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The dissolution and Disillusionment of Creative Minds/El Disolucion y Desilusion de Mentes Creativos

The spirit of the creative mind is being dissolved by virtue of public institutions. Liberal institutions eventually shed their revolutionary and progressive or freedom expanding drives in order to adopt the tyrannical mold of the previous regime they seek to replace.

La alma de la mente creativo se disvuelve por instituciones publicos. Los instituciones liberales pierda sus conceptos revolucionarios, progressivos, o liberdades adoptar molde tyranico del estado pasado que quieren reemplazar.

The technocracy controls the populations through various advancements in medical technology that is sold as a potential treatment for a serious condition like brain chips for Alzheimer’s disease, or the new Google contact lens with a camera inside that will aid the blind.

La technocracia controla el publico por formentos varias en technologia medical que estan vendido como un tratamiento potencial por condiciones serio como circuito integrado del mente para el enfermedad de alzheimer, o el nuevo Google lentes de contacto para curar las ciegas.

The state will produce a new religion with the intent of creating a renaissance, or new golden age. Some manifestations of the new religion are apparent in the transhumanist movement and the prophesy of the singularity. These are also outgrowths of the supposed green economy and the new eugenics movement cloaked in bio ethics.

El estado producira un religion nuevo con motivos a crear un renacimiento nuevo, o un epoca ora. Algunos manifestaciones del religion nuevo son evidente en el movimiento de transhumanismo y el profesia de el singularidad. Esos fenomenos son de el economia verde y el eugenesico que esta disfrazado en bio eticas.

In the midst of the new paradigm, both the systems of spirituality and whichever condition results from the singularity will be in competition for the elevation or destruction of the rights and souls of man.

En la paradigma nueva las systemas de espiritualidad y cualquier cosa que estara resultado de el singularidad, la mezcolanza del humanos y maquinas, ambos systemas competiran a destruir o elevar los derechos y las almas de los humanos.

The ultimate goal is control of the world and the people with movements that seem like liberalism.

La logra definitivo es control del mundo y la gente con un movimiento que parece como liberalismo.


Singularity: Technocrat Enslavement Model

There are a broad number of efforts to move humanity in the direction of what the technocrats label: the singularity, where humans merge with machines and evolution is accelerated past comprehension, because biological evolution moves at such a slow pace the ones who supposedly take the initiative to auto-accommodate technologically will surge forward, and leave everyone else behind giving them a powerful edge relative to the rest.

The present move toward the singularity, what top scientists are calling inevitable is being sold as a good thing, the obvious next step in our progress, the ability to control our own evolution, to reach closer to that constant goal of improved health, longer lives, and godlike abilities.

what is the cost of achieving such an end? and what are the social implications in the long run if this is pursued to its full extent?

First, the romanticizing of the great and fabled ‘singularity’ has to be removed. This is, in fact the post industrial, neo-feudal era that is discussed by academics, futurists, and technocrats–the end of our way of life, the literal end to the constitutional republic, the end of personal liberty, the shedding of all the ‘old ideas’ that allegedly weigh humanity down.

The technocracy, what will fill the political, and economic vacuum filled by a catastrophic collapse of society, is the natural consequence of this desired outcome to create a society so saturated with technology that literally every single aspect of life is documented in some fashion, tracked by some panopticon, an omnipresent ultra voyeur cataloging actions, thoughts, and perhaps intents–if those ‘intents’ are considered negative by some logic code arbitrarily input in the ‘social stability’ database then red flags appear in a given sector, and the possible threat is removed.

Technology is not inherently bad. It can’t, by definition be anything but what it is designed to do. Software, is essentially a theory. This goes for any inanimate objects. The theory of the singularity is that programs will become so fast, intricate that they will develop a consciousness, and through the future ‘internet of things’ will be able to, through their own initiative construct a parallel society more efficiently than humans will be able to.

The scientific experts, who are on the cutting edge will have the upper hand, and will be able to preempt the singularity by proactively merging themselves when the forecast for the approximate time–the big moment will happen.

Almost instantly as a result of this merger, the unwashed masses, stuck in their mega region urban population centers outlined on the America2050 website will remain static while the elites literally transcend dimensions toward their fabled auto-deistic fetish.

From the America2050 website they describe the destruction of sovereignty and the tenth amendment with the alleged inevitability of ‘megaregions’:

“As metropolitan regions continued to expand throughout the second half of the 20th century their boundaries began to blur, creating a new scale of geography now known as the megaregion. Interlocking economic systems, shared natural resources and ecosystems, and common transportation systems link these population centers together. As continued population growth and low density settlement patterns place increasing pressure on these systems, there is greater impetus to coordinate policy at this expanded scale. Most of the nation’s rapid population growth, and an even larger share of its economic expansion, is expected to occur in 11 megaregions: large networks of metropolitan regions, each megaregion covering thousands of square miles and located in every part of the country.
The megaregions of the United States are defined by layers of relationships that together define a common interest; this common interest, in turn, forms the basis for policy decisions.”

