm(where life is grand) by creating more “gun free zones”(where criminals are prohibited from committing acts of violence—unfortunately this is a real thing being put into place all over the country); it is not enough, you see, to make murder against the law—no! “Gun Free Zones”, or “Victim Disarmament Zones” must be installed everywhere to justify increased domestication, dependence on the state.

It is the beginning of the demonization of ideas, Hillary Clinton came out blasting gun owners and the second amendment, saying: “those who hold a viewpoint cannot terrorize the rest of the country” and certain liberty based websites such as are filtered the same as “racist and violent” on some internet services. Seemingly innocuous web filters created with the justification of protection cause a larger problem. It is the initiation of thought policing. This thought police phenomenon is a hi-tech mass-conditioning scheme to impose the Technocratic whims of the elite onto the people.

What could be designated as “violent” or “offensive” today can very well be something as simple as a different viewpoint on any issue posed by the ruling elite, and the consequence for a dissenting opinion could not only cause severe social ridicule, but a series of charges brought against someone by the “all-knowing-god-like-state”.

This is a dangerous path to travel down, because what they can do to one group they can do to anyone. The precedent for setting up special protected groups leads to the whole-sale discrimination of the biggest minority, the individual.

America’s Glorious Liberal Future (Part 1)

The beauty of the internet is that it allows us to take a glimpse into the futuristic looking glass of progressive technocratic utopia’s, like the wonderful land of Sweden.

The states could mutate into a brutal authoritarianism almost overnight–a blood thirsty oppressive police state that would appear loving and liberal on the surface.

The situation in the country of Sweden provides an excellent example of how the liberal fight for equality can lead to extreme oppression. The country has a long history of legal reforms in regards to the gay community. They were the first country to legalize gender reassignment surgery in 1972. It is one of the first country’s to legalize a broad range of homosexual lifestyle concerns such as marriage, adoption, lesbian insemination, and more recently the the repeal of involuntary sterilization of transsexuals.

In the name of protecting individual rights they have a long tradition of keeping the discrimination of anyone for anything (apparently real or imagined) illegal. They even have a series of gay youth leagues, and various LGBT rights groups including a literal Gay Gestapo known as the gay police association.

More recently Sweden has outlawed internet hate speech for those criticizing any of the protected groups. If one is found in violation of discrimination then their life is over.

Criticism of the policy is not a condemnation of the lifestyle—their claims of being the leading country in equal treatment for everyone is a deluded fantasy, and has in fact caused a more severe condition of intolerance.

Imposing strict limitations on speech to eliminate discrimination is an obvious indication of the same discrimination the law was meant to prevent. Sacrificing the individual to the will of the protected classes will only lead to an uncanny totalitarianism.

You Were Born Guilty

There is an agenda to maintain an energy monopoly over the people by the big corporate interests. The perception of solar energy has morphed from a favorable one to a negative one for those who pursue their independence from the power companies.

The price for power gets inflated to compensate for the one’s who detach themselves from the grid, and those who are able to become self sustaining are labeled “moochers” by the power companies.

This seems to be a huge pattern by elites who cannot have logical debates about issues of consequence. The corporate elite hate those who will not succumb to their authority.

The US government has become a Fascist system, so the opposition to corporate interests leads the government to suspect that the individual, who is able to opt out of a hostile setting like being subjected to the power grid, of being a deviant or dissident with no evidence of anything–guilty until proven slave.

This whole situation runs much deeper, this is an elaborate mind control game, a psychological operation. It is very simple, as a citizen of the US Nazi States of Fascist America you were born guilty.

Why are those who oppose the status quo demonized so severely?

The rugged individual, the heart of Americanism is being destroyed. That concept of the private citizen has actually been reduced to a faint ghost of a whisper which is rarely heard and the elites can always conjure up a quick celebrity distraction when there is a trend toward that annoying tendency of rights or liberty.

Why are facts ignored, or those who present them categorized as “conspiracy theorists”?

Facts and knowledge empower people, and the term conspiracy theorist is an easy way to control the minds of people, it wins the argument for them by default–no one wants to be labeled anything but sane and normal. It is essential for survival for everyone to be able to function properly in society and this includes not having their peers question their sanity or credibility;

it is an ingenious way to always come out on top of every single debate, especially even before they arise. The elite, therefore have supremacy on being right in every matter all because they literally control the direction of discussions in this fashion.

Sanity is an important value for people, even though the word cannot be properly defined–consider how Nietzsche referred to this issue:

“Insanity in individuals is something rare, but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule”

so this leads to a great degree of manipulation that can never be questioned lest one be lumped in with the lunatics, nut jobs, and crazies.

Why are producers labeled as “domestic terrorists”?

They are the last vestiges of freedom and independence that exists in this country. Generally it was assumed the government could do many things to someone physically to enforce their corrupt policies, but they could never get into people’s minds–through the emerging technocracy, this has changed in more ways than one!

Through a sophisticated method of linguistic control the government can actually get inside the heads of its citizenry. It labels a certain group “terrorists” and this stimuli triggers an automatic unconscious reaction to the masses that has been implemented long ago.

The concept of terrorism has been changed to such an extent that the word really has no meaning anymore. It is the epitome of cognitive dissonance in the fact that one group, namely al CIA aeda have become collaborators with the US government in a unjustified fight against a western influence secular society: Syria, and these new allies are really the old enemies who were once the previous friends. It is an actual scenario out of the famous dystopian novel by George Orwell, 1984; the government maintains a constant state of war, switching allies and enemies to control the people.