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Liberty Movement ALREADY Infiltrated




The liberty movement is already being crippled with disinformation that is being spread via the alternative press, or “nu media.”

The rise of nu media is not inherently bad, it is the necessary step forward in the fight against tyranny. And the pathetic attempt to infiltrate it is the consequence of its success.   

The nu media is the future, because it empowers the public, and for this reason it is a threat.

Progressive movements are the most vulnerable to some cancerous disinfo agent’s malignant infection, because they inspire the imagination.

It is not that other partisan types like Republicans and Democrats don’t have imagination, but they resist too much change, hence they are easily controlled by corporate interests.

The liberals and progressives(and I am speaking about genuine liberals and progressives–not fascist authoritarians!), want to expand freedom, fight oppression, and ultimately empower everyone.

The authoritarian neo-feudal control freaks cannot have these grass-roots campaigns springing up without their control.

There are many signs that the fascists have infiltrated the liberty movement.

What is the “liberty movement”?  It is not a single entity, but a phenomenon taking shape around the world.

The “Liberty Movement” is a response to the emerging technotronic era that threatens individual liberty by transferring control of the state from the public to a small group of supposed “experts.”

People are becoming more politically aware, because of the Liberty Movement’s influence manifesting through the nu media, and simultaneously some are exhibiting dangerous signs of naivety, and this is a result of the technocrat’s crafty manipulation of the public.

One striking example is the hi-jacking of Ayn Rand’s message from her popular novel, Atlas Shrugged.   The core message of the novel is a warning against fascism seizing control of a government through measures of “altruistic” regulations for the greater good.   The result of these benevolent egalitarian laws is brutal oppression.

brute rand.jpg

A lot of disinformation has been spread about this novel.  Disinfo operatives claim it is a secret plan for the illuminati, a step-by-step playbook for the elites to construct a technocracy, or neo-feudal atmosphere.

This phenomenon of deliberately skewing the message of Altas Shrugged from a idealist story of individual liberty to a cipher of technocratic tyranny, an elitist manual for the New World Order is the authoritarian’s dream of inverted reality as posited in Orwell’s 1984.

This is a textbook example of cognitive dissonance–people can read the book, or see the movie Atlas Shrugged for themselves, to interpret the message of individual liberty, while believing the contrary, bogus disinformation that, instead of promoting classical liberal values, it is a technocratic illuminati plan for depopulation and the like.

left right monkey

Any argument for individual rights is compromised by the fact that one of the most prominent libertarian philosophers is discredited by this disastrous meme.

The debate for individual rights is soiled by the propaganda of the authoritarians appealing to the nature of libertarians fundamentally opposed to totalitarianism; this ruse is the means to pave a way for the justification of collectivism through various disinfo campaigns. 

The conditioned response to anything like Atlas Shrugged on the part of the libertarians will then be a knee-jerk reaction of vehement opposition against libertarian ideas, even if those ideas are obvious reflections of the ones they are attempting to articulate.

Any appeal to logic will be ignored with a sense of self-entitled obstinate rage, because long ago a disinfo agent planted the seed that: “Ayn Rand is a technocrat operative.”

So, therefore the conclusion will be taken for granted that the individual is NOT the biggest minority, but a simple philosophical abstraction, an illusion that has been constructed by a “patriarchal society.”

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This is how the authoritarians manipulate the minds of the public by changing what the argument is about rather than continually losing the debate on individual rights verses collectivism.