The question arises if this is truly possible. Many are optimistic about a future where robots are so advanced that manual labor will be non existent. There is already a push to eliminate the service industry jobs, which make up most of the economy in the United States, accounting for 68 % of US GDP. 4 out of 5 jobs are from the service industry, according to the United States Trade Representatives website.

One only has to study the ProjectAvatar2045 website for a complete outline of future plans by technocratic elites to install a global government, and create a tech system that could empower a few, and enslave the many. This website is really just a futurist blueprint for technocratic slavery, with its mention of a ‘global congress’, it is definitely a paradigm shift for the worst dressed up as a glamorous trendy and ‘liberal’ utopia.

Automatons are rapidly being integrated into the various areas of the military-industrial complex. DARPA is developing many battle-ready autonomous robots, which can perform many different tasks like rendering aid, or killing enemies.

The service industry is integrating automation at an accelerated pace partly for the customer’s convenience, and partly because workers are increasingly being seen as an unnecessary liability. The news media, manufacturing, grocery, restaurants and telecommunications fields have already embraced autonomous robots.

For many years, factories have taken the lead in developing assembly line robots to replace humans. In grocery stores, the cashier is being replaced with ‘self-service stations’; one attendant operates 6 to 8 machines. In Japan, robot waiters are taking customer’s orders in restaurants. There will be no election or debate about this slow and subtle process.

Conversely if true Artificial Intelligence is really just a fast program that actually can’t think for itself, exhibiting creativity like humans, if it is just a pipe-dream, how will that affect the elites who have a vested interest in the advancement of such technologies? Presumably would it be possible for them to create the illusion that there are machines so advanced that they must naturally take their place in the hypothetical technocratic caste system above humans?

The advancements being made in law enforcement with what is termed as ‘intelligence-led’ policing is really the foundation for a system where technology can be considered superior to human liberties, and creativity–what will soon be considered the antiquated concept of a human’s ‘free will’, the philosophy that is now being phased out of progressive ideology that mankind has the ability to control its own destiny.

The human has been reduced to nothing but an animal, thanks to the theory of natural selection, the abolition of the belief that homo sapiens possess some divine spark bestowed upon them by the creator of the universe.

Moving forward, the humans are even being knocked down from that position of simple animalistic nature, further reduced to the biological androids that science has granted itself the privilege of classification in regard to these poor creatures, conditioned to be slaves.

Bill Joy, in an article in Wired Magazine, describes an encounter with inventor genius Ray Kurzweil, who is the prophet of the singularity transhumanist movement. There was a conference on artificial intelligence and Mr. Joy got caught in the discussion between Kurzweil and another person, a philosopher about computers being autonomous. The philosopher disagreed, echoing Noam Chomsky’s argument against AI systems being able to become so advanced that they are conscious beings.

Kurzweil, who is currently the top engineer at Google, a man obsessed to becoming god, who refuses to accept death, and who is apparently very charismatic, was able to convince Bill Joy, who admitted that the idea of autonomous robots is something out of a Sci-Fi novel, that it is not only possible, but inevitable.

The key here in the article by Bill Joy, with reference to Ray Kurzweil is the suggestion that humans will becoming inescapably dependent on computers, so much that they will be completely inseparable; the computers will eventually do all the thinking for humans, planning out their days, and making various life-related suggestions. The computers will have such an insight into human life, with their tracking and analysis that their opinions will be much more valued than that of humans. Consciousness will be exported to computers, and speech will become less necessary. This is echoed in Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages where he describes the process of human ‘progress’ in the world where language will be minimized as the world turns more toward globalization, the technocracy, Anglo-American order—new world order. Emotions, and images, Brzezinski suggests, will ultimately rule the expressive arena, not concrete terms which will enable debate, and dissent.

Ted Kaczynski, A.K.A., The Unabomber, A.K.A., ex math genius and CIA MK Ultra subject pretty much lost it, and started bombing various places, consumed with a Luddite frenzy. He was desperate to get his ideas out to warn the public of the coming scientific dictatorship, the literal rise of the machines that movies like Terminator illustrated so dramatically in the late great 80’s;

Kaczynski’s manifesto, surprisingly lucid, was presented to the New York Times and Washington Post. The editors were not exactly pleased to publish his writings, a disclaimer at the top of the article warns that the information contained in the article was only printed due to a desire to eliminate further bombings, the FBI, they state insisted it was a good idea.

The similarities between these two characters is bizarre as far as their thoughts concerning the inevitable rise of machines, mankind’s loving entry into the scientific dictatorship. Are they not both madmen in their own rights?

Kurzweil is a technocratic elitist who believes that society’s ills can be solved with the unconditional human technological merger, and the other believes that all technology no matter how you slice it has been an enormous danger to civilization and humanity in general–both polar opposites–maybe in some alternate reality, where society values the free exchange of ideas and the sharing of diverse opinions these two men could be involved in international live televised debates on pay-per-view, raising money for charity.

Technocrats have made their agenda clear, their concern is not with poverty, the human animal, if it is allowed to continue its existence will serve as a glorified energy conduit serving limited and mundane tasks–it is painstakingly clear their days are numbered, according to these psychopathic technocrats, who are literally the manifestation of the evil villain portrayed in the comic books.

Humanity is content to sell itself into indefinite slavery by pursuing endless technological upgrades to their holy ”devices”, the instruments that consistently lull them into a drooling moron mind-numbing apathy, while conversely these implements of scientific innovation could very well be used as tools of empowerment, instead of endless variations of ”Candy Crush Saga” recommended by friends on social media ad nauseum.

Technocracy: The Ultimate Revolution

Technocracy is a method by scientific experts to control the public via advanced scientific methods in: Biology, physiology, and psychology.  The end goal is to social engineer the public into a ‘stable’ mode of being, using controlled scientific disciplines.  Three basic principles will be applied to reach this stability model, this includes operant conditioning and intense drugging from a young age, the development of a system where everyone is taught to ‘know their place’, and define clear differences, basically the assignment of jobs early on in life by the government, an acceptable mainstream drug would be introduced that would alleviate anxiety at any given time so reality is not too overwhelming, and finally a concrete form of eugenics that would create a legitimate actualized ‘caste system’ where there would be literally different levels of humans co-existing in society; the regular humans, and ‘sub-humans’.  We are seeing an innovative form of eugenics in the form of the popularized movement of Trans Humanism.

Proponents of this philosophy assert the inevitable phenomenon of man merging with machines, during what is referred to as ‘The Singularity’.  There would exist two classes of humans after the alleged ‘singularity’, one super-class of humans who accepted electronic augmentations and a second class of humans who were left behind, because as Ray Kurzweil stated, there will come a time when biological evolution will be too slow compared to the technological self-propelled evolution, post singularity.

These augmentations are not simply chips implanted in the brain to cure Alzheimer’s disease, exoskeletons to cure paralysis, or bionic eyes for the blind, but these electronic extras are already being implemented in subtle ways into our lives via social media, and continuously improved electronic devices—nothing more than sophisticated tracking devices—such as smartphones. These are methods of causing people to become accustomed to living their lives through these social media outlets, and convenient devices, while forgetting their external real lives, consequently detaching themselves from their destiny.  These devices appear to be the precursor for the goals outlined on the Project2045 website.  The first step of the process is to develop an avatar of oneself to complete mundane tasks, and eventually a person’s consciousness could be uploaded into the avatar.

Aldous Huxley, in his book Brave New World wrote of a new scientific dictatorship where the citizens would learn to love their servitude.  He illustrates this concept by explaining the likelihood of a future ‘controlled society’ where children are raised by the state, and conditioned to accept abhorrent circumstances, they will have an unbreakable loyalty to it.

In the past, Huxley recounts, mankind was dominated by religious institutions that claimed to guarantee man’s salvation if only they could be in charge of society, but ultimately man was won over by progress and science, and the old ways of stifling dissent were too inefficient, which paved the way for the creation of a new totalitarian government ruled by scientific experts, who eliminated the possibility of rebellion by eradicating the personality type that would first conceive the notion of going astray from the herd.  This new scientific dictatorship, a new decree of ‘social stability’, which formed as a result of the confusion from a series of fast-paced scientific innovations– what Brzezinski referred to in his book, Between Two Ages as ‘the war of the three Americas’—the rural, the industrial, and the dawning hi-tech scientific elites, or Technocrats.

Modern day aspects of this prophesy are manifesting in the form of giant pharmaceutical direct-to-consumer advertising, and the creation of new forms of behavioral problems by the psychiatric institutions.  There is an increased justification to medicate all young children with the intent to treat issues such as ‘attention deficit disorder’, which according to a recent psychiatric whistleblower, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, in a death bed confession admitted that ADHD is a ‘fictitious disease’. According to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, in America, 20 million children are prescribed drugs for ADHD and other fantasy illnesses of Big Pharma, and 1 million children have been admittedly misdiagnosed with a fake behavioral condition.

There are also new ‘anxiety vaccines’ which are being introduced as a way to live a healthy life, but these are nothing more than modern day lobotomies, literally brain-eating viruses that destroy areas of the brain thought to cause stress and anxiety, which along with fear are key components of survival.

Other aspects reflecting the story outlined by Huxley in his famous dystopian novel Brave New World are the removal of children from the family unit,  what they call ‘blood surrogates’ or their biological parents is a taboo concept. .  In this society the idea of a ‘home’ is strange, and the concept of family is perverse.  Chilling similarities to this dystopia novel are manifesting around the world, like in France where the terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are being banned.  Everyone is a test tube baby, they are conditioned from childhood to unconditionally accept their slavery, they are taught to despise anything that would nurture their creative desires or instincts for self-sufficiency.  The scientific dictatorship, the ultimate revolution ensured that they would love their servitude.